Tuesday, January 5, 2016

THE GREATEST MASTER PIECE OF MOVIE MAKING IS TO DECEIVE THE PUBLIC INTO THINKING FICTION IS REALITY. There is much evidence that suggests Stanley Kubrick has pulled off the masterpiece of all masterpieces by filming the Apollo Missions and stooging the public.

Stanley Kubrick is said to be one of the most masterful directors of the 20th Century, if not the the most masterful.

Leading directors, including Martin Scorsese, Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, James Cameron, Woody Allen, Terry Gilliam, the Coen brothers, Ridley Scott, and George A. Romero,[3] have cited Kubrick as a source of inspiration, and in the case of Spielberg, collaboration.[4][5] In an interview for the Eyes Wide Shut DVD release, Steven Spielberg comments that "nobody could shoot a picture better in history", and that Kubrick told stories in a way "antithetical to the way we are accustomed to receiving stories".  source Wikipedia
Below is a photo of Stanley Kubrick.

But is this really Stanley Kubrick in this interview that is on the internet. Could Stanley Kubrick have truly been the director who masterminded the man on the moon hoax? Re-entry into Earth's atmosphere in a 5,000 degree Fahrenheit capsule would have cooked them alive. This is what happened to the space shuttle Columbia that did not go through the Van Allen belt, which is another matter indeed.

Columbia burns up on re-entry.

Columbia Would Apollo 11 have been the same coming in burning at 5,000oF?
Image result for entry of space shuttle burned up reentry

Stanley Kubrick interview wherein he confesses to having filmed his masterpiece and explains why he has the freedom and fame that he possesses. But while the story sounds plausible is this really Stanley Kubrick, check his photo above.

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