Thursday, January 7, 2016

MOON LANDING FAKERY IS SOMETHING THAT IS GATHERING SUPPORT AS MORE PEOPLE ARE EXAMINING THE IMAGES AND WONDERING WHY THERE ARE SO MANY ANOMALIES THAT DO NOT MAKE SENSE. Many people believe that Stanley Kubrick directed the NASA Apollo moon missions. Currently there is a video that has been released where the interviewer claims he is talking to Stanley Kubrick as he confesses to having made the fake moon missions.

Notice the differences between the real and fake 
Stanley Kubrick.

Stanley Kubrick                                                                             Imposter

It is believed that because the heat is being turned up on the Apollo mission hoaxes that a fake interview has been published on youtube as part of a disinformation program to distract people from continuing to explore the Apollo missions more and ask questions that cutting too close to the bone.  Evidently many people believe the cat was let out of the bag when the NASA video featuring engineer Kelly Smith explain why the Van Allen Radiation Belts that protect the Earth from solar radiation are required to be researched before people can be sent into space. Kelly Smith states, "We must solve these challengers before we send people through this region of space." 

Haven't people already been sent through this region? Or is this a Freudian Slip that belies the conflicted conscience that comes with a cover up? Does this explain why the Apollo missions were abandoned? Does this explain why no one has gone to the moon since?

Richard D. Hall interviews Carl James, who has researched the Stanley Kubrick and turns up evidence to that seems to point to Kubrick's involvement.

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