Tuesday, December 20, 2016

NOW THAT OBAMA'S BIRTH CERTIFICATE HAS BEEN PROVEN FALSIFIED, WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO HIM? Everything Was Done To Cover Up The Truth, But Justice Still Needs To Be Served. Proof that Obama has been used to deceive the world and everyone who accepts deception will go on to be deceived again.

From QuoraNow that Obama's birth certificate has been proven to be falsified, what will happen to him?

The evidence is Obama’s certificate has been falsified. But most people have their own belief systems so they do not want to believe evidence or accept too much
responsibility other than what keeps them in their conditioned comfort zone (cocoon).

The significance of Obama’s birth certificate being falsified is Americans are willing to believe anything and everything they are fed. Those who deny this fact demonstrate that they are not critical thinkers, as many like to claim. The truth is these individuals are programmed via the indoctrination system they mistakenly call education.

Trump will do nothing about Obama’s birth certificate—even if he is around for eight years. Congress might conduct an inquiry so that they can say they have been productive and produced some words to be recorded. The game will just go on.

Nevertheless, Obama should be taken to Saudi Arabia and taught what it means not to tell the truth—but the problem with that is he only does what is required of him: taqiyyah. Progressives see nothing wrong with taqiyyah, for they too are itching to embrace the Saudi Arabian system, which they see as the cream on top of their waffle.

Why did Obama have to falsify his birth certificate?

People only falsify things when they have something to hide. Morons are morons, idiots are idiots and imbeciles are imbeciles, yet they are all innocent. It is a different matter when a person asserts adulthood: innocence ends!

There are other things that cannot be hidden, besides the forgery of the birth certificate. Obama’s children looking the spitting images of their god-parents (who visit them regularly). The fact there are no legitimate records of Michelle Obama giving birth to children or ever being pregnant; the fact the Barry (Barak) often refers to Michelle as “Michael”; the fact homosexuals who said that they knew Barry intimately, suddenly died; and the list goes on. But believe what you want, we all know what the evidence suggests, especially when it is hanging in a conspicuous place. Although, some times, some things are a little too conspicuous.

Politicians are used like prostitutes to do the beckoning of their pimps. The day is coming when both the politicians and their masters and those who are blindly caught up in the system of right and left are going to be cursing their own existence.

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