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PizzaGate Is Not Really Much (People Really Want To Know About It) Because It Is About Pornography And Children And Other Devious Wicked Acts.

PizzaGate Is A Giant Step
For Investigative Journalism

By Yoichi Shimatsu
A Rense Exclusive
  Just when it looked like investigative journalism was dead and buried, there came along PizzaGate, which is busting open a new era of cyber-sleuthing to expose and take down once-untouchable criminals in high office. This most heartening rebirth, with the surge by a vigilant posse of blogs and websites, is accomplishing what the late Aaron Swartz of reddit (prior to its new role as self-appointed censor) was attempting before he was cut down in his tracks with an “assisted suicide” ordered by murderous pedophiles.

The damning evidence gathered so far against the powerful Podesta brothers, who ran the Hillary for America campaign and served as advisers to Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton is crucial to demolishing the corrupt and unrepresentative Democratic National Committee and its bedfellows among so-called establishment Republicans. The foolhardy response of those high-level felons is to order an illegal cover-up and unconstitutional crackdown by America’s law-enforcement agencies, intelligence bureaus and NATO allies with the pretext of combating “fake news.”

Caught with their pants down, the panicked perverts in power, from the Bilderbergers who denied association with pimp Marc Dutroux to the predators of the Franklin child-abuse scandal, now dare to accuse truth-tellers of running “fake news” in a lame attempt to scare off angry fathers who want answers to why missing kids are outnumbering milk cartons at the supermarket. The next line of defense for the cowardly political class is to plant cookies from their own hastily assembled fake sites as if their crumbs are IEDs.

None of those namby-pamby tactics, like speaking in code words derived from pizza terminology, have deterred the online anti-pedophile crusaders, so the idiotic clandestine-ops bosses had to stage a phony lone-gunman attack on Comet Ping Pong Pizza. The assailant turned out to be an unemployed movie actor-writer named Edgar Madisson Welch, who previously appeared in the horror movie “The Bleeding” and worked as go-fer for “A Tale about Bootlegging”. This pathetic a ploy is yet another waste of newsprint and taxpayers’ money.

The trans-Atlantic war on “fake news”, as documented on the European side of the pond by Thierry Meyssan of Voltaire network, had to have been ordered by the Office of the President or it simply wouldn’t be involving NATO command, which has nothing better to do, for example, fighting the cutthroats of ISIS.

Instead of being the Mini-me of that criminal dictator Suharto from your Indonesian boyhood days, Barry, grow up and act like a real man for once in your life. And get ready for more stench out of the overflowing the sewer pipe, you own next time. Instead of trying to plug the streaming flow of facts, you’d better prepare for a safe retirement where you can feel at home, somewhere like Kenya. Never mind trying to protect Hillary and the Podestas, because they smoked their own chicken at Cheryl Mills’ Moloch Barbecue. 

That White House email, now available for all to see at Wikileaks, promised Hillary Clinton a sacrifice to that ancient Canaanite idol, knowing full well that it’s not KFC and that the bull-headed demon demands burnt offerings with a child sacrifice. In this case, it may not be a metaphor, as will be explored later in this essay.
Scotland Yard stares across the Atlantic

One of the patently false claims from Hillary’s occult crackpots is that “Trump supporters” concocted the accusations against Podesta. Excuse me for raising inconvenient truths, but this entire episode was started by the London Metropolitan Police in 2013. Back then, Trump supporters did not yet exist, except at the Miss Universe contest.

As reported by ABC News in a video clip online, Scotland Yard released police artist sketches from witness accounts of two men who were spotted stalking the Portuguese vacation apartment where Madeleine McCann was abducted while her parents were away at a tapas restaurant. A bouncer at a tourist bar, along with other locals, recognized the pair as being Americans. Police notices are routinely filed with Interpol and, therefore, the FBI was obligated to run a facial-recognition check on the drawings.

Only three years later, starting this autumn, did whispers emerge that the two depicted suspects have a stunning resemblance to beefy Tony Podesta and brother John with the sad eyes. According to yet-unverified leaks from law enforcement, the Podestas were in Praia do Luz, southern Portugal, on the very day of 4-year-old Maddie’s disappearance in that seaside town. May 3, 2007, a date to remember.  

Freud’s Tavistock as forerunner of MK-ULTRA

In Praia do Luz, the brothers stayed in the plush villa of Clement Freud, a British TV personality and parliamentarian who was accused postmortem of being an insatiable pedophile. His grandfather was psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, founder of the Tavistock Institute in London. That psychiatric research lab developed the theory of sexual pleasure behind the sadistic methods adopted by the CIA’s MK-ULTRA mind-control assassination program (which are described in the Jason Bourne movies).

Immediately after Maddie was nabbed, the Podestas flew to Oxford, for some yet undisclosed meeting, perhaps to thank Clement for the hospitality in Portugal and to arrange the more complicated flight to the US, where there are strict immigration controls over children traveling without a parent or legal guardian.

Following Clement Freuds’s death in 2009, the British press carried accounts of several women, exposing him as a sexual predator of underage girls. At the BBC, Freud was a close friend of Jimmy Savile, the head of an organized pedophile ring.

Clement’s son Matthew Freud owns Britain’s most influential publicity company called Freuds, formerly Freud Communications. In an obvious giveaway, Freud hired the McCann’s spokesman, thereby muzzling their demand for a wider police probe.

Matthew Freud, until a recent divorce, was married to Elizabeth Murdoch, the daughter of Rupert. Her grandmother was Jewish, and the publishing empire News Corp. and The Australian are financed by the NM Rothschild Bank. Freud is a  confidant of Lord Jacob Rothschild, David Cameron, Tony Blair and Peter Mandelson. In a step toward truthfulness in advertising, Freud should rename his PR firm as “Frauds”.

Podesta’s Girl Friday is a Rothschild watchdog

Now get this: Matthew’s former ace at Freud Communications, Sara Latham, was on the White House staff of Bill Clinton, a consultant to the Clinton Foundation and Microsoft, and she is the Chief of Staff for Podesta Associates and his liaison staffer to the Hillary for America campaign. Latham is the Rothschild watchdog over Podesta, the Clintons and the Democratic Party leadership. She is also a mentor to Chelsea Clinton.

Why then should anyone be surprised that Rothschild Bank has just set up its new U.S. headquarters in Chicago, the Podestas’ hometown now run by Mayor Rahm Emanuel? The Rothschilds are managing Bayer’s takeover of Monsanto and selling off the Green Giant division of General Mills. Not that any of this lucrative business would ever be blocked under the globalist trade regime in a belated response to the Rothschild dynasty’s role in provoking the British imperial aggression against the United States in the War of 1812 and the Civil War, which killed untold thousands of Americans and caused the burning of the White House. If your clan hates American democracy and openness so much, then why don’t you Rothschilds just stay out?

Payoff for the Portuguese caper

Now here’s the capper: In spring 2007 immediately before departing to Portugal to fetch a prize, Tony Podesta had purchased a 7-bath house with swimming pool in the Kalorama area of Washington D.C. for a mere $3.9 million. At exactly the same moment, for a cool $1.7 million, James Achilles Alefantis (the owner-operator of Comet Ping Pong Pizza) and his partner James Brock, the anti-Trump editor of Media Matters attack site, bought a 6-bedroom rowhouse in the same neighborhood as Podesta. That amounts to a pile of pepperoni, paesani.

A few years later, in early 2012, while the British police were starting to trace the Maddie McCann kidnapping to America, David Brock paid an out-of-court settlement of $850,000 to an ex-lover named William Grey, who threatened to tell all to law enforcement authorities. To raise the money to silence what he called “blackmail”, Brock sold his house in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, at huge profit for more than $1 million to a realtor in McLean, Virginia, where coincidentally the CIA Langley headquarters is located. Oddly, the new owner tore down the valuable house but did not erect another structure, leaving the expensive lot empty. So that raises the obvious question: Were their little bodies buried below the basement?

Until their recent separation, Alefantis and Brock operated the now-infamous Comet Ping Pong Pizza in the Chevy Chase area of Washington D.C., near the Maryland state line. Comet is the favorite hangout of in-house lawyers and staffers from the Center for American Progress, founded by John Podesta and funded by George Soros and Bill Gates. A pizza parlor is a public place that cannot be readily used as a crash pad for teenage boys. Chickens are taken home to roost, as inside 7-bathroom mansions with a heated pool where they can cavort without a lot of clothing before retiring to one of the bedrooms.

The upmarket for children

The next obvious question: When you have so much chicken in your backyard, why fly to Portugal for an English bird? This paradoxical point raises the many purposes and functions of pedophilia other than immediate gratification from young flesh.

In the closet of pedophilia as in a classroom, children are graded on their merits. Rowdy young lads will never get past being fresh meat for the gay bathhouses. Smarter ones with neat habits can be assigned as Senate pages, if they show some eagerness to please the powerful patricians despite the bad body odor and flaky skin of old age, for example, Dennis Hastert congressional leader from, here once again, Illinois. And the utterly useless kids just might be given to a cult for an upcoming sexual rite and a blood feast served up by one of Fat Tony’s favorite artist and chief torturer Marina Abramovic.  

Then, at the top of the class are those exceptionally talented students with charismatic appeal, who are ideal as future movie stars or even might make a fine-looking president. Although by no means smart at math or homework, as an example, little Barry had an appealing smile and knitted his brow so cutely when he was serious. Athletic as a boy and mild as a girl, he was irresistible and therefore electable.

Since looks can be deceiving, and the ruling elite is mindlessly superstitious, natal astrology is the basis for predicting future prospects. In the case of Barack Obama, born allegedly in Honolulu on August 4, 1962, the birth signs are Sun in Leo (charismatic leadership); Aquarius ascending (visionary); Moon in Gemini (a dual emotional-sexual nature); and Uranus (inciter of rebellion). Remember “Change”, the revolution that birthed the Arab Spring and ISIS? That come out of Uranus.

Signs of a shaman-queen

Next, Madeleine McCann. Before gazing at her planets, let’s look at the lineage. Her father’s a physician and medical researcher (intelligent with focus on the corporeal). She is of Scottish descent, and the core cultural group in the USA is Scots-Irish. Now with a head’s up: Sun in Taurus (strong and durable as an ox Moloch and the Minotaur); Libra ascending (balanced judgment, just desserts); Moon in Libra; and her dominants are Venus (desirable, sensual); Jupiter (power) and Mars (aggressive).

This astrological combination of power and sexual attractiveness indicates that this little girl snatched from Praia do Luz can easily become the high priestess of a mystery cult or a respected political leader. Which is why the Controllers of the Cabal were willing to spend millions on acquiring her to establishing an enduring realm for the Illuminati. By the way, her point of departure, Praia do Luz translates as “shore of light”, auspicious for the Prince of Light, Lucifer.

The cult option would probably be something like the present-day Minoans, the worshipers of sexual power as symbolized by the Minotaur and the Cretan priestesses. Their rites are head underground in Crete, where Hillary Clinton spent time after her Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens was violated and blood-sacrificed in Benghazi, the North African soil of Baal Hammon, the Carthaginian Moloch.

There’s huge political potential for the woman president who completes the feminization of American society, transforming the once-macho nation into an androgynous matriarchy, which is the goal of more radical feminists and other advocates of demasculation.
Rescuing the abducted

If she’s still alive, Madeleine McCann, along with the tens of thousands of child captives like her around the world, must be rescued, by force as required, from their Illuminati captors. Instead of being protected by U.S. law enforcement and the intelligence agencies pretending that the facts are fake, the Podestas should be arrested, robustly debriefed and sentenced to minimum of life with hard labor, perhaps tossing pizzas on death row.

These sorts of grotesque violations of human rights will not end until the secretive cabal including and surrounding the Rothschilds, Freuds, Goldsmiths and other Illuminati filth are confined to a remote prison without parole or possibility of escape, inside a retirement home like Devil’s Island. If justice is not served, then the alternative solution will have to be more like the outcome in Blade, the Wesley Snipes ninja epic, or Selene of Underworld. Law or action, take your pick.

This new Dark Age of captivity under demonic spells cause the deadly Ghostship cult fire that swept through a crowded Oakland warehouse. These sorts of felonies are not simply legal lapses of a secular nature. There are laws that apply to religion-related practices under the moral injunction that in civilized societies no preacher or cult leader is permitted to subject other humans to physical harm. This principle of law and ethics was incontrovertibly and irrevocably decreed in the 5th Century CE by the brilliant philosopher Saint Augustine, the Bishop of Hippo in Roman Africa. Forceful arrest by the state is ethically allowable to protect the weak, the helpless, the naive and ignorant.

His ethical-legal ruling signaled the beginning of the end for an era of pagan horrors under superstitious despots and heralded the age of voluntary and reasoned consent by citizens. We either stand with the rule of lawful reason or kneel in fear as abject slaves. Mothers, make your choice and take your stand, and fathers do what you must to protect the children from sadistic oppressors.

For parting shot about “fake news”, here's an email from a staffer at the Sandler Foundation to John Podesta, who dropped something from his back pocket:
"Hi, John. The realtor found a handkerchief. I think it has a map that seems pizza-related. Is it yours? They can send it if you want. I know you’re busy so feel free not to respond if it's not yours or you don't want it.”
Podesta replied: “It's mine.”

How can anyone ever eat pizza again?

Are The PizzaGate Pimps
The Global Elite Up To

By Yoichi Shimatsu
A Rense Exclusive

In Part 2 of an ongoing series on Pizzagate, this investigation into the shadowy underworld of the political elite is making headway, despite the threat from a pedophile-infested Congress. The proposed hearings on alleged “fake news” is a blatant attempt to intimidate citizen sleuths and bloggers from digging out more toys for boys from their closet. Undeterred by menacing noises from politicians and intelligence agencies, online researchers are grimly digging ever-deeper into organized pedophilia. Knowing full well that it’s a shortened lame duck session, the politicians are just bluffing.

Before firing up the brick oven, anyone unfamiliar with the ingredients for an artisanal pizza can learn the lexicon from the researchers at 4chan and VOAT, who’ve cross-checked all references for accuracy. Here’s the Pizzagate Code:

- hotdog = boy
- pizza = girl
- cheese = little girl
- pasta = little boy
- map = semen
- dominoes = domination
- pillows = drugs
- chicken = a well-worn gay term meaning a youth, often a sex worker on the street
- to that vetted list, one could add sauce, apparently the code word for group sex.

Now to outline this follow-up on issues raised in Part 1:

- First, we probe recent revelations about Saudi ownership of the Chevy Chase tract under Comet Ping Pong pizza and its implications that the Podestas and Alefantes-Brock have been running a chain of safe houses used as child-sex brothels for foreign dignitaries. An official cover-up of Pizzagate supported by NATO member-nations’ intelligence services indicates that a sex-for-secrets operation was being run under a clandestine American-Israeli spying and blackmail operation.

- Next we revisit Rehoboth Beach, aka the Summer Capital for the Washington elite. The Delaware resort was a favorite hangout of that whack job David Brock, LGBT uberlord Barney Frank and gay-marriage propagandist Peter Rosenstein. In that same time-frame, Sussex County was also the spider nest of pediatrician Earl Bradley, who was convicted in 2010 of more than 100 counts of child molestation and rape of girls as young as 3 months old. The prosecutor in that case was Delaware attorney general Beau Biden, son of the Vice President, who suffered a medically improbable brain-tumor relapse in that same year. The synchronicity raises the troubling question: Was the younger Biden, a potential contender for the presidency, targeted for assassination by the pedophile mafia? If Brock feels paranoid, it’s for good reason since there may well be justifiable grounds for payback.

- Then, after his binge of pizza and pasta, Tony Podesta was served just desserts by his lovely wife Heather Podesta nee Miller who divorced him in 2014 and took the Kalorama 8-bedroom heated-pool mansion. No point crying over spilt map, paesano, since there’s still the arts center down in the tunnel of the old Red Line under Connecticut Avenue NW, right near Comet Pizza.You know the place. Don’t worry, Antonio, the pajama parties will be back when Barry Soetaro moves into his new mansion, and his will be bigger than yours, just a couple of blocks away in Kalorama right near James Alefantes’s (J’aime les enfantes) digs.

- The last section ties up loose ends, including the question of whether Alefantes is an actual surname as opposed to ”J’aime les enfants” (I love children, in French); and  a peek into the strange family background of spirit-cooking artist Marina Abramovic.

DOJ cover for Saudi assets

The most perceptive insights on VOAT are focused on Arab-Saudi ownership of the entire city block underneath Comet Pizza and a nearby pizzeria called Besta (not Basta, the Italian word for enough or too much), operated by Abdul Hamade (Abdel Rahmann Hammad), who is also owner of the Boli pizza chain) and Samir Sbitan. Besta, as in bestiality, has for its logo the “Boy Lovers” symbol, a triangular spiral. Are there any sheep out back?

The entire lot under Besta and Comet is owned, on paper at least, by attorney Andrew J. Kline, a graduate of the Kennedy School at Harvard. To disguise his government work at the Department of Justice, Kline hides behind a front business, the “Veritas” law office located on Dupont Circle and with a field office in Chevy Chase, near Comet Pizza. Further pursuit by online researchers showed the same curly-haired lawyer Kline to be a Bill Clinton appointee in the Department of Justice (DOJ) Human Trafficking Prosecution Unit, when Janet Reno was Attorney General.

The junior partner at Veritas is Stephen J. Whelan, who worked previously at Metro (the D.C. Transport Agency), an interesting coincidence with the controversy over the old Red Line Tunnel under Connecticut Avenue, mentioned in a John Podesta email.

Kline’s employment with Justice causes some befuddlement among Pizzagate hunters, as it raises the question of whether Comet Pizza is an FBI honey trap to nab international child-smugglers. My educated guess is no, based on my work in an undercover journalistic probe into the secret activities of the human-trafficking bureau at Justice and the State Department.

Despite its pretense of stopping people smugglers, the human trafficking program does the exact opposite, organizing and facilitating the transport of, say, North Koreans and Chinese Uyghurs into Thailand and onto the US territory of Saipan. U.S. consular officers provide money and fake passports to “snakeheads” from China and, more recently, Turkish traffickers who transported Mideast and African migrants by boat to Greece and onto Germany since the summer of 2015. The human trafficking officers aid and abet the flow of illegals, and often prevent immigration and Border Patrol from detaining their live cargo.

Certainly, the Podesta brothers would not be assigned to a honey trap, as that would compromise their intelligence roles. The large property in Chevy Chase has to be part of a political bribery deal between the Arabs and the Clintons, now being protected by the Obama administration.

IOUs from the UAE

It is a common practice for foreign-owned properties to be administered by a proxy registered “owner”, like Kline, on behalf of a foreign company like Dhs.CON.N.E.B. Let’s examine this curious company name, with a little help from my past experience in the Gulf States. First, Dhs in this case does not refer to Department of Homeland Security. It stands for Dirhams, the currency of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). CON is short for Construction and N.E.B. stands for National Engineering Bureau LLC (limited liability company).

This Dubai-owned property group, likely to be financed by the Saudis, has owned the lot for longer than a decade. The primary motive for the property does not appear to be rental income but instead is a vehicle to provide funds to the Clintons. The blog Lux E Tenebris has been so kind as to provide a map of the Dubai-owned lot on either side of Connecticut Avenue.

The storefronts are occupied by Comet Pizza; Bucks Fishing and Camping restaurant (also owned by Alefantes); Besta Pizza run by Arabs; Politics and Prose bookstore owned by Lissa Muscatine, a senior speechwriter for then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and her husband Bradley Graham with The Washington Post. Across the street is Beyond Borders, a Clinton Foundation-funded NGO involved with promoting the European refugee crisis; and Terasol Bistro, whose website is decorated with the pedophile trapped heart symbol.

By now, with so many facts vetted and verified, Pizzagate is clearly not fake news, Congressmen, and you’re going to have to face the facts and nothing but the facts.

High-class Brothels for Small Vices

Next question: What do the rich Arab investors get in return? As this question spun around in my brain, the image that popped up out of the memory banks was of a naked prostitute standing inside an upright steel coffin, that image being from the cover of of the second edition of Len Deighton’s 1967 potboiler “An Expensive Place to Die”. Here’s the jacket blurb:

“A 'clinic' on Paris's Avenue Foch designed to cater lavishly for multiple perversions, staffed by a group of sexually and intellectually high-powered girls and equipped with devices ranging from an Iron Maiden to psychedelic truth-drugs that's the set-up operated by the enigmatic Monsieur Daft.
“Naturally, it has a hidden purpose: to compile dossiers of tape and film on influential political clients from East and West. Into this twilight world of decadence and hidden motives come the agents of four world powers. Are they after Datt's pornographic blackmail dossiers? Or is their purpose, altogether more deadly than a trip to the blue movies?”

Fact being stranger than fiction is something I can attest to after 30 years of investigative journalism. What if your wealthy and powerful target has already tried everything, including Vegas hookers, Dallas lap dancers, Asian massage, Castro Street bath houses, Thai transvestites and foxy Euros on Avenue Foch, what else is new? What about sex with a 10-month-old blonde German girl, like the one advertised by Alefantes? Or a boisterous white American boy of 7 who’s just now learning about the wonders of erectile tissue? In a decadent world of cosmetic surgery and boob jobs, innocent children are caviar to the connoisseur.

For the jaded sheikh or defense minister, who’s seen and done everything, it’s no great thrill to watch naked lads sliding down the handrail of a staircase, a scene of degraded commercialized sex in the male brothel scene from Marcel Proust’s Remembrance of Things Past. Instead of overt sexuality, what if your guests were invited to an informal pizza dinner at your home and discovered “the neighbor’s kids” skinny dipping in the heated pool? What more could you offer as a token of friendship than an invitation to a master bedroom with its own jacuzzi for each of the guests to share with a little companion?

Welcome to the family, make yourself at home. Help yourself to wine and the pantry and the kids. Oh, phone. Darn, there’s noise from the human rights crowd about Yemen, but another few million on top of the F-18 contract should be enough to handle Congress. We’ll deal with it in the morning. Ain’t she as cute as a doll? Wish I had a daughter like that. Enjoy the late night show, buddy.

Would the foreign dignitaries spot the hidden camera and microphone? Or are they too tantalized to notice? And that’s why intelligence services are pressing Congress crack down on fake news to protect their dirty little secret. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton agitates for children’s rights. It would be a comedy of hypocrisy if little kids were not being traumatized and dumped into landfills.

Beachside at the Summer Capital

Just one look at a snapshot taken in the year 2000 of Barney Frank as flatulent as Jabba the Hutt and the dumb grin on Peter Rosenstein’s face reveals the leering indecency of Rehoboth Beach. Leaning in, right next to The Barn, is a wide-eyed David Brock, with a black leather choker around his fat neck and the stare of an undisguised psycho. There’s astonishing resemblance to Charlie Manson.

Now nearly 17 years later, after he bet on the wrong horse, Brock’s pledging to raise bundles of cash to fund a “leftist Breitbart” that will thump Trump. If I recall correctly, Andrew Breitbart died mysteriously, collapsing on the pavement in LA. Go ahead, Davey, be the leftist Breitbart and drop dead, too.

An early death might actually come as a relief for the anxiety-ridden operative. As posted earlier at, Fox News reported: “Sussex County (Delaware) property records show (Brock) took out a $273,000 mortgage to buy the pale yellow colonial and carriage house for $606,666 in 1995. As the converted inn, built in 1793, continued to rise in value, Brock refinanced his loan on at least two occasions. Records show he had a $1.44 million mortgage on the property, as well as two more loans against the home totaling just over $500,000. Brock received $1,587,500 for the home on May 25, 2010, in a sale to McLean, Va.-based Vardell Realty Investments.”

The Fox News report, by Perry Chiaramonte, continued: “The Rehoboth Beach home was torn down months after Brock sold it, amid much community opposition, so the buyer could divide the parcel and build two homes. It remains a vacant lot.” It is beyond suspicious that a 207-year-old historic house, with more than $1 million in resale value, would be ripped down. Realtor Michael Vardell has kept an unusually low profile for a real-estate agent. His addresses varied from Charlestown, South Carolina, to Bethesda, Maryland, and McLean, Virginia, towns that are associated respectively with the U.S. Navy, Walter Reed Army Hospital, and the CIA. Was Vardell involved in setting up safe houses and disposing of the bodies?

The house sale was preceded by a property dispute with ex-partner William Grey. That legal conflict diclosed key dates about Brock’s relocation from Rehoboth Beach to the nation’s capital. In 2005 Brock started to date James Alefantes in Washington DC; in 2007 Brock removed some of his belongings to live with his new partner in D.C. while keeping his domicile with old partner Grey, and then in 2010 Grey filed a legal complaint against Brock, who by then had finished moving out the furniture.

How does Brock’s time-line correlate with the biggest sex-crime case in Delaware’s history? Perhaps not by coincidence, in 2004, the receptionist at a pediatric clinic in Lewes, just 7 miles from Rehoboth Beach, filed a complaint with Sussex County police over pedophilic acts committed by Dr. Earl Bradley against his underage patients from Dover, Delmar, Easton and Rehoboth Beach. There were other citations, including from a local police officer, as discussed in the Wilmington WBOC news article “Red flags consistently missed for accused pedophile doctor.”

In his Disney-themed office, the 6-foot 225-lb doctor forced more than 100 children to perform sex acts inside the Pinocchio exam room. After his arrest in December 2009, Bradley refused to cooperate with investigating detectives, and that raises the question of whether he was protecting accomplices in a child-sex ring. A police raid on his home turned up 13 hours of edited kiddie porn that he had recorded with a video camera.

Did David Brock leave town after receiving warnings about parental complaints against “America’s worst pedophile”? Did Dr. Bradley supply young children to woo his powerful and wealthy funders? Law enforcement was, no doubt, stymied and delayed by the code of silence within the local gay community in this Summer Capital, Washington’s vacation resort by the beach. To put another question right up front: Were there bodies more recent than the Revolutionary War buried under the colonial carriage house? Why else would that valuable historic structure, sold by Brock be demolished without any attempt at resale?

Beau Didn’t Jest

Pedophile influence and gay silence were so pervasive along the Eastern Shore that Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden refused to run as a shoo-in candidate in the by-election for his father’s vacated senatorial seat in order to prosecute Earl Bradley. The younger Biden, who in childhood was injured in the head-on car collision that killed his mother and older sister, understood that life is serious and not some meaningless game. He could not watch further harm done to innocent children. His undivided dedication, knowing the dark forces he was up against, resulted in 14 life sentences for the child rapist.

Before the verdict, however, Beau Biden suffered an unexpected relapse following earlier surgery for a brain lesion. He was then given massive radiation “therapy” at Bethesda hospital, and died of complications from a brain tumor in 2015. Current medical opinion indicates that brain tumors usually do not kill the patient if treated in time, and he was under close observation by his doctor. Beau Biden should still be alive and well. Something was rotten in Delaware.

Today, in hindsight after the Pizzagate scandal, the question needs to be raised. Was Beau Biden, with his clear path to the presidency, the target of a sophisticated medical assassination? According to columnist Maureen Dowd, Beau on his deathbed pleaded with his father to run for the nomination to prevent the corrupt Clintons from coming back to power.

Over the past year, the murder threats against candidate Donald Trump along with the suspicious deaths of Seth Rich, Shawn Lucas, Joe Montano, Victor Thorn and John Ashe in campaign 2016, raises the matter of who’s running the assassination operation? To that query one might add: how does a paranoiac lunatic with armed bodyguards like David Brock, who was committed to a psychiatric ward in 2001, command so much donor money and political influence? Though not Jewish by birth, he was adopted into a Jewish family, which accounts for his identity crisis. Why should Washington be so afraid of him just because he stares like Charlie Manson?

Fat Tony Craves Pizza

Tony Podesta must prefer pizza over his wife’s home cooking. His charming spouse filed divorce papers in 2014 without uttering a single public comment on her reasons for separation. Why would a woman leave one of the most successful men in Washington politics, who enjoys making meals for friends and actually has any interest in art? Maybe his taste for pasta in art, those paintings of young studs, might have had something to do with her decision.

By any standard, Heather Miller ex-Podesta is an attractive woman and obviously witty and intelligent. But instead of minding the homefront, Tony’s been off with his new flame, an eccentric older woman named Marina Abramovic, also a great cook at least in spirit. Her blood pudding is legendary by now.

Spirit Cookery with a Crock Pot

The one possibly fake news item, from the vast online propaganda factory in Macedonia as uncovered by unnamed “intelligence sources”, is a post in Serbian language about Abramovic’s distinguished maternal grandfather Varnana Abramovic. Marina’s mother is Rosic (here is that Rosy Cross reference), the child of Varnana, who was the Orthodox Church Patriarch of Serbia 1930-37. He reported made pro-Nazi comments then, but apparently did not join the German invasion of 1941. Petar was his name at birth in August 1889, when the Balkans were still part of the Ottoman Empire.

The post at VOAT by “BrickInTheWall” ran an online translation of “Residents of Pljevljima”, copied here with grammar corrections: “Slight and short with a high-pitched voice, Varnava, it was rumored, liked to wear women's clothing, throw wild parties in the monastery, and take boys to his bed. . . . The head chaplain of the Tsar’s Navy, Father Gyorgy Shavelsky, even claimed Varnava had sexually abused and then murdered a beautiful young altar boy at Kolomna. The body was later discovered lodged under the waterwheel of a mill.” The flour from that mill must have been quite suitable for spirit baking.

The account grows stranger. “Varnava and Rasputin met in one of the capital's (Moscow) salons, and though they did not become friends, the two men of similar backgrounds apparently realized they could be of use to each other: Rasputin could help advance Varnava's career, while Varnava could defend Rasputin against attacks from within the ranks of the church.”

The account has the ring of authenticity, although its factual correctness cannot be verified short of flying to Belgrade to consult a historian, unless of course you’re Snopes, the Ministry of Truth’s doublespeak experts at Bureau 1984. Although Serbia is bordered by the Macedonia of cyber-disinfo, it makes zero sense for Vladimir Putin to waste human resources on anything this arcane and obscure. Spirit cooking is not at the top of the Russian agenda, and who really cares about Grandpa Varnana?

So where’s the fake news, if all other items garnered in Parts 1 and 2 of this review of Pizzagate are verified by reports from before the 2016 election campaign? The claim about fake news must be fake. Hillary, you and your intelligence lackeys are hopeless nitwits and pathetic liars. You’ve lost the recount and you’re starting to lose your mind, so why not just take Huma to Comet Ping Pong for some nice hot cheesy pizza? Mmmmm . . .

Alefantes the Greek

There’s been suggestions that James Alefantes is a pseudonym based on the French “J’aime les enfantes” (I love children). The phrase was printed on a T-shirt he wore in a photo taken inside Comet. That remarkable coincidence was first noticed by Alefantes himself, and he wore it proudly. If Hillary had been elected, Pedophile Pride Day might have someday become a national holiday.

On his paternal side, James Alefantes aka Jimmy Comet is a fourth-generation Greek-American (his mother has an Irish surname) whose great-grandfather Achilles Raptotasios was born in Greece in 1880 and immigrated to American after the 1910 census and before the birth of a son in January 1915.

In 2012, GQ named Alefantes as the 49th most powerful man in Washington D.C., impressive for a pizza tosser, especially when considering there are 80 male Senators and 404 Congressmen. What’s he got that they don’t?

Here’s GQ rationale: "restaurateur and bon vivant" Alefantes is No.49 thanks to the "liberal twenty-somethings in khakis" who eat at Comet Ping Pong and the "more established progressives" who flock to Buck’s Fishing & Camping. "If you don't know him, you aren't wearing your scarf right.”

Remember, John, a handkerchief with a map won’t get you better service from waiters at the Comet, even if it’s folded neatly into your back pocket. If you fail to stylishly loop your Dolce & Gabbana cashmere scarf or a sporty Merino from Banana Republic, Jimmy Comet is going to call up one of his boys to whip you with a wet noodle before you’re allowed to order hotdogs for your Arab guests. Bon Apetit!

Yoichi Shimatsu is a veteran investigative journalist who’s mustered truth versus six U.S. presidents, nine Japanese prime ministers and other tyrannical megalomaniacs.

It Takes A Spillage...Of Blood...
To Awaken PizzaGate - Pt 3

By Yoichi Shimatsu
A Rense Exclusive
  It takes a spillage, of buckets of blood by the “patron saint of fear” Marina Abramovic, to alert online vampire hunters to her elite coven of collaborators. The Village of the Damned includes, for starters, the go-to Podesta brothers, high-priestess Hillary Clinton, pizza server James Alefantes (j’aimes les enfantes), boy-abuse artist Biljana Djurdjevic:, Holocaust architect Daniel Libeskind (Yiddish for “I love child”), Daniel Askill (no translation required) director of the Sia music video with images of caged children, and the horned succubus Rem Koolhaas.

The fusion of avant-garde art and sexual abuse of children has opened our eyes wide to the Instagram collection of Comet Pizza, sickening photos that owner James Alefantes desperately tried to remove. The fetishist images about child abuse are now archived online thanks to crowd-searching, which is realizing the potential of new media that the early generation of cyber-idealists believed the Internet was meant to realize.

Contrary to the transparent lies from forked-tongue Hillary and her vile pedophiliac supporters in the CIA, Pizzagate is being constantly fact-checked not only by moderators but by everyone who posts new information. In my humble opinion as an old-school journalist, let the findings and opinion flow freely, because even an outlandish claim might just contain a kernel of fact. An accurate picture will filter through over time.

The struggle for truth is reaching criticality. With less than five weeks to go in the countdown to either an illegal coup d’etat or a normal transfer of presidential authority, the tiniest nugget of fact could have the greatest effect toward blocking the traitorous CIA attempt to overthrow the American system of governance. This is not Allende’s Chile, Henry, or Saddam’s Iraq, W, or Gadhafi’s Libya, Hillary. 

Accusing others of using your own dirty tricks of disinfo, subversion and treachery doesn’t wash in American society. You know very well that the Russians didn’t do it and that the leaked emails came from honest individuals inside your dishonest organization. You murdered Seth Rich, but you can’t kill everyone.

An Explosive Koan

Here, in Part 3 of an ongoing series on Pizzagate, the theory of simultaneity, also known as synchronicity, as advocated by late composer John Cage and inspired by the I-Ching, provides the modus operandi for this investigation. The simplistic fast-food way of explaining it: There are no coincidences when everything is happening now.

The Zen motorcycle maintenance guide to the theory is like a koan: The Now, this tantalizing slice of the time-space continuum, operates like the piston of an internal combustion engine at its moment of greatest compression. All it takes is a flick from the spark plug to explode, converting the fuel-air mix into a rush of hot exhaust gases. Boom! Past become future. Satori, it all suddenly starts to make sense. Pizzagate is the spark that burst the toxic mix of child-sex and corruption of the dictatorial ruling elite, thereby reversing the pendulum back toward genuine democracy.  

This series is meant to be read horizontally, because each of the various topics is augmented by the newest revelations or through resurrecting details that were disregarded earlier. So let’s kick-start another lap of the motocross with this list of topics:

- a brief summary of the CIA-drafted “fake news” legislation to impose sweeping censorship against the alternative news and permanently enshrine the cock-and-bull squat issued by the likes of the intelligence-controlled and Amazon-managed organ of state propaganda called The Washington Post.

- the locations of safe houses operated by Comet Pizza owner James Alefantes likely used to provide child-sex services to high-level targets of the CIA and White House;

- Tony Podesta’s clientele from Qatar and Saudi Arabia and the procuring of child sex slaves in exchange for access to the White House, Pentagon and federal government;

- the Martha’s Vineyard cheese pizza, pasta and dominoes parties (with underage girls, boys and S&M domination) hosted by John Podesta’s patron Herbert Sandler and a Swiss bio-engineering billionaire, who are major funders of the Center for American Progress (CAP), the group mostly closely linked with the Comet Ping Pong Pizza pedophile ring.

CIA Coup against the U.S. Constitution

The CIA-drafted bill that was rubber-stamped by the House of Representatives on November 30 is called H.R. 6393: Intelligence Authorization Act for 2017. Treasonous intelligence officials on the Saudi payroll orchestrated the mainstream media’s “fake news” hysteria to stampede congressmen into passing the bill, which would create a Stasi-esque totalitarian police-state.

Sweeping censorship of the media, including the alternative media, blogs and discussion boards, is outlined in section 501 clause (A)1, that would set up an inter-agency spy committee to “counter active measures by the Russian Federation to exert covert influence over peoples and governments.” Note the plural here. This is an imperial decree that will subordinate every allied nation to a long night of falsehood and deception.

Prohibited activities include:

- establishment or funding of a front group (this apparently includes any group such as a cultural travel tour or Russian literature club, even those that are not subsidized by Russians nor reflect their official ideology of Orthodox Christianity.)

- covert broadcasting (?? this is a throwback to shortwave radio as in the Cold War; hey, you fossils, this is the age of the Internet and smartphone.)

- media manipulation (you mean publicity firms will have to start telling the truth?)

- disinformation and forgeries (so Julian Assange is accused of forging thousands of emails inside the Ecuadorean Embassy in London?)

- funding agents of influence (like the $500,000 speaking fee Renaissance Capital paid to Bill Clinton in Moscow during UraniumOne deal?)

- Incitement and offensive counterintelligence (Alex Jones, take your meds, no inciting gunmen to storm pizza parlors, and be smart and drive defensively, OK?)

- assassinations (you got to be kidding, this from the exploding Cuban cigar guys? Do as I say not as I do in Dallas.)

- terrorist acts (like the stuff from the clandestine ops experts who wrote the handbook).

What hypocritical finger-pointing! Why oh why did the CIA authors of this travesty of security legislation target ONLY the Russians?

Answer: Because the Chinese, the Saudis and Qatari sponsors of ISI, the Cubans and the North Koreans ALL SUPPORTED HILLARY CLINTON and wished that Donald Trump would go away at sunrise like a nightmare.

Gentlemen of the Agency, let’s get down to facts rather than these wild fantasies. How many American servicemen have been killed by jihadist militants funded and trained by Saudi Arabia and Qatar? Now, how many Americans have been shot dead by Putin? Which then is the greater security threat? If you cannot list the Saudi and Qataris in your intelligence bill, then you are deluded cowards, fools and liars.

The fear and loathing doesn’t end there. No, at the very bottom of this insane document is the CIA love letter to Julian Assange and Edward Snowden. 

Not later than 180 days after the date of the enactment of this Act, the Inspector General of the Intelligence Community, consistent with the protection of sources and methods, shall submit to the congressional intelligence committees a report on reprisals made against covered contractor employees.

To cut through the jargon, CIA clandestine operations command is being given little less than six months to take out the whistleblowers before Congress considers new rules prohibiting murderous attacks against truth-telling former agents.

“Reprisal” is defined in the text as: “The term reprisal means the discharge or other adverse personnel action made against a covered contractor employee.” A covered contractor is an external agent hired by any intelligence agency. “Adverse personnel action” leaves little to the imagination. George W. put it so much more succinctly: Wanted Dead or Alive.

I frequently mention that the Jason Bourne movies accurately portray the murderous paranoiac mindset of the U.S. intelligence agencies and the White House security crowd, and now the proof’s in print, thanks to this congressional travesty of law.

The unconstitutional ‘fake news” law is nothing less than a green light to powerful insiders to abduct, rape and murder innocent children with immunity from arrest or complaint. Only 30 brave representatives voted against it. Even these admirable legislators have so far failed to introduce a censure motion against President Obama’s fawning advisers and bag-men John and Tony Podesta for their personal involvement in crimes against children.

Comet Ping Pong Safe Houses

Part 2 in this series delved into the mystery of the demolition of David Brock’s home, a 200-year-old heritage house in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, which happened in the same time frame as the trial of arch-pedophile pediatrician Earl Bradley. Brock sold that house for more than a million dollars, but had earlier purchased it for a little more than half that amount. A reader contacted me to take a closer look at the initial purchase price of $606,666.

Numero 606,666. What to make of that figure? I’ve heard of $9.99 sales but never a $6.66 for condoms at CVS. OK, there’s a 6 missing, so no Royal Flush. Take a breath and don the logic cap, Doctor Strange. Gee, whiz, the previous owner was a Satanist, and so’s David Brock? It’s a no-brainer, doc.

The Eastern Shore of Delaware and Maryland are a haven for Satanists of all shades, from tame nature-loving wiccans and entry-level LaVey churches to drug-crazed heavy-metal maniacs. As if there aren’t already enough fans of Lucifer inside this One Nation Under God, the State Department is resettling Yazidi devil-worshipers in the last four states that are accepting Syrians, including Pennsylvania and Delaware. As more leads crop up, we’ll get back to flushing out David Brock and other horned bipeds with tails.  

Meanwhile, it turns out that James Alefantes, the pizza shop guy, owns way more property than his BF surfer buddy Brock. First off, there’s the Pegasus museum under development by Castellum Alefantes LLC on 11th Street NW in D.C. The land is apparently still owned by a Russian emigre named Boris Tochilin, who has since moved to Dumfries, Virginia.

Then, there’s the big rowhouse in the Embassy Row area on California Street in Kalorama, formerly shared with ex-partner David Brock.

Next in McLean, Virginia, the hometown of the CIA and George Bush Center for Intelligence, Alefantes owns four buildings: 6513 Brawner, 117 Randolph Road, 49 Chain Bridge Road, and another on 7703 Dearborn. 

At Harrisonburg, Virginia, in the Shenandoah Valley, a town with a lot of schools and a heavy concentration of sex offenders, near the West Virginia state line, there are two addresses: 1352 Bradley Drive and 148 W. Wolfe Street.

Washington D.C. in the Northwest quadrant, four properties: 1536 Swann, 1404 P ST, 3334 N ST, 455 Massachusetts Avenue, and 2022 Columbia Road (near Dupont Circle).

Finally, in New York’s Upper East Side: 145 E 48th ST #29F.

Mama Mia! That’s a lot of pizzas sold, eh? Too bad John Gotti’s not around cause he knew how to deal with Satanic pedophiles who aren’t telling the truth about what they’ve been up to or where they get their money. 

An astute comment at VOAT: Could imply an intelligence link. If Alefantis is running a pedo ring for CIA it would explain his power and the united elite opposition to pizzagate as well as his casualness about the whole affair. He knows he's protected.

Perfectly stated, thanks for that. The truth will out, just give it some more time.

Tony’s Arab Pedophile Clients

In Part 2, I suggested that Tony Podesta’s connection with pedophilia was probably linked to his lobbying for wealthy and powerful foreign dignitaries. His huge house in Kalorama was a giveaway. In less than a week since that essay,, crowd-searching has dug up up all sorts of the dirt, like a former neighbor who recalls that Tony Podesta’s previous home by a lake had a vault below the basement. That’s better than sound-proofing.

While John Podesta was obeying his rightwing Zionist paymaster Herb Sandler, brother Tony worked the other side of the street with big clients from the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Starting in October 2012, the Podesta Group lobbied for Golden Pass LNG facility in Sabine Pass, Texas, to export fracked gas from the U.S. to foreign markets. The project is financed by the Qatar investment authority under the supervision of Prince Hamad bin Abdul Al-Thani.

In 2005, a court in the Czech Republic convicted the Qatari prince for sex with 15 underage girls. He managed to evade sentencing by returning to Qatar, where after a brief investigation, local authorities released him. Then in 2001, the Czech courts issued an arrest warrant, for which he never appeared nor extradited. 

In November 2014, he was appointed Deputy Emir. Under his brother’s leadership, Qatar has been the major financier for the Muslim Brotherhood and arms supplier to ISIS, another pack of pedophiles. The Clinton Foundation has admitted receiving $1 million from the Qatar royals. Hillary Clinton as secretary of state during the Arab Spring was a frequent visitor to Doha, where she requested funds for her pet projects. (Of course, Congress was never alarmed by the fake news generated by the Hillary team, which overthrew U.S. allies and led to the deaths of untold numbers of U.S. special forces fighters and aid workers across the Islamic realm since the Arab Spring. 

Even the pro-Hillary Huffington Post admitted that the Podesta Group receives $140,000 a month from the Saudi government and that lobbyist Tony Podesta is a registered foreign agent for Saudi Arabia, a society notorious for its tolerance of child rape. 

A Black and White Handkerchief

This series on Pizzagate has so far given short-shrift to the infamous “handkerchief”  email from Susan Sandler, daughter of a wealthy Jewish banker, to his paid lackey John Podesta. Since there’s still puzzlement among many visitors to reddit, 4chan, VOAT and other posting sites about that message, we’re doing the decryption.

In the late summer of 2014, retired banker Herb Sandler was plotting how to recruit Swiss biotech billionaire Hanjoerg Wyss to become a donor to the Center for American Progress. (CAP), Podesta’s nonprofit legal arm. Sandler invited Wyss to visit his villa at Martha’s Vineyard without informing him that John Podesta would just happen to be there.

The players among the Martha’s Vineyard set include:

- Herb Sandler, owner of the Golden West subprime lender that caused Wachovia Bank’s failure in 2008 and its merger into Wells Fargo with a $25 billion federal bailout.

- Hans Wyss, founder of Synthes bio-engineering prosthetics producer until a court ruling on the deaths of three patients in a human experiment

- Rob Mnookin, Harvard Law School expert on foster parents, child custody and gay adoption, and director of the Earl Warren Institute (as in the Warren Commission whitewash of the Kennedy assassination). His male partner is named Dale.

- Steve Philips and his wife Susan Sandler(Herb’s daughter), a CAP senior fellow and author of Brown is the New White: How the Demographic Revolution Has Created a New American Majority.

The first reference from Wikileaks collection of Podesta emails is an August 8 invitation from Sandler to Wyss for the upcoming Labor Day holiday:  I will be at Martha's Vineyard, arriving August 23, departing September 2. My daughter, Susan, her husband Steve and a family friend will be with me. Will you be at the Vineyard at any time during that period, and, if so, would you like to get together?

John Podesta is the unnamed “family friend”.

On August 11 a response came from Debbie, who emails photos of her lovely and quite normal grandchildren. This elderly lady who could be a staffer for Wyss is obviously not clued into the pedophile parlance “grandchildren and children” refers not to family progeny but to one’s stable of adult and child partners for group sex. Hans later replied that he was available on the 24th and 25th. He came for the party held on the 26th.

On the day after, August 27, Rob Mnookin emailed: Thank You Dear Herb, A short note to say how much Dale and I enjoyed last night. What a stimulating evening, thanks no doubt to the Sandler rules and the fantastic company. What a pleasure to see Susan again, and meet Steve, Mary and John, and Hans.

Note: “Sandler rules” and “stimulating company”, possibly referring to sex toys in a touchy-feely game of blindfold domination. The next get-together was a bit rougher under the Podesta rules.

On September 1, the day before Sandler’s departure, the ex-banker, daughter Susan and John Podesta hired a realtor named Kate to drive them to inspect rental properties. They visited a large rental home “at the end of the road” on Kuffie Point, which juts into Lake Tashmoo, along with considering other houses located by a park, facing the yacht club and at Stonewall Beach, all with minimal neighbors and out of hearing range of public places. Why seek out such isolated places?

At around 4 p.m., the realtor dropped the trio off at the “Field house”, probably one of the larger rentals on Field Club Drive. The guest list for the end-of-summer party is not mentioned. On happy ending is that ever since the morning-after email exchange, savvy Kate was suddenly able to open her own interiors business instead of flogging rentals.

From Kate. Tuesday, September 02, 2014 10:04 AM To: Sandler, Susan Cc: Sandler, Herbert  Subject: You left something at the Field house Susan & Herb I just came from checking the Field house and I have a square cloth handkerchief (white w/ black) that was left on the kitchen island. Happy to send it via the mail if you let me know where I should send it. I also meant to inquire yesterday about the pillows you purchased. I can send them as well, if you let me know where they are in the house. Safe travels to all Kate

Question: How really difficult is it to find pillows in a sparely decorated vacation rental?
Susan immediately emails John Podesta, adding the extra code word “pizza”: Hi John, The realtor found a handkerchief (I think it has a map that seems pizza-related. Is it yorus? They can send it if you want. I know you're busy, so feel free not to respond if it's not yours or you don't want it. Susaner 

Why the big fuss over a handkerchief? How can a handkerchief be pizza-related? Why is the handkerchief on the kitchen island counter if the party-goers were slicing pizza on it? Are napkins or paper towels not included in a luxury resort home? And as one visitor to VOT put it: Who still uses a handkerchief in this day and age?

The answers come from the same code used at Comet Pizza back in Chevy Chase. The handkerchief worn in a back pocket of jeans or shorts originated in the gay movement of the 1970s to identify one’s preferences in sexual roles, and soon got kinkier with the rising popularity of bondage, domination, sadomachism, golden showers (yellow) and coprophilia (brown). 

Pizza: Underage teen girl
Map: Semen
Handkerchief: Colors refer to types of sexual acts
Black: sadomasochism and bondage
White: sex with underage minors
Black and White Handkerchief: torture of a child and sexual abuse
Dominoes: domination, often hands-on or with riding crops as in Madonna videos
Pillows: pills, in this case date-rape drugs

Domino’s pan pizza was not on the dinner menu. The main course was an underage girl delivered to the party. Drugged into semi-consciousness, she was put on the kitchen island, and probably taped down by the arms so as not to fall to the floor. Then the slapping and flogging with the Podesta rules, followed by oral sex and penetration, topped off by ejaculating on her, which accounts for the next morning’s sticky mess or “map”. 

As the guest departed in the early morning, the passed-out girl was left as is on the butcher block. Podesta tiptoes out, hails Uber and leaves behind his little sex slave for someone else to deal with. Kate returns and after an initial shock, is peeved that a naked girl covered with semen and red welts was left behind like a bag of garbage. If this discovery is reported by the housekeepers, then that means a pile of hush money for the local police.

Susan forwards the message. John Podesta, the presidential adviser and boss of the most politically correct lobby on gay issues and women’s rights, answers curtly, “It’s mine”. No doubt he’d treat a pet dog better than a homeless girl. So what then happened must have been a big IOU of appreciation from Susan when she phones Kate to tell the girl to wash up and dress, and to put her on a plane back to Washington DC, where one of the female staffers from Comet Pizza will pick her up at Dulles Airport. His conscience cleared, Podesta’s back to human rights advocacy and lobbying for clients.

On Christmas Eve 2014, a package is delivered to Herbert Sandler, who is a Jew who celebrates Hannukah earlier in the month. I was sent by John Podesta. Now try to pick up the odd elements in the thank-you note: To: CC: Date: 2015-12-24 21:42
Subject: Re: Cheese
Sandler, Herbert <> wrote: > Mary and John > >
I think you should give notice when changing strategies which have been long in place. I immediately realized something was different by the shape of the box and I contemplated who would be sending me something in the square shaped box. Lo and behold, instead of pasta and wonderful sauces, it was a lovely, tempting assortment of cheeses, Yummy. I am awaiting the return of my children and grandchildren from their holiday travels so that we can demolish them. Thank you so much. I hope you and your gang are well. I miss you both Best wishes fro a merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Herb > > > > Ps. Do you think I’ll do better playing dominos on cheese than on pasta? >

OK, for the benefit of the slow pokes, the first sentence states “when changing strategies that have been long in place”, indicating a break in the accustomed game plan, the game being dominoes. “Pasta” is a code word for underage boy. “Sauce” is about group sex. The gift of cheese is therefore an insider joke, since "cheese" is a code word for preteen girls. Return of “my children and grandchildren” is a pun, since in code it also can mean his team of adult and child partners for group sex.

Doubting Toms still don’t believe? Then what does his PS mean? “Do you think I’ll do better playing dominoes on cheese than on pasta?” If you can tell me how anyone can play dominoes on top of a bowl pasta or a plate of cheese, I’ll buy you a Domino’s pan pizza with extra anchovies, because it really stinks. Remember this inhumanely diabolical discussion was being held on Christmas Eve. If that's not blasphemy, what is?

Permissiveness Opens the Gates for the Pedophiles

After combating American and European diplomats who predate on children in the poorest nations, including Cambodia and Myanmar, I am truly encouraged and even thrilled to witness the tidal wave of online outrage against high-level pedophiles and their pimps like the crew at Comet Ping Pong. A new sense of hope follows upon years of listening to the hypocrisy of fakers and falsifiers like Hillary Clinton who dares say that It Takes a Village to raise a child yet allows the village children to be abducted and raped by her closest associates.

As a journalist and former editor, it is even more galling to see headlines like the one at The New York Times, “Pedophilia: A Disorder Not a Crime” or TIME’s “We Need to Make It Easier for Pedophiles to Seek Help”. When was the last time a pedophile recanted voluntarily when there’s not even a Pedophile Anonymous program like there is for alcoholics, you hopelessly deluded idiots? The fact is, that under the groupthink of a politically correct regime, cigarette smoking is punished more rigorously than the raping a child under 9 years of age.

A fact of life in the caste system of a so-called multicultural society is that some ethnic groups and geographic regions are more accepting, even encouraging of pedophilia. In a upcoming essay in this series, the core belief system behind organized pedophilia will be traced back through history to its roots. 

Much of the global expansion of the pedophile subculture is due to an undercurrent inside the intelligence agencies, which has seeped into the military, police and political class. These moral retards are now trying to suppress the online movement against sexual abuse of children with HR 6393, which has next to nothing to do with national security but is all about protecting pedophiles. 

The First Amendment is at stake over this cleaving issue. If an unconstitutional coup does proceed as threatened, then the foresight and wisdom of the Founding Fathers in drafting the Second Amendment will be proven again in our lifetime. Remember always that it is an honor to fight what is clearly right and nothing can be more precious to defend than your children. 

Clintons, Soros Implicated In Norway
Child Porn & Macedonia Fake News - Part 4

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive to Rense
  After a tsunami of coerced self-censorship wiped away the truth from American media, there’s now a news blackout on Pizzagate and the Norway child-porn arrests. Online discussion boards have shown that an AP report on the Norwegian arrests of 54 individuals was removed from the online news sites of The New York Times, Washington Post, ABC News and The Guardian (UK).

The mainstream media’s disgraceful kneeling to White House censorship follows on the removal from 4chan of Comet Ping Pong Pizza’s pedophilia-related Instagram photos and suppression of Pizzagate threads at reddit. The contrived “fake news” narrative from the CIA in nothing more than a pretext for a dictatorial Executive branch to impose blanket censorship on the press and online alternative media in the dying hours of the Obama regime.

In response, bloggers and comments at discussion groups have suggested that the simultaneous events in Norway, a police crackdown on a child porn ring and Norway’s deep cut in funding for the Clinton Foundation, are related. This astute observation spurred me to probe the background of international intrigue that points to a blackmail operation against the Norwegian government by the Clinton State Department, the CIA and George Soros, all detailed in the second half of this report.

The wave of censorship by the Obama White House, and planting of disinformation by the Hillary-Soros cabal, are in blatant violation of First Amendment protections for the freedoms of press, speech and religion. I include religion because the Executive kill orders on Pizzagate and Norway child porn are coming from a White House staff wedded to occultism, as exposed in Wikileaks emails, aimed at toppling America’s founding principle of One Nation Under God. (I am by no stretch a Christian fundamentalist but as an investigative journalist can readily spot this sort of demented criminal mindset after past investigations into Aum Shinrikyo and other anti-democratic demon-worshiping cults.)

Here, Part 4 of this definitive series on C-3PO (the Clintons: Pizzagate, Pedophiles, Podesta and Occultism), delves into:

First off, the CIA fabricated “pro-Trump” fake news at a Soros-USAID social-media center in Macedonia for the purposes of discrediting the child-sex scandal at Cosmic Ping Pong Pizza and imposing press censorship in the United States with attempted passage of Congressional legislation against Russian influence on the media.  

Second, the CIA launched a Dark Web child-porn blackmail operation against the Norwegian government to loot its postal lottery system of between $89 million and $300 million paid to the Clinton Foundation. Nearly all this hush money has gone unreported by the Clintons and was stuffed into secret accounts to finance the European refugee crisis and a proposed Qatar-Saudi pipeline through ISIS territory with oil shipments destined for Ukraine.

Now, after Hillary lost her mind and then the election, the Norwegian payback comes in retaliation for the Clintons’ deception, subversion and political manipulation that led to the meteorite rise of the CIA mole, Jens Stoltenberg, the Maoist ideologue who is the Secretary-General of NATO.
The notion of a Maoist fanatic leading NATO is just one of many bizarre twists in an illicit affair of mutual distrust and daggers-out betrayal. In the end, little Norway turned the tables on its big nasty abuser. This reversal of domination is reminiscent of the lyrics to Norwegian Wood by John Lennon: “I once had a girl or, should I say, she once had me?”
Mac-n-Baloney, a recipe from Soros and USAID

On the day of his electoral triumph, Donald Trump responded to the Macedonian “fake news” fraud with a satiric tweet: “My thanks to the great people of Veles. I couldn’t have done it without you.”

Who’s behind the dirty tricks from Veles, Macedonia? Round up the usual suspects: Soros, USAID, the State Department, the CIA and the Commode in Chief Barry “Suharto” Soetaro. Their “smoking gun” evidence of “Russian agents” fabricating “fake news” for posting at Facebook was based on deliberately spurious reports out of an unlikely propaganda headquarters in Macedonia.

The outbreak of weird Facebook postings in support of Trump’s candidacy came out of the rust-belt city of Veles, smack-dab in the middle of that landlocked Balkans nation, which was part of Yugoslav Federation until President Bill Clinton and his sidekick Tony Blair decided that their NATO war machine needed live-fire training in real-world combat.

The first media report on Veles appeared in September at The Guardian (UK), in a sardonic article written by San Francisco freelancer Dan Tynan, the recent editor of Yahoo Tech. The article featured interviews with teenagers who claimed they earned $5,000 per month from a steady stream of pro-Trump fake news with sensational headlines posted on Facebook. No names are revealed, even though such activity doesn’t seem to be outlawed in the fractured society. BuzzFeed and Esquire followed suit with their versions of this planted tripe, again without naming any sources.

Question: Who paid for the airfares, hotels and per diem for Tynan and other American writers who arrived in remote Veles for this “scoop”, which more resembles a pooper scooper? Hey, Georgy Schwartz, your credit card? That’s the real name of Soros when he was working for the Nazis fingering fellow Hungarian Jews for deportation aboard the cattle cars. He’s such a dyed-in-wool liar that even his names are fake.

Were the Veles teenagers working for the Russian spy service, as suggested by the CIA stooges in Washington D.C.? It’s patently impossible because there’s not a lot of Russian influence in that epicenter of an ongoing anti-Moscow Color Revolution n Macedonia. Veles is a stronghold of the the Open Society Institute’s Youth Educational Forum (YEF). The program organizes student debate clubs in order to indoctrinate local youth in the importance of media. In April 2016, regional expert Paul Butler wrote:

“Finding the logos of George Soros’ Open Society Foundations Macedonia and that of USAID on the same page should come as no surprise to anyone studying world chaos these days. Both entities work hand in hand offering grants, in order to buy a new legion of ‘like minded’ students and future leaders of Macedonia. The Project for Civil Society Macedonia stands as testament to the system Soros and his colleagues have set in place.

“It is from grassroots societal manipulation that we see youth supporting further Americanization, when decades of EU and western influence have brought Macedonia nothing. The country’s Gross National Income remains intact, as one of the lowest in all Europe and Asian developing countries.”

De-industrialized due to NATO’s assault against Yugoslavia, Veles has recently been pushing to transform itself into an IT center, with support from the USAID, the U.S. Embassy in the capital Skopje and the UN Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC). That pro-immigration UN body is headed by the former UN ambassador of the Emirate of Qatar.

The UNAOC sponsors “development of Internet literacy to combat misperceptions, prejudices and hate speech.” In plain language in Veles, the Qatar-funded program indoctrinates young ethnic Slavs to be passive toward Albanian Kosovar secessionists who’ve waged an armed rebellion. Just across the border in southern Kosovo, the town of Kacanik is a jihadist bastion supporting the secessionists and also a known recruitment center for ISIS, which is funded, trained and armed by Qatar.

With Veles as a no-go zone for Russians, the “fake news” offices shown to the American reporters were obviously a disinformation project to discredit Trump, set up by Soros and Hillary’s CIA stooges. The same old tricks from the same pack of flea-bitten dogs who contrived past fakery, including the big lie of bayoneted Kuwaiti baby that triggered the First Iraq War and Christine Amanpour’s chance bump-in with “Kosovar refugees” who were actually hired crisis actors in Albania, which rallied Western support for the NATO bombing campaign against Yugoslavia.

The Macedonian bait-and-switch looms large because it provided justification to press Facebook to pay for so-called fact-checking by the CIA creepy clowns at Snopes, Bezos’s WaPo, and PolitiFact. Stories deemed to be fake or spoofed will be removed or labeled with warnings in the broadest campaign of censorship in postwar U.S. history bar none, even the McCarthy-era black list. By no coincidence, Marissa Meyer, CEO of Yahoo, and Mark Zuckerman at Facebook were major bundlers of donations to Hillary for America.

This Orwellian Ministry of Truth will be run by the ethics program at the Poynter Institute in St. Petersburg, Florida. The censorship is to be organized by the new Craig Newmark Chair in Journalism Ethics, funded with a $1 million donation from the Craigslist founder Craig Newmark. Along with the Political Commissar’s salary and perks, the new five-year “ethics” program is “focused on verification, fact-checking and accountability in journalism”.

Journalism ethics here is doublespeak. I’ve taught ethics at J-school, and what this stinker of a censorship board reminds me of is that old Beatles number: “You don’t know how lucky you are, boy, to be back in the US, back in US, back in the USSR.”

What the goose-stepping journalism professors at Poynter failed to announce is that Craigslist has been the major advertiser of underage prostitution and, apparently with bribery of a judge, succeeded inside the filthy corrupt Cook County court system to get a dismissal of charges filed by girls forced into prostitution by Craig-based pimps. Craig’s revenues from pedophilia is not some Trump conspiracy, no. The list of its pedophiiac crimes is posted at the Hillary-loyal Huffington Post:

Today’s class assignment, Pizzagate journo students: Who are the pedophiles at Poynter? It takes one to be trusted by the others, wink-wink.

Oh, before moving into the Arctic Circle, let me enthusiastically express my support for a trial run of George Soros’s project called Death in America, which advocates euthanasia and assisted suicide for the depressed, infirm and aged. Georgy, your act is getting to be as tired and old as you are. After losing Russia, Eastern Europe and now the USA, it’s time for you to go beddy-bye with an handful of sedatives and a glass of warm milk. If you lack the guts to face your Maker, you whiny wizened bag of methane and manure, just call on your boys at Langley-McLean to give a hand, since they’ll be more than relieved to be rid of the evidence. Next patient, is there a Hussein Obomber in the waiting room?

Little Red Riding Hood in the Norwegian Wood

On the heels of Pizzagate, there’s been a media blackout on Norway’s crackdown of a massive child-porn ring, involving cops and at least one high-ranking politician. Why is this news from across the Atlantic so threatening to the political establishment in Washington D.C.? Just say pedophilia.

The short story is: The Norwegian pedophile bust is directly connected to the Clinton Foundation and the CIA running an blackmail operation planting child porn onto Dark Web pedophile sites. The blackmail forced Conservative politicians to approve the appointment of longtime CIA asset Jens Stoltenberg as Secretary-General of NATO. The revelations clearly show the Clinton Foundation lied about the funds received, meaning this is a major fraud with between $60 million and possibly quintuple that amount missing from the organization’s books and the Clintons’ income tax records.

That summary in a nutshell is more than you’ll ever get from Facebook or Twitter. Journalism, the traditional sense of being the first draft of history, is the long version because it takes a lot of explanation to cover the Five W’s of the scribe’s craft: who, what, when, where and why. Of that quintet of queries, why is the most difficult to arrive at and most important for the individual, a nation and the world.

The Clinton Slush Fund from Oslo

The Oslo investigation is focused on secretive donations of approximately $10 million to the Clinton Foundation by the Conservative Party government in 2015. The funds were subdivided into batches, so that the transfers to appear in smaller amounts. The funds were misappropriated from the Postal Lottery fund and the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (NORAD).

The funds were detected when the Norwegian aid agency allocated the money to the Clinton Foundation’s renewable-energy project related to predicted climate change effects on tropical island countries, a geographic region outside of Norway’s aid agenda. The internal investigation therefore focused on two Conservative Party leaders: Prime Minister Erna Solberg and Foreign Minister Borge Brende.

Brende met with Chelsea Clinton, an executive with the Foundation, in November 2014, which was followed up with a meeting with Hillary and Bill Clinton, on the latter’s visit to Norway in late June to early July 2015. At the tete-a-tete with Hillary, Brende discussed financing a wood-stove swap (for less smoke-producing stoves for the underdeveloped nations). Bill Clinton paid visits to the prime minister’s office and to the foreign ministry, where Solberg and Brende promise the secret fund flow. In May 2016 Brende visited the Clinton Foundation office in New York apparently to ensure that the illicit arrangement was proceeding as planned.

Why did the Conservatives, who are aligned with the U.S. Republican Party, take such risks for the Clinton Foundation? The Conservatives were under pressure to continue the Clinton connection established by former Labour prime minister Jens Stoltenberg, the Secretary General of NATO. Stoltenberg is a puppet for Bill Clinton’s secret diplomacy, along with other sock-puppet politicians and generals, with the aim of combating Russian influence in Europe and the Middle East.

Whenever Clinton Foundation bribery, much of it from the diversion of Norwegian, Australian and Saudi funds, failed to influence foreign politicians, then the extra boost came from blackmailing politicians involved in pedophile cases or child-porn rings on the Dark Net. Therefore the Norwegian government has just “turned off the taps” of secret flows of cash to the Clintons and shut down a huge child-porn ring at the same time in mid-November.

First, a look at the geopolitics behind the twin crackdowns and then some insights into the Norwegian police-FBI operation against the child-porn racket (and its relation to Pizzagate).

The pressure on Brende to fund the Clintons was assigned to Labour Party bigwig Espen Barth Eide, former minister of Defense and Foreign Affairs in the second government (2005-2013) of then Prime Minister Stoltenberg. Eide is the managing director of the Davos World Economic Forum and the UN Special Adviser to Cyprus. At the time, during Europe’s “summer of migration”, a massive refugee flow orchestrated by George Soros, Bill Clinton recruited Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras to join the Clinton Global Initiative.

Clinton and Tsipras cooperated on a megaproject toextend two pipelines to Cyprus and Greece from: the Qatar-Saudi Trans-Syria route through their ISIS puppet state and another from the Israeli Leviathan offshore oilfield. Norway Statoil (national oil company) is a major producer in the North Sea, and presumably was being recruited as an investor and tech provider for these planned energy routes.

The motivation for NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg, who has a livid dislike of Putin, was to create an alternative oil-and-gas supply route from Cyprus into Ukraine, thereby ending Western Europe’s dependence on Russian energy. The Clinton-Soros-Qatar geopolitical project collapsed when the Russian military launched strikes against ISIS, and then with the failure of the CIA coup in Turkey.

The major setbacks on the Mediterranean front left Stoltenberg vulnerable to criticism and counterattack, and therefore after he was deprived of his political rationale, the Arctic Pizzagate bust came down hard. The recent child-porn arrests of 51 persons included an unnamed politician and lawyers, according to the Norwegian police. This indicated a high-level linkage of an influential Conservative politician to the Clinton-Stoltenberg blackmail operation. According to Norwegian media reports, a parliamentary task force led by the prime minister tried to stop the investigation with a surprise visit to the Norwegian intelligence service and its documents archive.

The Norwegian child-porn bust, following on the heels of Pizzagate (which was aided and directed by an FBI agent named FBIanon) shows that the FBI has had enough of the Clinton shenanigans, thievery and sponsorship of pedophilia. Once the geopolitical battle against Putin was lost, there was no more justification for tolerating the Clinton-Soros dirty tricks in league with petty criminals like James Alefantis of Comet Ping Pong Pizza and that old fool Soros.
The FBI role in Arctic Pizzagate is discussed at the Motherboard blog of VICE TV:
“The operation originated with the FBI’s crackdown of dark web site Playpen, Bergens Tidende (newspaper) reported, although it is not clear how many of those 51 arrests were directly related to the FBI’s tip-offs.
“In 2015, the FBI took over Playpen, and ran it for 13 days from a government server. During this time, the agency deployed a piece of malware it calls a network investigative technique, or NIT, in order to grab site users’ real IP addresses. The FBI then provided these IP addresses and other technical information to law enforcement agencies internationally. Judging by a report on Norwegian site, that includes authorities in Norway.”
The proliferation of Playpen users on the Dark Web happens to coincide with regions targeted for CIA blackmail operations. We now understand Hillary Clinton’s complaint against the FBI for wrecking her family’s Playpen of child pornography, political blackmail and influence-peddling scam. The failure of the Clinton geopolitical scam explains why the CIA has been desperately crying wolf against “Russian influence”.

The Clinton Foundation should be shut down for investigation and all its personnel debriefed by the FBI and police. With exposure of this sordid affair that has permanently damaged U.S. prestige, Congress must rip up the 2017 Intelligence Authorization Bill for its assault on press freedom. Meanwhile, America’s entire intelligence apparatus needs fundamental re-prioratization and restructuring. Dealing with Russia can wait.

The CIA Mole in NATO

The Norwegian news reports on the Clinton Foundation embezzlement avoid the mention of the chief Clinton ally and CIA asset Jen Stoltenberg. A vocal war-mongering foe of Russian President Putin, current NATO chief Stoltenberg is a product of the clandestine “stay-behind” guerrilla-warfare force in Norway and Sweden under Operation Gladio, organized in Scandinavia by CIA director William “Bill” Colby.

This covert operation exploited Scandinavia as an apocalyptic battlefield between NATO and the Soviet/Russian military forces based on the Kola Peninsula (the Murmansk region). Gladio North, known as ROC, has been the secret lynch pin of American-Norwegian relations since World War II.

Stoltenberg, who twice served as Norwegian prime minister, is an unusual case as compared with other Gladio veterans, starting out as member of the Norwegian Workers Party (AKP), a branch of the anti-Soviet CIA-sponsored Maoist cult movement organized by Shaul Eisenberg. Ardently anti-Russian in the era of the Sino-Soviet split, the dual Mossad-CIA agent Eisenberg, who served as a fascist minion of the Japanese military intelligence during World War II, later was the chief arms supplier to the Pol Pot regime in Democratic Kampuchea (Cambodia) in its war against the pro-Moscow Vietnamese occupation forces.

Colby, Norway ROC-Gladio, and the Maoist AKP are discussed further below. For now it is important to keep in the mind the weird career beginnings of these two “leftist” CIA spies inserted into politics, Bill Clinton and Jens Stoltenberg.

The Clinton-Stoltenberg relationship

The long relationship between the Clintons and Stoltenberg is obscured by their secretive CIA roles. President Bill Clinton visited Oslo in early November 1999 for a memorial meeting for the assassinated Yitzak Rabin, an architect of the Oslo peace process, hosted by Labour Prime Minister Kjell Magde Bondevik. At the time, former Treasury minister Stoltenberg was Bondevik’s deputy prime minister, and therefore met wth Clinton, although probably not for the first time since both have attended the Bilderberger meetings and Davos World Economic Forum programs as CIA agents in place.

The Bondevik government dispatched Norwegian Army Jegerkommandos (hunter-commandos) and Forsvarets Spesialkommandos (forward special commandos) in support of Clinton-Blair invasion plan to split Kosovo from the dismembered Yugoslav republic. The Norwegian special forces worked in close cooperation with the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), a force bolstered by jihadists from Osama bin Laden’s Al Qaeda, funded by Qatar. The combined force, inserted into the mountains along the Macedonia border, were the first NATO military unit to cross into Kosovo.

A no-confidence vote triggered the resignation of Bondevik, and Stoltenberg became prime minister in March 2000, in time to share the glory of the NATO victory over Serbia with his fellow CIA puppets Bill Clinton and Tony Blair. Then in 2001, after Clinton left office, the 911 attacks put a damper on the Norwegian love affair with the jihadists and Labour was defeated at the polls in Norway.

Cold War paranoia

This background the Cold War indoctrination of both Clinton and Stoltenberg, who later viewed the stated charitable mission of the Clinton Foundation as a Clausewitz-type extension of warfare, along with espionage as an arm of political warfare. This Manichean black-and-white view of politics tended to vilify members of the rival Conservative Party as being dominated by greedy business interests, who need to “controlled” by necessary means, including sexual blackmail through data breaches of computer networks.

The militaristic Stoltenberg was returned to the premiership in 2005 and dominated government until 2013, a term marked by a massive increase in defense spending and saber rattliing against Moscow. Under his second stint in office, the huge Norwegian payments to the Clinton Foundation began in 2007. During Stoltenberg’s term as prime minister, Norway “donated” $50 million to the Clinton Foundation, most of that disappearing into the CIA black-ops budget and into the Clintons personal accounts. It is obvious that Stoltenberg had to pay back for the political capital that the U.S. Embassy had invested in him.

The Icemen Cometh

Stoltenberg’s rise to high office is a gift of the CIA and legacy of the legendary William “Bill” Colby. Immediately after the Pearl Harbor attack, he dropped out of the freshman class at Columbia University to join the U.S. Army and the new Office of Strategic Services (OSS). He was recruited into Operation Jedburgh, a joint Allied commando team to support the maquis resistance in France. (Ever hear of the Jedi knights, kids?)

After fighting behind enemy lines in France, Colby went on to lead the NORSO team that parachuted into German-occupied Norway in April 1945. The combined British-American-Norwegian exile team joined up with local insurgents to attack rail lines. After a series of successful attacks on train station, Colby’s team was outnumbered by pursuing teams of German pursuers above on a ridge and behind. Colby dash and last-minute crossing over border into neutral Sweden has since been the storyline for a couple of movies.

After the war, Colby earned a law degree and went to work for Bill Donovan’s law firm in New York, but when the CIA was created, jumped at the opportunity to get back was best at: sabotage and killing. Colby was assigned to the CIA desk in Stockholm over a period of seven years at the start of the Cold War, where he organized a “stay-behind” clandestine force that would fight behind enemy lines in event of a Soviet pincers invasion from the Baltic Sea and the Arctic Murmansk region on the Kola Peninsula.

In Austria, Operation Gladio unit used the cover of a hiking club, so Colby devised his Scandinavian commandos as a Nordic ski and rock-climbing clubs. Field training was conducted at the Allied Forces North (AFNORTH) base in central Norway near Mount Kolsas, which has since evolved into a premier rock-climbing center. At the time, the chief of the Norwegian Intelligence Service Vilhelm Evang complained to the British commander at Kolsas AFNORTH Base: “NIS is extremely worried at work conducted by officers at Kolsas. This concerned SB (sabotage), Psywar and Counter Intelligence.”

Despite its massive armor and firepower in the northern front, the NATO force in Norway was meant only to delay the Soviet 6th Army to allow the evacuation of submarine chasers out of the fjords. The Barents Sea is the route for the Soviet/Russian navy to cross from Murmansk into the North Sea for attacks on Western Europe and the United States, which have higher priority than defending Norway.

The standing estimate was for NATO ground forces to hold out for six days maximum against a Soviet assault before surrender. Colby, therefore, needed the sort of tough individuals who could meld into the occupied population, fight on skis in the subzero weather and stand up under capture and torture. The hardened men of the Norway ROC and Swedish Arla gryning were tough as nails. After Colby departed to commit atrocities in Vietnam and the decades past, however, the decadent influence of the CIA-sponsored Frankfurt School reached Scandinavia, which became a center for drugs, sex and rock’n’roll.

Following the Soviet rollback of the Prague Spring in 1968, the CIA suddenly found itself armed with rock bands and LSD but light on battle-hardened guerrillas. What was needed were anti-Soviet fighters with ideological indoctrination and nothing to lose in their lives of deprivation and poverty. By then the Trotskyites had degenerated into a mob of squabbling Jewish pseudo-intellectuals, utterly useless for field combat.

Then the brighter analysts at RAND and Langley came up with the solution: Create an purist Marxist movement of working people to combat the Soviet revisionists, and the model is right there in front of us in the Sino-Soviet split. Mao Tse-tung hated the Stalinists, and so why not create a holier-than-thou Maoist force to attack the Russkies?

The CIA went to their go-to guy in China, Shaul Eisenberg, founder of the Israel Corporation arms-trading empire. A German-Polish Jew, Eisenberg left Europe under the Japanese military intelligence operation, organized by diplomat-agent Chiune Sugihara. The underground passage from Lithuania sent Lubavitcher leaders through the Soviet Union to Manchuli, Manchuria, where the evacuated Jews were met and hailed as members of the Greater East Asia Prosperity Sphere. The younger Jews were recruited into Betar paramilitary units in preparation for the attack on British Palestine, which began in June 1941, six months before Pearl Harbor. Eisenberg, who married a Japanese woman, was assigned the plush job as a trusted messenger boy between the Japanese military and elite citizens of European allies Germany, Italy and South Africa.

Eisenberg arranged for a puzzled and amused Beijing to recognize of the new global Maoist movement, which operated like a personality cult or secular religion absolutely dedicated to the people’s struggle. As with other cults, the Maoist federation was packed with megalomaniacs, control freaks and simple nutcases. The Norwegian Workers Party (AKP) was by far the most-disciplined and best-financed of all Maoist groups worldwide. Headed by a secretive central committee, most of them agents of the military intelligence service, Etterretningstjenesten (E-tjenesten).

The rank and file were mainly drawn from northern Norway, which would bear the brunt of a Soviet assault. These strong hardy types would take weeks-long cross-country ski “vacations” with rifles slung on their shoulders into the deep interior to prepare for the coming confrontation with the Red Army. Back home, these friendly souls drank beer, sang folk songs and swapped wives on overnight parties like normal Norwegians, which they were when not shaking Mao’s little red book. In hindsight, the thought of it, Maoism inside the Arctic Circle, is bizarre.

As with many youths of his generation, Stoltenberg was horrified by the Vietnam
War and then dazed by the Soviet crushing of the Prague Spring. His older sister, a member of the Red Youth wing of AKP, recruited him into the Maoist movement. The Stoltenbergs are a wealthy upper-class family, and so military intelligence had to handle them with delicate care and not club them to the ground at protests. In response to Henry Kissinger’s order to bomb Haiphong harbor, Stoltenberg took part in the heated protests in front of the U.S. Embassy.

Following the merger of the AKP into the socialist Labour Party, Stoltenberg worked as a journalist for the party press and became a prominent leader inside the Workers Youth League. As a reporter he had met a Soviet agent, who assigned him the codename Steklov, but he was later warned off by Norwegian counterintelligence. At that point, Stoltenberg was probably recruited as a police informer. From that point on, Stoltenberg was a rising star in the European political scene, with a little help from his old controllers at the CIA, especially that other mole on the other side of the Sino-Soviet split who attended youth rallies in Moscow, by the name of Bill Clinton.


Now does anyone wonder why Donald Trump is avoiding intelligence briefings by the CIA. If the poison-squirting pen doesn’t function, the plutonium pellet inside the seat cushion will.

It’s time for pest control at the entire rat-infested sewer that brought on defeats at the Bay of Pigs, the rooftop in Saigon, the series of debacles from Chechnya to Afghanistan, and now Pizzagate. The lifespan of the CIA should have ended with the fall of the Berlin Wall. America needs to get back to democracy, openness and constitutional protections of its citizens, so they can back unimpeded to making America great again. This Pizzagate like a old Ford from the age of real automobiles still has some mileage to go, so catch us later, drag-racing against the occultist freaks down Route 666.

For Anyone Who Still Believes
Snopes Is An Abuse Victim

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive to Rense
  First, here are some big-name supporters of “We even link to when it’s appropriate rather than reinvent the wheel ourselves, which we consider high praise.”

- The Poynter Institute has enlisted into its initiative called the International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN), which is funded by the Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation, the Duke Reporters’ Lab, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Google, the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), the Omidyar Network, the Soros Open Society Foundations and the Park Foundation.

- Mark Zuckerberg: “Facebook historically has relied on users to report links as false and share links to myth-busting sites, including Snopes, to determine if it can confidently classify stories as misinformation”

That said, let’s now show what a pack of lying fools these mortals be.

Stop Being a Lolita

The once-infallible husband-and-wife team who founded the Snopes “fact-checking” website are calling each other liars and frauds in an eye-opening divorce spat, as reported by the Daily Mirror. This revelation comes from the horse’s mouth, and also from his whore’s arse.

Their trail of deception goes back to their project's very inception as an urban folklore society, a fictitious claim hatched to receive nonprofit funding. That lie was the first in a chain of deception to protect their hidden clients from media exposes.

Millions of naive souls chose to believe Barbara and David Mikkelson despite repeated warnings from more perceptive observers. Gullibility is a forgivable sin of mental sloth, up to a point, but anyone who still clings to Snopes as a valid authority needs to check in with a psychiatrist for deep therapy as a willing abuse victim.

After being duped the naive victim is left in the awkward position. As put by Vladimir Nabokov in his novel Lolita, “Don't cry, I'm sorry to have deceived you so much, but that's how life is.”

It’s hurtful to admit you’ve been a willing party to multiple statutory violations, but if it helps you feel any better, your fellow suckers include Facebook, Twitter and the Poynter Institute. Shying away from the risks of free expression, these self-appointed commissars of social media are now smeared by their total trust in a manure factory that has reeked of disinformation. Pull up your pants and zip up, boys and girls, and stop trying to pontificate to those of us who know better than true believers like yourselves.

Among the financial improprieties by David Mikkelson was his hiring of a dominatrix called Vice Vixen as administrator in charge of fact-checking for Snopes. The world’s been horrified by the Pizzagate pedophiles, and now we are bemused by a buxom lady in corset thrashing the buttocks of the Minister of Truth. No wonder a closeted pervert like hubby Mikkelson wrote off Pizzagate as “fake news”. Nasty things do not happen down in the basement, do they, Davy? Whatever did the Vixen make you do? The dog leash crawl, rope tricks, being probed with the blunt handle of a riding crop? How delicious to a sick mind like yours, Davy.

Mikkelson’s greater outrage was not his own secluded acts of gratification, but was his pleasure in debauching the millions of Lolitas who sincerely believed in his claim of factual honesty. Now, little darlings, go take a long hot shower and don't forget the mouthwash before going over his catalog of crimes against truth in media.

Venal Sins Punished

The 2015 divorce proceedings, as disclosed by the Daily Mail, contain these disclosures:
- Embezzlement. The divorce papers filed by ex-wife Barbara charges that David Mikkelson misappropriated $98,000 from over four years “which he expended upon himself and the prostitutes he hired”, including air tickets for $10,000 on a 24-day “'personal vacation” in India and for his then girlfriend/fiancee to fly to a last tango in Buenos Aires. (notice: prostitutes plural)
- Diversion of revenues into a personal Paypal account to avoid tax reporting
- Inflated expense accounts
- Relocation plan for the company, which partner-spouse Barbara called a “boondoggle”
- Demands for a retroactive salary hike from $240,000 to $360,000 per year
- Undisclosed salary for Kimberly LaCapria, aka Vice Vixen, a dominatrix hired as the chief fact-checker for
- Undisclosed salary for Elyssa Young, aka escort Erin O’Bryn and newlywed wife, for unstated services as a administrator.

Pizzagate Deniers

The hiring of prostitutes may seen like the antics of a middle-aged man trying to materialize his sexual fantasies before the onset of impotence. This hiring practice is linked, however, to the long business association with shady sponsors involved with pornography websites, online pimping and child-porn. It shouldn’t come as any surprise that rated the Pizzagate scandal with an X-FALSE.

In a rebuttal to the Pizzagate researchers at reddit, Snopes stated: “While rumors about pedophilia and child trafficking remain standard in urban folklore, roughly 90 percent of assaults on children in the U.S. are committed by a friend or family member, a number reiterated by the United States Department of Justice. Most abuse of the nature alleged is committed by family members, family friends, or other trusted adults, without the use of coded toys or pizzeria sex rings.”

In reference to national statistics, what Snopes omits is the term “reported”, for example, in “roughly 90 percent of (reported) assaults”. One word can make a world of difference. Internal-family abuse cases are usually reported by the close circle of kin, neighbors or friends in complaints filed with social workers or the local police, whereas pedophile rings maintain secrecy in the same manner as organized crime, which uses jargon to describe their various illegal activities. Family members have conflicting loyalties to the perpetrators and child victims, and concern for the child ultimately inspires others to turn to the law. In contrast, pimps for pedophiles are bound by obedience to their clients (or they wouldn’t stay in business for long). It is a secretive and risky business.

The secrecy of pedophile rings, along with their capability like other organized crime groups to bribe or blackmail the police and politicians, accounts for the low arrest rate. This failure of justice inspires a few crusading journalists, the alternative media and online discussion groups to take on the scandalous issue.

The key to maintain secrecy is, of course, the use of code words in phone conversations and emails. Now here’s the Snopes denial: “As we have noted in the past, fear of ‘pedophile code’ imagery is occasionally the basis for panic, but law enforcement officials believed that the symbols themselves are used among adults to signal preferences, not as labels for children, not as markers placing them in any danger.”

What claptrap. When ordering ahead for a boy or girl of a certain age, the pedophile will, of course, use a code word, instead of saying over a cell phone: “My order’s for a 3-year-old blonde.” No, of course not, he or she will say, “I’d like a cheese pizza delivered to Room 66, in the back of Motel 5 on the bypass.”

Besides its lack of any real-world grounding on this crime problem, Snopes failed to examine the John Podesta emails released by Wikileaks with their many code words with their obvious sexual connotations. Its debunking of Wikileaks was based on denials from Washington City Paper. Its editor, called in from France in April 2016, as during the primary campaigns, is Liz Garrigan, the ultra-liberal whose personal blog contains a 2013 entry titled: “Sens. Corker and Alexander: the NRA’s Bitches.” Hardly objective or balanced journalism. And what about her resentful Twitter comment against the incoming First Lady?

Liz Garrigan @lizgarrigan Aug 20
Does anyone else resent that @wpmagazine has @geneweingarten and @tomsietsema on the Melania side instead of the @billclinton side?

Garrigan’s prior position was with Paris-based Worldcrunch, which gathers tidbits of news from international press for the English-language readership. Worldcrunch blog is owned by Jeff Israely, former Europe bureau chief of Time, and Irene Toporkoff, head of Europe. is notorious for its toolbar that acts like malware in ‘bundling” users away from other search engines to their website. The site is owned by Garrett Gruener, a former Democrat candidate for California governor in 2008 who is since linked to several cyber-security companies.

Back to the anti-reddit snipe attacks, Snopes concluded: : “Although the Pizzagate controversy remains a high-interest conspiracy, we are unable to locate any substantive aspect of the claims that could be fact-checked or otherwise held up to the light to determine their veracity.” Note the use of pejorative terms like “conspiracy”, “substantive” and “veracity”.

In contrast to the fantasy spun by Snopes, there is a massive and growing trove of facts from the Wikileaks findings corroborated with real-world evidence posted on reddit and VOAT, more than enough to pack four major articles by this journalist. Snopes is a propaganda agency that doesn’t do its research. Snopes is X-FALSE.

Media Whores

The uncovering of prostitutes employed by raises a new question about whether its huge rambling house on Mulholland Drive in Calabasas, Agoura Hills, is an unlicensed bordello specializing in sadomasochism and a call-girl operation. A year after their wedding, David Mikkelson’s new wife Elyssa Young aka Eryn O’Bryn has not yet taken down her listings as a Las Vegas, Seattle and Los Angeles escort, and is still available for house calls and hotel visits. For those interested in dating a Snopes fact checker, her rates are $500 per hour up to $5,000 for 24 hours of punishment and pleasure.

Her details as listed at The Erotic Review for men or women willing to pay with credit card: service - escort and S&M; pussy - partially shaved; breast cup - DDD; rimming - VIP only; cum in mouth - VIP only.

Some of her many ads:
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- The latest Tweets from Erin O'Bryn (@ErinOBryn). I am a mature and experienced courtesan, idealist, activist & dreamer. at

Here are some happy-ending comments from 150 customers at The Erotic Review:

- from 1 + done:“She was a bit late for our meeting but certainly was worth the wait. I had requested a few outfits…nurse, crotchless nylons or pantyhose…tame items compared to what she brought along as I was to learn!! Upon arrival she had brought more toys and clothes for 12 hours than I had for 8 days!! As she unpacked in bedroom she showed me some of items: different vibrators, didoes, restraints, clothes etc. We then got comfortable and the fun began.”

- from boneboybob: “One fine Sundary morning recently, I awoke after a night of Las Vegas debauchery to read on the TER Vegas Board that the infamous Erin O'Bryn, after a bit of a hiatus, was feeling frisky and desired companionship. Having a bit of cash to burn in my pocket and also having always wanted to see this lady, I called, set up a date, grabbed drinks and treats for breakfast, and met her down in my hotel's lobby shortly thereafter. We started making out quite a bit in the elevator on the way up...”

- from headhead66: “So Erin is a busy woman with a lot going on in her life. I had originally scheduled in advance about 7 months ago but when I got to Vegas and called her the day before, she had to cancel due to some domestic problem. This time, I scheduled in advance but then a couple days beforehand she told me she had to fly out so we moved it to one day earlier. That day I called and confirmed the time, which was one hour away. She was an hour late but called to let me know. Finally there was a knock at my door and I was stunned to see how much better she looks in person. And she wasn't there 2 seconds before her hands were all over me. ”

Domestic problem? What’s the matter, Davy, feeling petered out?

Closer to the pleasure palace on Mulholland Drive, the ad site features “We are the largest free hookup site, create an account and you can be meeting hookers in Agoura in just minutes.” The Snope’s home-office is just up the road from the Kardashian cathouse. Take your pick but be prepared for brutal financial troubles on the morning after.

Mr. Malarkey, Gatekeeper of the Dark Web

My article posted at examined David Mikkelson’s depth background in “New York Corruption Involved in the Plot to Shoot Trump” at

“Mikkelson got his start as a programmer for Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC), a spooky computer company linked with the Office of Naval Research, the CIA and DARPA. After discharge from the Navy, Mikkelson cut his teeth on the emerging Internet as a deceiver spinning dubious stories and tracking users who might be interested in topics like Area 51. Back in those days, there are a lot intelligence types on the Internet.”

” gained the resources to become a significant and profitable website through a software distributor contract with Zango, which secretly uploading adware into visitors’ PCs. The site became notorious for its annoying pop-up ads, and only later, after investigation by Symantec and McAfee was it discovered that Zango was installing tracking software to monitor the websites visited by users. Zango, which provided lucrative income for distributor websites, including, was conducting espionage for its sponsors, the Israeli cyber-warfare command. Hotbar, one of two predecessor companies merged to form Zango, was based in Tel Aviv.”

Next, the link to the Franklin boy-prostitution rung and the Clintons:
“The investment funds behind Zango, based in Bellingham, WA and Tel Aviv, included:

- CE Unterberg Towbin: The investment arm of bankers Thomas Unterberg and Robert Towbin. Unterberg had earlier partnered with L.F. Rothschild (unrelated to the European dynasty) to form CE Unterberg. Robert Towbin is a former investment manager for Lehman and also for the Stephens Bank of Little Rock, Arkansas, which was involved in Bert Lance’s BCCI Bank based in Atlanta and Pakistan. Stephens also controlled Worthen Bank, which handled the finances for the Mena Airfield cocaine shipments under Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton. Stephens Bank was also fingered in the CIA theft the Inslaw PROMIS bank-transfer software, which enabled illegal seizures of transferred funds, as exposed by the late investigative reporter Sherman Skolnick and Danny Casolaro. CE Unterberg was sold to the Franklin Savings Bank, which was subsequently caught up in the child-sex scandal involving Senate pages”

”In November 2006, Zango conceded to FTC regulators who determined: ‘Federal Trade Commission charges that they (Zango) used unfair and deceptive methods to download adware and obstruct consumers from removing it, in violation of federal law.’ It was a victory for Symantec and McAffee, which discovered that Zango programs were disguised by a serial number similar to those of operating software in PCs. Kaspersky, meanwhile, simply blocked Zango, which unsuccessfully tried to sue the security software company.”

”Warner Brothers canceled its contract with Zango after concerns were raised that children viewing Warner Bros. content could be exposed to X-rated ads for pornography. Israelis are well-known to be a leading force in kiddie porn for pedophiles, gay BDSM and other sick forms of entertainment”.

“For more than one year after the FTC ban on Zango, continued to quietly distribute the undesirable software, apparently to collect private data from its visitors, as discovered by Alex Eckelberry of Sunbelt Software. It turned out that the core operations at Zango was purchased by Blinkx, a search engine for online video. Blinx new CEO is a Sri Lankan graduate of Cambridge Suranga Chandratillake, who was a manager at Morgan Stanley’s netdecisions and anondesign projects.”

PC Mag Australia says this about Blinkx version 3.0: “As with previous versions, you don't have to request a search explicitly. Communication between your local copy of blinkx and blinkx's search servers is encrypted. For local security, this version adds strong separation between content belonging to different user accounts—one user cannot see files indexed by blinkx for another user.” Sound dodgy enough for you?

My riff continued: “Take notice of the X at the end of blinkx, and it’s starting to look like a kiddie-porn delivery system for bankers. From MIT Technology Review: ‘ Blinkx does not merely search the text or tags associated with a particular video. Instead, Chandratillake’s technique employs speech recognition, neural networks, and machine learning to create transcripts of the world’s videos; then, the words spoken in the videos can be searched.’ Just say little boy’s penis or baby girl, and see what’s called up.” That is, called up from the Dark Web.

”Ben Edelmann’s Darker Side of Blinkx raises the obvious issues: ‘How exactly does Blinkx make money? How much comes from the legacy Zango and AdOn businesses that consumers and advertisers pointedly disfavor? Why are so many of Blinkx's metrics out of line with competitors? The investor statements raise many questions but offer few answers. I submit that Blinkx is carefully withholding this information because the company has much to hide.’”

”And the same questions apply to Another issue raised is about Mikkelson’s defense of Scytl, a Spain-based producer of online voting software and ‘election modernization’ systems now used in several U.S. states. The major investors in Scytl (pronounced sight-tel) are Balderton Capital, Nauta Capital, and Spinnaker SCR.”

Then I listed the principals in this suspect technology:

- Suranga Chandratillake, owner of Blinkx, is a senior partner in private equity Balderton Capital.

- The director of Nauta's American operations is Dominic Endicott, who went from Cluster Consulting to Booz Allen Hamilton where he oversaw the wireless practice.

- one of the Balderton Capital partners, William Evans, is on the board of directors of Rothschild Continuation Holdings AG in Switzerland, the holding company for the dynasty’s industrial investments.

My conclusion is simple: "" is, in short, an online hitman for the Deep State. If his prostitutes-researchers are covering up for Pizzagate, then that’s a pointer to his website operation's probable involvement in kiddie porn. This suspicion is not baseless due to Mikkelson's business ties with Zango and Blinkx. The Pizzagate crowd-search is not over yet, because Jimmy Comet aka James Alefantis is yet to be charged and convicted of his crimes, the pedophiles at Poynter Institute are yet to tracked down, and their cover-up agent Mikkelson has only recently being exposed as an S&M freak.

Oh, you naughty boy, David. Now for twenty lashes and the deep pegging that you’re been longing for, bend over and beg me: “Please, Mistress Eryn, do it gently”.

Strange Days In The Snopes-DHS-ICE
Underworld - PizzaGate 6

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive To Rense
  Fact Check - 'Lies, damned lies and statistics' is an aphorism widely believed to be coined by Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens). The novelist of American folk culture, however, attributed the expression to British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli, incorrectly it turns out, since the phrase does not appear in the PM’s speeches or letters. The earliest version in print is traced to Eliza Huchinson Gutch in her letter to the National Observer (London) published on 8 June 1891: "Sir, It has been wittily remarked that there are three kinds of falsehood: the first is a 'fib,' the second is a downright lie, and the third and most aggravated is statistics.”

Elegantly stated and still true. Eliza Gutch did not claim to invent the phrase but merely rephrased a colloquial witticism. The journal Notes & Queries produced by Mrs. Gutch had inspired the formation of the Folklore Society (FLS) in 1878 as a record of popular lexicography and antiquarianism with emphasis “on the factual rather than speculative.”

The history of that journal, which continues to be published, shows there is nothing new or innovative about substantiating the veracity or falsehood of stories, rumor and hearsay. If anything, Mrs. Gutch far surpassed today’s “fact-checkers”, who are anything but genteel or honest, but are instead hypocrites and liars on the payroll of unsavory sponsors and masters of statistical deceit, including the embezzler George Soros, abortionist malpractioner Bill Gates, an apocalyptic Pierre Omidyar and other scoundrels.

As of 2010 until the foreseeable future, modern fact-checking is contaminated by the sordid involvement of sadomasochist dominatrices at Snopes, which invented an utterly fake “urban folklore society” created for the sole purpose of embezzling non-for-profit funding. Yet another source of degradation are those purveyors of odoriferous cheese pizzas, an urban folkloric term for underage sex slaves pimped at Comet Pizza, a place frequented by Hillary Clinton’s closest advisers John and Tony Podesta and their Center for American Progress (CAP).

Here, in Part 5 of this series on Pizzagate, we follow the trail of Snopes dominatrices into the occult underworld of sex, drugs, rock ‘n’ roll, and serial murder in Babylon USA. Some of you may be horrified while others will thrill at the exploits of these whip-cracking courtesans. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So let us salvage the fine art of social observation with our own queries into the politicized campaign of disinformation, propaganda and denial aimed at suppressing the pedophile scandal known as Pizzagate.

The Demimonde of Fact Checkers

In contrast to Mrs. Gutch’s due diligence, is a shining model of “sex workers being the best fact-checkers.” Doing double duty as dominatrices specializing in role reversal with their male clients, these cleverest debunkers of urban folklore are vouchsafed by no less than Facebook, the Poynter Institute for Media Studies, the National Endowment for Democracy, the Gates Foundation, the Omidyar Network, and the Open Society Institute. An archive search of The New York Times and The Washington Post comes up with dozens of their articles citing as the unparalleled authority on “truth”, which in hindsight is doublespeak for the baldfaced lies that protect a devious and deviant Establishment.

The sick puppies of the mainstream press and politicized “philanthropy” seem to have an insatiable demand for punishment. In this “post-truth era”, the Marquis de Sade sets the standard for discussion of media ethics: “Conversation, like certain portions of the anatomy, always runs more smoothly when lubricated.” That parallel certainly applies to the “vibrating wand that drive the boys crazy,” as put by Snopes’ chief fact-checker and content manager Kim LaCapra, also known as the domme ViceVixen.

For this study of the backside of mainstream media, we travel to Mistress Kimberley’s wacky world at the Amityville house of horrors for whores, and along the way shall meet colorful characters, including a takeover artist known as Fast Eddy, an Indian guru from the Cialis cult, the false flagger of the Boston Marathon, the Craiglist Ripper and, of course, Monsieur J’aime les Enfantes. So boys and girls, roll up for the mystery tour that’s coming to take you away.

Lonely Heart’s Club Band

I reddit on a post the other day, oh boy, about a lucky man who made the grade, and though the news was rather bad, well I just had to laugh when I saw the paragraph.

“Comet Ping Pong Hires Crisis Management Firm filled with Obama Insiders to Whitewash Pizzagate. It appears Erick Sanchez was hired to run a PR campaign for Comet Ping Pong. ‘Stand with Comet Event’ Posted: Sunday December 4th, 4:30pm EST (about four hours after the Comet gunman was arrested).
Who is Sanchez? Erick Sanchez works at Frontier Public Affairs, which is part of Frontier Solutions LLC.”

The online biography indicates that Sanchez began his practice in the art of political persuasion in 2008 in league with Rep. Kendrick Meek of Florida to introduce “emerging social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to personal (Capitol) Hill offices.” Additionally, he was charged with “managing the social media presence for Speaker Pelosi’s ‘30 something working group.”

(The apostrophe is presumably misplaced since the technology did not exist in 1930. As a professional communicator, it behooves him to learn how to write on something other than a mobile phone. His abuse of language is nearly as atrocious as the violations of children at Comet Pizza. Since I’m not paid tuition to be his newswriting tutor, dat’s none of my bidness.)

What is relevant was his association with Congressman Meek, who in violation of House ethics rules was concurrently employed by the Wackenhut Corporation, a notorious private security firm since renamed G4S, which serves as a contractor for the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) under the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). The covert role of DHS-ICE in Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s project, along with whatever funding sources that provided private social media to select Congressmen, needs to be thoroughly investigated for privacy breeches and national security threats. No Russian conspiracy required here. Two years later, Sanchez served as a communications officer with the Democratic Party in Ohio, a key swing state.

Here’s part of the Sanchez message #StandWithComet Friday, December 9 through Sunday, December 11.

”Comet Ping Pong Pizza is a family-friendly neighborhood pizzeria that has come under attack in the age of fake news. On Sunday, December 4, the attack became literal when an unidentified man entered the establishment with an assault rifle. . . .
No doubt this awful event and the malicious mistruths spread beforehand have left the staff feeling unsafe and on edge. . . . Thank you for your support. . . . You are the light in the darkness. See you over slices.”

Family friendly? What parent in their right mind would leave their children in the care of James Alefantis? What else should one know about Sanchez? Here is one of his tweets:
Erick Sanchez Public Figure Washington D.C. Public Relationist. Best friend to Kenny Loggins, Sinbad, and Chef José Andrés. Well established turophile.

“Turo” is Greek for “cheese” and -phile is “lover”. In the Pizzagate code, a cheese lover is a pedophile lusting after subteen girls. Mr. Sanchez of Frontier Solutions calls himself “a well-established turophile.”

His mistaken term “mistruth” shows that Sanchez’s odd usage is flawed, possibly due to crappy ESL classes (English as Second Language). In addition, turophilia is not something that becomes “well established” as in the case of a business, other than pimping, nor is it normally associated with the likes of guitarist Loggins, comedian Sinbad or tapas chef Andres.

In code, however it all makes perfect sense: Kenny Loggins has just released a children’s book named after his 1984 hit single Footloose; Sinbad (David Adkins) is a buddy and protege of Bill Cosby; and chef José Andrés has a restaurant in McLean, VA. Little red flags everywhere, Moms and Dads. Pizza and mac ‘n’ cheese are off the kids’ menu permanently, and please never shout: “Say Cheese!”

Chef Jose Andres, meanwhile, is locked in a lawsuit with Donald Trump, after breaking a contract for a restaurant planned for the new Trump hotel in Washington D.C.. Andres is a vocal opponent of Trump’s immigration reform. Could this controversy be possibly connected with Sanchez, the Democratic Party, Frontier Solutions and the Immigration service? You be the judge and jury, but first read the Politico report “Trump lawyer argues chef Andres passionate politics blew up deal” (June 2016).

Here’s some sneaky-sounding boilerplate from Frontier Solutions:

Frontier Solutions works with businesses to discreetly conduct internal investigations into allegations or suspicions of misconduct, of potential legal or regulatory risk, and in support of potential or on-going litigation. We work collaboratively with our clients’ executive and legal teams to develop and execute an appropriate investigative strategy to resolve the allegation or issue. Our team is also well positioned to work with the relevant investigatory or prosecutorial agency, both domestically and internationally, to satisfactorily resolve matters when necessary.

In plain English, they’re a bunch of liars and cheaters out to protect criminals from overdue justice. Here’s some of their own crimes by category:

- Cartegena hookers for the President’s security escort

Like mezcal worms floating in a shooter, take it with a grain salt and a wedge of limon. Here’s a summary of profiles of Frontier Solutions execs at the reddit post.

“John R. Sandweg previously served as the Acting Director of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and as the Acting General Counsel of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.”
Next, this from reddit:
“Sandweg was a controversial appointment to ICE director who resigned abruptly in 2014 after holding the post for five months. The resignation appears to be connected to a Secret Service prostitution scandal. We know now that in April 2012 Secret Service agents took prostitutes to a hotel in Cartagena, Colombia, in advance of the Summit of Americas attended by President Obama.
“Thus John Sandweg and Matt Chandler, before moving on to Frontier Solutions, needed to whitewash this prostitution scandal and delay its revelation to the public until after the 2012 reelection of Obama. . . Mr. Sandweg is a recognized expert, frequently quoted in the New York Times, Associated Press, Los Angeles Times, NPR, and many other publications.”

In short, damage control over a whoring during a White House junket to the Latin cocaine capital. Jimmy Comet sure went to the right fixers to deal with his PR issue.

- Fast ‘n’ Furious: Federal Guns for the Mexican mob

Next in line at Frontier Solutions, “Yvonne Robinette retired from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Homeland Security Investigations in January 2012, with over 33 years of federal law enforcement experience with ICE and the U.S. Customs Service.”

Note: Her retirement coincided with the exposure of Operation Fast and Furious, a covert operation under which the Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) bureau of DHS ordered Arizona gun dealers to sell automatic weapons to buyers for the Mexican drug-trafficking mobs including the Sinaloa cartel, El Teo and La Familia between 2006 and 2011. The botched “gun-walking” sting operation was organized by then Attorney General Eric Holder. In contrast to direct delivery by gunrunning, gun-walking is over-the-counter sales to walk-in customers, who turn around and sell the weapons to criminals or terrorists. In the next section of her career bio, it’s clear she was a fox guarding the chicken coop.

“Ms. Robinette served as a Resident Agent in Charge within ICE’s Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) in San Antonio, Texas, overseeing investigations of alleged criminal and administrative misconduct by ICE and U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) employees. Prior to her OPR assignment, Ms. Robinette supervised the ICE Arms and Strategic Technology unit responsible for investigations of illegal export of U.S. munitions and sensitive technology.”

Among 2,000 weapons sold to the Mexican criminal gangs were Barrett .50 caliber sniper rifles, the weapon of choice for assassination. Also sold were Belgian FN Five-SeveN pistols,made with polymer casings that can evade lower-end detection systems. Only 750 guns have been recovered so far. The Fast ‘n’ Furious firearms were favored for mass killing in mafia vendettas and in shoot-outs with the Mexican police. The number of people killed in Mexican drug wars since 2006 is estimated at 100,000-plus. So how en infierno could any Mexicans support Hillary Clinton? Muy loco, cunado!

- Boston Marathon False Flag Attack

Another Frontier Solutions exec, “Matt Chandler previously served in a number of senior roles at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, including Deputy Chief of Staff and acting Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs. . . . Mr. Chandler managed the Department’s crisis communications efforts during major incidents and events such as the Boston Marathon bombing.”

The Boston Marathon incident was a shopping cart of DHS-CIA duplicity. Here we open not just a can of worms; it’s a dumpster crawling with reptiles: The DHS “anti-terrorism drill” with smoke bombs and amputee veterans feigning injuries with phony blood; CIA-invented pressure-cooker IEDs for use by radical Muslims in the Caucasus; the Tsarnaev nephews of CIA agent “Uncle Ruslan”, the estranged husband of Samantha Ankara Fuller, daughter of CIA clandestine ops chief Graham Fuller, an organizer of Operation Gladio in Turkey.

The commotion at the marathon and the subsequent nighttime shootout drew media coverage and public attention away from the simultaneous fire that destroyed an archive room at the John F. Kennedy Library in Boston, just prior to the 50th anniversary of JFK’s death, when top-secret documents were scheduled for declassified.

Sex Trafficking into America

ICE has been hit by lawsuits and independent investigation into sexual abuse of migrant and refugee women and children. Invoking the 2003 Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA), the Latino rights group MALDEF filed complaints against DHS and ICE for flagrant sexual violations of female detainees at the Karnes Center, 60 miles southeast of San Antonio. The Mexican-American legal defense fund “admonishes DHS for its failure to implement and oversee protocols effectively under PREA at Karnes, and questions DHS's ability to keep women and children safe.”

“Countless Border Patrol sources have reported similar allegations of ‘zipper problems,’ promotions by the so-called ‘peter principle,’ and the misuse of government credit cards against managers,” writes investigative journalist Andy Ramirez. “Apparently the punishment for many of these top dogs is promotion.”

Vice inside the immigration service had worsened with the immigration agency’s takeover by the new Department of Homeland Security under its first secretary Janet Napolitano. Sexual harassment became the norm under ICE chief of staff Suzanne Barr, longtime aide to Napolitano and Obama confidante, who had a penchant for offering oral sex to her employees. Under a barrage of internal complaints, Barr resigned in September 2012 and was followed out the door by many of her allies at ICE, who are now with Frontier Solutions, which is aiding the elitist pedophile operation at Comet Ping Pong Pizza.

Although stung by the 2012 shake-up at ICE, the “pajama boys” at the White House have managed to evade censure for their failure to track child-sex trafficking networks, which have expanded exponentially under Obama’s open-borders policy. Astoundingly, there was timelier and more accurate reporting on human trafficking under the George W. Bush administration than during the Obama-Clinton terms, as shown in the 2007 Health and Human Services Department report by Clawson, Dutch and others, along with Caliber Associates.

Before the Obama era, annual estimates of trafficking into the U.S. widely varied, ranging between 14,000 and 18,000 individuals, according to that HHS report. Prior to Hillary Clinton’s term as secretary, the State Department reported in 2005: “80 percent of internationally trafficked victims are female and 70 percent are trafficked into the sex industry.” Seven out of 10 illegal immigrants, most of them young and many underage, are destined to become sex workers. This is a national disgrace for American society.

Since the Arab Spring, the open-borders policy for migrants from the Muslim world, which is a major cultural force for pedophilia acceptance, has further “aggravated” statistics, though always weak have become completely untrustworthy. On his exit from the Oval Office, President Obama abolished the registry of male illegal migrants and refugees, which now sabotages both counter-terrorism and anti-pedophile efforts, and will probably encourage unsafe homosexual sex and consequent HIV infections.

Sexual predating on captive children is not simply a crime issue, but has become a major feature of lax law enforcement over government and civil society under the successive regimes of the Clintons, George W. Bush and Obama. Pedophilia is like tender milk-fed veal for a cannibalistic elite ruling over a herd of nuclear families,  milked to produce the “cheese” (sub-teen girls) and “pasta” (boys) for Comet Pizza and similar pimping rings. Lindsey Graham, can you stop salivating?

To achieve a higher ratio of cream, the herd must be contained inside a fenced pasture, and therefore Homeland Security is stealthily converting parts of the United States into a prison for its civilian population, as exposed by an ICE officer who shot himself in the head in downtown Manhattan. That bizarre event not only exposed the DHS program for mass captivity for American citizens but also revealed the sinister role of as a propaganda instrument of the covert ICE child-sex trafficking network.

Goodbye Cruel World

On Friday, 9 May 2016, Kim LaCapria of “debunked” news coverage of an ICE officer who shot himself in the head at the Pier 40 at Chelsea Park on the Hudson River in New York City. Her attempt to deny the existence of a suicide note on the officer’s body contained a string of outright lies.

The chief fact-checker for Snopes stated that the news report from was a hoax based on a fabricated SuperStation95. In fact, the initial report came over the blog of the non-profit NYC Park Advocates, which shows that the news was clearly not “a right-wing conspiracy theory” from Breitbart.

The bona fide radio station replied to Snopes:

1) No aspect of our story is a hoax. What seems to take issue with is the existence and content of a suicide note, which was revealed to us by the NYPD. The person from NYPD who gave us this information did so after trying to get two other New York media outlets, (one TV, the other a newspaper) to publish the story and was rebuked within minutes by media contacts who said "we won't touch this with a 10-foot pole." The fact that the NYPD now claims "no note was found" does not surprise us at all; NYPD has very close ties with the feds and the feds have an intense interest in concealing or discrediting the information it contained.

The suicide note by the 42-year-old deportation officer contained these points:

-  I cannot and will not be party to this fraud; to this usurpation of the law, or to the despicable politicians betraying our nation.

- If the American people knew what this government is planning, they would rise up and overthrow it.

- We in federal law enforcement have been drilling for several years to control riots and uprisings from a coming financial collapse and widespread bank failures. The drills involve life-sized images of American men, even women and children, whom we are told to shoot for "practice" and to "get used to it."

- Detention camps created under the FEMA REX-84 program in the 1980's to house illegal aliens whom we were going to deport, will instead be used to imprison American Citizens whom the government feels constitute a "threat."

- The government knows the military will rise-up to stop this, so our military is being deployed overseas, intentionally involved in foreign fights, and deliberately shrunk in size so they cannot be here or help Americans! This is why certain ammunition and weaponry has been removed from state-level National Guard Armories and over a billion rounds of hollow-point ammunition has been bought by the federal government (for Homeland Security).

- We in federal law enforcement have also been told that the government has a full database of all so-called "Preppers." Those people will be dealt with first, by armed federal agents coming to take their guns, then their food stocks, so food can be re-distributed as the government sees fit.

Why would an upright law-enforcement officer shoot himself? Perhaps because he was being blackmailed, similar to how many disgruntled cops with NYPD have been cornered into taking their own lives. The radio station’s rebuttal to Snopes continued:

2) According to the FCC Licensing Bureau, 95.1 FM in New York City is the HD-4 frequency for WNSH 94.7 FM as licensed by the FCC.

3) Our story was written by our news room staff, not anyone named Hal Turner.

5) claims Mr. Turner is a "white supremacist." In reality Mr. Turner worked for the FBI from 1993-2008, with his TOD (tour of duty) at the Joint Terrorism Task Force from 2003-2008. His job was to infiltrate white supremacist groups to thwart violent criminal acts. This information came out when the Obama administration betrayed Mr. Turner in 2009 and arrested him for writing in 2009, what the government PAID HIM $3,000 TO SAY on DATELINE NBC and FOX NEWS CHANNEL just four years earlier in 2005!

For to smear Mr. Turner as a "white supremacist" when federal court records show the exact opposite, is a prime example of the utterly shoddy research and reporting provided by

The outright falsehoods about this story, and others, have been written mostly by: Ms. Kim A Lacapria, Cockonoe Ave., Babylon, New York.

Cock or No? Babylon? What in Hades is going on?

Bewitched by ViceVixen

Ever since the Daily Mirror expose of the bondage, domination and sadomasochism (BDSM) practiced by Snopes’s fact-checkers, Miss LaCapria has been reinventing herself as an innocent fashionista, when all along she’d been into fetish gear such as garter belts, corsets and strategically cut-out leather britches.

Besides kinky attire, another intriguing pattern is the location of the staffers in major American centers of Satanism: Suffolk County, Long Island; Tacoma, Washington State; San Fernando Valley and San Diego, California (prime havens for the LaVey Church of Satan); and the Susquehanna River valley in Pennsylvania.

Since the Mirror revelations, David and Barbara Mikkelson sold their rambling home on Mulholland Drive for more than $1.5 million and went their separate ways. David and his new wife Elyssa Young aka dominatrix Eryn O’Bryn relocated to her house in Tacoma, even though she still flagellates like a flailing microorganism out of the Mikkelsons’ second home in Las Vegas.

Mistress ViceVixen, our lovely Kim LaCapria, resides in Babylon, which has a namesake station on the Long Island Railroad (LIRR), the commuter line to Penn Station in the Big Apple. Islip in Suffolk County is the center for rebirth of modern witchcraft in America, pioneered in 1964 by British-Romany (gypsy) emigre Ray Buckland. The Amityville “Satan” house, located in Babylon Village, was owned by Patricia Kennealy who married rock poet Jim Morrison in a nuptial consecrated by drinking each other’s blood. Strange days were always here in Babylon, at least since the 19th century when God-fearing villagers protested its diabolical name.

The fear of blood rites re-emerged in 2012 with the discovery of 17 murder victims buried in the sands of Gilgo Beach, an appendage of Babylon Village. The string of still-unsolved murders in 2010 and 2011 are attributed to the same killer(s). The victims were attracted by want ads for prostitutes in Craiglist, and the killer thereby came to be known as the Craigslist Ripper. The owner of that online ad service, Craig Newmark, is a major funder of the fact-checking arm of the Poynter Institute of Media Studies, which is the sponsor of the International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN).

The local police attributed the deaths to a lone serial killer, due to the fact that all the victims, most of them female prostitutes and one Asian transvestite, weighed less than 120 lbs. or light enough to be carried to the sandy dumping ground. All were strangled before being dismembered and wrapped in burlap.

A break came in 2015, when Suffolk County police chief James Burke violently assaulted a thief who stole a bag of dildos and restraints from his car. Chief Burke had adamantly refused to cooperate with the FBI when the bodies were discovered in 2012. He has since been sentenced to a three-year prison term but has remained tight-lipped about the Gilgo Beach killings.

The FBI has yet to raise the possibility that the dead may have been sacrificial victims of a Satanic cult, drugged and strangled on an unholy altar during a ritual sex rite. Mistress Kimberly’s presence in Babylon, Suffolk County, is one of several intersections of with Satanic blood sacrifices.

A post at reddit recalls her online comments, deleted in the White House crackdown on the web: Kim LaCapra described her blog as a lifestyle website “with a specific focus on naughtiness, sin, carnal pursuits, and general hedonism and bonne vivante-ery,” and regularly provided intimate advice and reviewed sex toys, including a vibrating wand that “drives boys mad.” “If you are doing something to your fella, and you apply this to the base of his cash-and-prizes while you carry on, he will scream and perhaps cry.”

Continuing on the theme of pegging (using a strap-on dildo to provide anal sex to a man), ViceVixen recommended one book with the review: “How to Tell A Naked Man What To Do” seems like the perfect how-to for the dominatrix-in-waiting, or any girl looking to get in touch with her domme side. Mine, I wish I could shut her up sometimes, but there you go.” In others posts, LaCapria claimed to be “addicted to smutty HP [Harry Potter] fanfic.”

So here she raises Hogwarts, the witchcraft academy for underage apprentices, as authored by J.K. Rowling, OBE (Order of the British Empire). The Brit novelist hails from Yate-Chipping Sodbury, home of the Cotswold Coven of Glouchestershire, a registered chapter of the Pagan Federation. “Smutty” HP is a clever dual reference to occult kiddie porn and horror novelist H.P. Lovecraft, one of the lunatic heroes for the unabashed Satanist Aleister Crowley.

Before moving from this juicy topic to Snopes’s criminal connections, mention must be given to other Satan-possessed femmes fatale. Another Craigslist Killer was arrested in Sudbury, Pennsylvania, in February 2014, by the name of Miranda Barbour. The slim 19-year-old Satanist confessed to blood-sacrificing male victims  who are innumerable because “when I hit 22, I stopped counting.” Comparative methodology from these cases shows that Satan’s men kill young women and His Unholiness’s women murder boys and men.

How this relates to is that the Bride of Mikkelson is originally from Columbia, PA, just downstream from Sudbury on the Susquehanna River. This woman of many names, porn star and dominatrix escort Eryn O’Bryn/Elyssa Young is known also as Elyssa Ross in her hometown. This southeast corner of the State of Brotherly Love is famed for “Satanville” with its Devil’s Road and Cult House. At her home away in Washington State, Mistress Eryn and hubby David should receive a warm welcome from the teenagers with the after-school Tacoma Satan Club.

Next, why’s a nice little witch like Kimberly LaCapra getting mixed up with criminal purveyors of bestiality porn, banned “Canadian meds” made in India, and Israeli espionage rings? To get first-hand answers, we’re ready to volunteer to apply sufficient strokes of a magic wand to her erogenous zones until she confesses all, in sheer agony and ecstasy.
Israeli-Hindu Online Crime

It’s so delicious that Mistress Kimberly ViceVixen attended the 3rd Conference of the International Fact-Checking Network in Argentina, with the costs of her air ticket, hotel, meals, booze and drugs paid with nearly $10,000 embezzled from “non-profit” Let’s hope the wealthy sponsors and journalism professors enjoyed her version of Last Tango in Buenos Aires with a dab of butter al De Sade.

Both Kim LaCapra and her underling Dan Evon have two bylines, one with and the other as East Coast correspondents for SocialNewsDaily, a news website published in Chicago and owned by Splashpress Media, which claims to be owned by retired British art deal Mark W. Saunders (whose photo is of Marlon Brando as The Godfather) and David Jones. The top post was recently reassigned to Paul Scrivens, a partner with Friday Media Group, U.K. Equally sudden was the promotion of Dan Evon as editor in chief of SND in Chicago.

Warning Label: Easy Counter analytics rates child security at SocialNewsDaily as “Unsatisfactory”.

If the multi-layer facades of its evasive executives seem dodgy, well, then look at the registry of SocialMediaDaily domain, which is owned by WhoisGuard. Its office address is P.O. Box 08123-03411, Republic of Panama, and the registrant is Juan Carlos Mata, a partner in the Mata and Pitti offshore legal services firm. The search though the false fronts of WhoisGuard eventually leads to eNom, located at Lake Washington Boulevard in Kirkland, Washington State.

Kirkland, on the Bellevue crescent of Seattle, was where David Mikkelson got the early income for in the late 1990s with funding from local software developer Zango, which secretly installed a tracking system into user’s computers. That illegal practice was successfully challenged in court by McAfee and Kasperky security. Despite the fines against Zango, Mikkelson continued to spread the spy software to visitors over the following two years. Zango’s software deveopment, as we discovered, was linked to Tel Aviv tech companies that emerged from the Israeli Defense Force cyber-warfare command.

Kirkland-based eNom controls an estimated 15 million domain names worldwide, a staggering number for a flimflam company. This allocation could be possible only with an inside track at ICANN, the registrar dominated by the U.S. National Science Foundation.

The eNom servers in Asia, Europe and the USA are identified as, indicating a contract with Akamai, which is affiliated with the NSA, according to Cryptome. The Akamai server farm in Cambridge, Massachusetts, also hosts

No wonder President Barack Obama hurriedly transferred the ICANN registry to the United Nations, where the Western intelligence agencies can continue to control child porn and drug sales on the Internet, free of any danger of detection by Team Trump. Should we be surprised to see a CIA front linked with contraband? Since the Air America heroin years and Mena Airfield cocaine trade in Clinton’s Arkansas, the CIA has been associated with drug trafficking, child sex and money laundering, and add to that treason. So what else is new?

The latest CEO of eNom is a multimillionaire India-born Canadian citizen Taryn Naidu, who has since launched a publicly listed company called Rightside to manage the millions of domain names, adding yet another layer of legal evasion plus legal protection with corporate status. Which leads to eNom-Rightside’s substantial income from online sales of “Canadian meds” through the 15,000-20,000 websites that advertise these counterfeit drugs. Many of these are eXXXtreme porn sites featuring child sex, violent rape and bestiality.

Top sellers include fake Viagra and Cialis (pronounced CIA-lust). The supply of counterfeit drugs are sourced overseas from Israel and Latin America, although most of the supply comes from generic pharmaceutical companies in India. The Indian-Canadian CEO of eNom/Rightside, Naidu earlier ran websites in the Caribbean region in Turks and Caicos, which is a major transshipment point for cocaine flows between Colombia and Florida. Are we starting to understand why the Clintons and Obama want most-favored nation trade status for India and Colombia?

What does this lucrative business have to do with Satanism? Because the unsafe pharms from “Canada” aka India-Israel-Colombia are often taken in tandem with methamphetamine and ketamine. That combo of sex enhancers and psycho drugs trigger uncontrollable violent urges during sexual activity, resulting in strangulation, beheading and dismemberment. The Devil couldn’t be any happier.

Other agencies of the U.S. government are not playing long with the spy games. The U.S. Treasury Department has put eNom on its blacklist for abetting international cyber-crimes of sheltering money launderers, drug dealers and prostitution rings. In March 2013, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) launched a cyber-crimes investigation unit to shut down websites fronting for the counterfeit-drug industry. Just by coincidence in that very same time-frame as the regulators’ crackdown, started to experience the financial shortfalls that led to the Mikkelson divorce.

Quick Money for Fast Eddy

According to the Whois record of, public access to Snopes ownership data is restricted due to privacy matters. Take note here, you naive professors with Poynter Institute, that these fact-checkers have all along been hiding facts about their own shady dealings.

Immediately after the Mirror expose of the Mikkelson whore corps, 50 percent of shares in were transferred to Proper Media, a graphics company located on Mission Boulevard in Pacific Beach, San Diego.

Who are these new players? The website is a rush job, short on any details, other than its origins at TV Tropes, a wiki free-for-all launched by its Rice Lake, Wisconsin, founder “Fast Eddie”. The other two co-owners identify themselves as “Drewski-IMG” and “itcdr” or Chris. The acronym IMG is lame, standing for “In My Game.” ITC means “in this channel”, while DR stands for “disrespect” or more aptly a “dick rider”, the equivalent of a wuss or the four-letter “c-word” describing a vagina. The pair must be the Starsky and Hutch of fact-checking, sort of like undercover detectives posing as criminals, or maybe the other way around, a couple of DRs.

In an interview with io9 Gizmodo, Fast Eddie confessed that he had once lived at the MIT Russian House. Here we have the scoop of the century, the Russkie behind all the fake news! Too bad the crew at Proper Media are all Hillary supporters.

We hate to be party poopers spouting spoilers and doxing, but it’s come to our attention that Fast Eddie may have revealed his actual name by calling one of his sock puppets Gus Raley. The cheapskate dictator of TV Tropes was also known as the Fuhrer until “Gus's love of money prevailed over his love of power, and in late 2014 he pawned TV Tropes off on somebody named Drew Schoentrup.” (None of the iPhone-Android gen can write Ingles with any native ability. It’s “palmed off”, to dispose of by deception, comprendez?)

Drew’s an attorney admitted to the California Bar and graduate of Seattle U law school. The co-owner is CEO Chris Richmond, a college drop-out. They run a television show download operation called ShareTV based in Nevada. Hardly the sort to take over a dreary fact-checking site like Snopes, unless a higher authority in the California State Democratic Party machine or some intel spooks put them up to it. Otherwise, they’re just a couple of hustlers stoned on Google dreams from medical marijuana and in desperate need of reaming by a dominatrix.

Short on detail about its business relationships, the little abused boys at Proper Media have produced garish graphics that closely resemble the visual trash at SocialNewsDaily. Among the “massive number” of web-based properties that Proper Media claims to own is the RAW Story news site founded by John Byrne, a former journalist with the Boston Globe and once student editor of the Oberlin Review and The Grape.

From Wikipedia: The Raw Story's original reporting has been referenced by MSNBC's Ed Schultz and Lawrence O'Donnell, The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, Real Time with Bill Maher, and Countdown with Keith Olbermann. There’s a list of Hillary cheerleaders. Under editor in chief Roxanne Cooper, Raw is a sick joke of liberal bias, although its recent photo of a woman devouring a overstuffed cheeseburger with gusto appears to be a tribute to Hillary Clinton at the moment she was introduced to young Cathy O’Brien.

Replacing the hooker Eryn O’Bryne (a take on legendary courtesan Cathy O’Brien?) aka Mrs. Mikkelson II at the helm of is new managing editor Brooke Binkowski. She’s a former reporter for California Public Radio and NPR, who has focused on Latin American immigration to the USA. She famously said: “The ‘fake news’ was from people who hated Hillary.” A question for Brooke: What about the outright lies out of the mouth of Hillary Clinton, from Whitewater and Vince Foster to Benghazi?

Before we’re done with SocialNewsDaily-Proper Media/Snopes’ chief fact-checker Kim LaCapria, it should be noted that she used to work for Inquistr, owned by the Israeli Daniel Treisman, who gets his ad income from Komoona, a Tel Aviv-based firm with business ties to Fox News, The Atlantic and a New York fashion magazine called Jewcy. Don’t laugh all at once.

As per juicy news, Ms. Binkowski has to look no further than her associate Kim LaCapria to learn how to whip the new-look Snopes staff into shape. As for the inquisitors at the Poynter Institute, we suspect those miserable coprophilacs (in the words of the Vatican) of fake news can’t wait for an ATM taste of Mistress ViceVixen’s vibrating wand. A Sly way of putting it is: different strokes for different folks.

Pedophile Savile Haunts The
New York Times - PizzaGate 7

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive to Rense
  Maleficence rules over The New York Times now disgraced by its frantic denial of the Pizzagate expose of pedophilia among elite circles. Without citing a shred of credible evidence, the self-appointed “journal of record” accused online discussion groups at reddit, 4chan and VOAT of concocting “fake news.”  This big lie from the mainstream media prompted a gross unconstitutional assault against First Amendment guarantees of press freedom and public speech with Congress voting in favor of censorship in riders to the 2017 defense and intelligence appropriations bills. A press that demands to be censored deserves to be put out of its misery, and so The New York Times should be boycotted by ethical readers.

Here in Part 7 of the Pizzagate series, we trace the media cover-up of Pizzagate pedophilia back to the 2012 decision by publisher Arthur Sulzberger Jr. to install former BBC director-general Mark Thompson as CEO of The New York Times. The British import was previously involved in two criminal cover-ups in the UK: of the suspicious circumstances behind the death of Iraq-invasion whistle-blower Dr. David Kelly and insider protection of BBC’s in-house pedophile ring leader Jimmy Saville.

Objections raised by senior NY Times editors against Thompson’s association with pedophiles are considered here. Also examined is his relationship with Marcus Agius, an in-law of the Rothschild clan on the BCC executive board and banker who had a leading role in the Libor rate-fixing fraud in London. Their association provides insight into the Hellfire tradition of prostitution and the secret cooperation between the Jesuit order and the Illuminati secret society. This dangerous liaison points to how Madeleine McCann could have been abducted during a visit by the Podesta brothers to Portugal, followed by a covert meeting at Oxford University.

 The Savoir Faire of Jimmy Saville

 The hiring of Mark Thompson, the protector of Jimmy Savile at BBC, raised alarms among veteran editors at The New York Times who crusaded against pedophiles in their past investigative journalism. Employed at the BBC since 1981 and its director general from 2004 to 2014, Thompson tolerated Savile’s flagrant violation of an estimated 1,000 underage girls. Thompson fled London to escape an official inquiry into elite pedophilia and found sanctuary in New York. By sheltering a suspect witness, Arthur Sulzberger Jr. made himself party to a desperate attempt by former European Commission head Chris Patten to close the books on the Savile affair before justice can be rendered.

 The internal debate at The New York Times was reported in mid-November 2012 by Jeff Bercovici, a contributor to Fortune magazine.

“Incoming New York Times Co. CEO Mark Thompson has repeatedly insisted he didn't know the details of a massive child-abuse scandal brewing at his previous employer, the BBC, until it was too late, and no one has produced a smoking gun to prove otherwise. At most companies, that would be good enough. Not at the Times, which harbors an institutional belief that it must be the purest of the pure if its denunciations of corruption and cover-ups at other powerful institutions are to have any weight.

“As Thompson starts his new job this week, two questions hang over his head: Can he convince the rank-and-file that the account he's given is the whole truth and that he did all that could reasonably have been expected of him under the circumstances? And does it matter -- or is the Times locked into sticking with him, come what may?

“Sulzberger's backing of Thompson has so far been unequivocal. In an earnings call held Oct. 25, he said Thompson had provided a ‘detailed account’ of how and when he learned of the child molestation allegations against the late BBC host Jimmy Savile, and that Sulzberger remained convinced that Thompson ‘abides by high ethical standards.’ While there are discrepancies between what Thompson says he knew and what others say they told him, and while some find it simply impossible to believe he didn't know more than he says he knew, given how widespread the rumors about Savile were in the U.K., he is said to have vowed to Sulzberger and the rest of the Times Co. board that there are no more shoes left to drop.”

By hiring a bald-faced liar rather than a journalist of integrity, Sulzberger risked his own reputation against strong objections from veteran editors who understood the ethical liability of having a new boss who’s in league with elite pedophile networks. It is simply impossible for Thompson not to have learned from his own producers and from daily newspapers reports on the Elm Street underage-bordello ring and the world’s biggest open secret about statutory rape, the drug-addled BBC showman Savile. Immediately prior to his departure from London, Thompson knowingly suppressed the broadcast of a BBC Newsnight investigation into Savile’s pedophile outrages. Thompson is at least an accessory to the pedophiles, and possibly himself in need of investigation for sex crimes.

Berkovici went on to disclose: “Already, former executive editor Bill Keller has publicly likened the BBC scandal to the crimes of Penn State's Jerry Sandusky, and op-ed columnist Joe Nocera asked outright whether Thompson is ‘the right man for the job.’ Two other insiders watching closely are editorial page editor Andy Rosenthal and op-ed columnist Nicholas Kristof. Rosenthal has been a highly vocal critic of the Penn State administration for its silent complicity in Sandusky's abuse, and Kristof has made sexual abuse a main theme of his column.”

 Bravo to editors Bill Keller and Andrew Rosenthal for doing the right thing by submitting their resignations in protest of crimes against children.

 Other editors were not up to the same ethical standards and remained with the Thompson machine. Nicholas Kristof, a consistent opportunist since his reporting days in Japan and China, again showed his self-centered tendencies by repeating Buzzfeed claims about “fake news” from Veles, Macedonia, which in reality was organized by a Soros-CIA disinformation project. (Buzzfeed is owned by Jonah Perriti, co-founder of the notoriously biased Huffington Post, with funding from British-born investor Ben Horowitz.) The very fact that Kristof remains loyal to Sulzberger and Tompson raises hard questions about his underlying interest in human-trafficking networks. Woody Allen has a kindred spirit at the NY Times.

The New York Times’ knee-jerk reaction against Pizzagate is in outright defense of pedophilia or why else would Thompson be so concerned about a pizza parlor located 230 miles outside his bailiwick? Tech reporter Cecilia Kang was unleashed as his pit bull against the reddit community. Formerly with The Washington Post and San Jose Mercury News, her defense of Comet Pizza owner quickly became as irrational as it was non-factual. A point-by-point analysis of Kang’s shabby arguments is posted at One paragraph from it suffices to dispense with Kang as a believable reporter:

 “Though the tone of (a Washington City News) article is skeptical, it at least mentions Jeffrey Epstein, Correct the Record, and the potential use of ‘pizza’ as a codeword for child sex in the Podesta emails. The NYT article mentions none of these things, and their absence further warps the narrative to make pizzagate investigators look insane.”

 The NYT’s self-congratulatory motto “All the news that’s fit to print” needs to be amended by replacing the “f’ with “sh” as the daily diet for subscribing coprophiliacs. Consume at your own risk.

 Eyes Wide Shut

 To the relief of insiders at the City of London (the Wall Street of Britain), the Atlantic Ocean put distance between an implicated Thompson and Michael Lyons, chairman of the BBC Trust, and Marcus Agius, the only-ever non-executive member of the BBC’s governing board. With shameless chutzpah, the Jewish Lyons charged that the BBC was “a victim of hysteria” over the Savile scandal. Savile’s co-conspirators have yet to be indicted by a British court in the homeland of “Rule of Law”. The foul mess left by Thompson, Lyons and Agius has forced the UK Government to order a fundamental restructuring of the BBC governance structure as of April 2017.

Desperate Wives of Anglo Jewry

Corporate wives is not the title of a new reality show but are a necessity for promotion to top-dog corporate positions, especially when a spouse happens to be a Jewish eminence. Thompson’s mate is Jane Blumberg, a literary critic in her own right. She is daughter of the late Dr. Baruch “Barry” Samuel Blumberg, a 1974 Nobel laureate of biology for developing a hepatisis B vaccine, chief of astrobiology (research on life in space) at NASA, and board member of the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI). Impressive, indeed, disclosing his talent and genius, which was inherited by his distinguished daughter.

Starting in the late 1980s, Dr. Blumberg was appointed headmaster of Balliol College at his alma mater Oxford University. At that time, his daughter Jane was a graduate student there and acclaimed as a post-structuralist literary critic (with an influence wide enough for this writer, then at the journalism school at UC Berkeley, to avidly read her essays). Her marital bond with Thompson became an issue during his controversial meeting with Ariel Sharon in Israeli, where he pledged to end BBC support for Palestinian charities.

The other corporate wife in question is Baroness Katherine Juliet de Rothschild, the spouse of Marcus Agius, the sole non-executive member of the BBC governing committee. The former head of Lazard Bank and Barclays Bank, Agius is also on the board of PA management consulting, which arranges weapons deals for arms-industry heavyweights like Vickers. Since 2015, PA has been controlled by major shareholder Carlyle Group. A fellow board member is Ester Dyson, the daughter of Freeman Dyson, a guru on the military-science research group known as JASON. An Internet gadfly, her membership on a Pentagon science advisory board has been scrubbed from the Internet record.

Agius served as chief of the British Bankers Association (BBA) during the Libor rate-fixing scandal, which erupted in early 2012. Libor is the acronym for London inter-bank offered rate, by which banks make overnight loans among themselves to cover their positions (to avoid regulatory violations on minimal capital requirements). Since the Libor transaction is used to calculate value in the derivatives market, fraudulent rate-setting was a reliable means to manipulate derivatives trading. One of the more prominent Libor violators was Jamie Dimond, head of JPMorgan-Citigroup bank, a crony of President Barack Obama and former White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel who arranged a $16 billion bailout for JPM during the 2008 Wall Street crisis.

At BBC, Thompson worked in close coordination with Agius. That came easily because both executives are Jesuit-trained Catholics married into prominent Jewish families. Why are such insider relationships not disclosed to citizens on both sides of the Atlantic? One reason lies in those multi-generational vices of national treason and unspeakable traditions of pedophilia and occultism organized by the secret society known as the Illuminati in league with powerful lay Jesuits.

As a powerful Advisory Council member of The City of London, Agius makes an excellent case study on the reputedly “nonexistent” Illuminati order, which has dominion over the autonomous financial district. Agius is the chairman of the trustees of Exbury Estate, famed for its lush gardens, founded in 1919 by his wife’s grandfather Lionel Nathan de Rothschild, who served as head of the N.M. Rothschild Bank in 1970s.

Located in Hampshire, the garden is close to the Southhampton terminal of the ferry to East Cowles on the Isle of Wight, a resort that relishes its reputation for witchcraft and the occult, with local heroes like the Bell Witch. The locally based Satanic Pig label, for instance, proudly promotes bootleg recordings of heroine addict Amy Winehouse and the Satanic Jim Morrison and the Doors at Isle of Wight Festivals. The strange islet, overpopulated with sex offenders, is a reputed hotbed of gay and lesbian pedophilia. After a weekend of rapine debauchery and tossing the leftovers into the English Channel, one only has to take the ferry back to smell the flowers at Exbury.

 Courtesans of the Hellfire Clubs

 There is an odd disparity between Wikipedia citations on Agius’s religious affiliation over the past decade. Earlier posts state that he was “born in a Jewish family”, but his present-day biography lists him solely as a Catholic. To receive a million-dollar inheritance from the Rothschild family trust, however, a family member must be married to a Jew. Since he tends the Rothschild gardens, Agius given this family rule must indeed be of Jewish lineage, however slender that bloodline may be.

A profile of Marcus Agius penned by Judi Bevan with The Spectator discloses:

“His Maltese grandparents arrived in London in the 19th century; he is one of 303 descendants of his great-grandfather Edward Tancred Agius. His father was a colonel in the first world war who later became trade commissioner for Malta; his mother had been a model in the 1920s and was half German and half Irish, ‘with all that that implies’, he says fondly.”

The Maltese surname Agius translates as “saint”, and Tancred is derived from the Norman-Sicilian knight who became the king of Antioch during the First Crusade. His paternal clan is Catholic and likely linked to the papal guardians known as the Knights of Malta.

 “Tancred” is also the title of a novel by writer and prime minister Benjamin Disraeli. A New York Times review of his biography by Adam Kirsch states that Disraeli “celebrated occult Jewish power, always exercised behind the scenes, and always determinative.” So here is evidence of the Illuminati influence in Victorian Britain, which continued long after the secret society supposedly went extinct.

 Marcus Agius’s occult Judiac bloodline goes back several generations along his maternal lineage to the Pre-Raphaelite art movement, which pioneered the theme of “woman as witch” and the “witch’s heart” symbol, a genre which continues to this day in the demonic artworks at Comet Pizza, the Tony Podesta collection and the Ghost Ship, now a burnt-out hulk in Oakland.

The Jewish line began with the wife of Pre-Raphaelite painter Ford Maddox Brown, Catherine, who was born in November 1850 out of wedlock. Catherine first appears in a Brown painting titled “Baa Lambs,” as the infant held up by her stepmother Emma Hill. Brown painted numerous portraits of her as a child before marrying her off to Francis Huebbler. Her illegitimacy is inexplicable unless the biological mother was a courtesan and part-time artist’s model, which is implied by a portrait of Catherine as an adult, showing her to have inherited the vivid red hair and sharp features of an Ashkenazi Jew, descended from the Turkic Khazar tribe. After mass conversion to Judaism, the Khazars continued to practice sorcery, child sacrifice and underage ritual sex, savage rites that were merged with the Kabbalist teachings and libertine orgies of the Sabbatean movement in the Ottoman Empire. What Catherine's mother was subjected at the Hellfire Club's to is not on the public record.

Since at least the reign of King George III, the Hellfire Clubs established by the Illuminati were frequented by select members of the British elite. Sexual licentiousness was promoted by Frankist cult leader Jacob Frank, a Polish Jew who adopted the perverse teachings of guru Sabbatai Zevi, founder of the Sabbateans. After subverting the Polish nobility through intermarriage with sexually trained young Jewish girls, the Frankists and the Sabbatean “Asian Brotherhood” were incorporated into the Illuminati cult established by Adam Weishaupt. Upon relocating to Frankfurt, Germany, Weishaupt converted Meyer Amschel Rothschild, whose secret agents created the Hellfire Clubs and exported these dens of sodomy via his five sons (the “five arrows” aimed at the heart and organs of Christian Europe). For Britain, this perverse task was carried on by Nathan Meyer Rothschild.

Little Men of False-Flag Attacks

Catherine Brown married the German emigre writer Francis Hueffer, bearing two sons, Ford Hermann Hueffer aka Ford Maddox Ford and the younger Oliver Maddox Hueffer, both writers, and a daughter named Juliet who married a Russian anarchist revolutionary journalist named David Soskice. The mixed-blood family inspired Joseph Conrad’s novel “Secret Agent” (1907) about a patsy tricked into a false-flag bombing of the Greenwich Observatory. Nearly a century afterward, “Secret Agent” was among the most-read books following the 911 attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon. As it turned out, the Hueffler family harbored another Jewish spy, Oliver Maddox Hueffler, who was executed in Mexico on charges of espionage.

 While Conrad claimed that he discussed the plot for the planned novel only briefly with Ford Maddox Ford, much of the character development in it is derived from their previous collaboration on “The Inheritors”, particularly the characterization of a Jewish journalist as “the little man” or mensch in Yiddish. By ironic coincidence, during the controversial hiring of the new CEO described Mark Thompson, Arthur Sulzberger described his new hire as “a mensch”, that, writer, spy, little man and teller of lies.

 Clem Freud, friend of the Podestas

 Another prominent Jewish family in Mark Thompson’s orbit are the Freuds, including Emma Freud who hosted a talk show on BBC2 and her father Clement, a celebrity chef and pedophile in partnership with Jimmy Savile. Thompson is close with Clement’s son Matthew, CEO of Freud Communications (aka Freuds), the most influential publicity firm in the UK. Thompson and Matt Freud were particularly associated with the Murdochs during The News of the World eavesdropping on Buckingham Palace aimed at the Royals.

 As detailed in Part 1 of this Pizzagate series, the Podesta brothers John and Tony allegedly stayed at Clement Freud’s villa in Praia da Luz (“Shore of Light”, an Illuminati reference to Lucifer) at the time of Madeleine McCann’s disappearance. Following their flight from Portugal, the Podestas flew to Britain for an unspecified meeting at Oxford University. Jane Blumberg Thompson was a professor of English literature there. The likely gathering point was the Jesuit-run Mansfield College of Oxford University, a quiet place to meet his fellow Jesuit laymen, the “two marks”, Thompson and Agius, who are the Rosencrantz and Guildenstern of the doomed Rothschild dynasty.

 The Agius clan and the Maltese Podestas, the latter led by the late Commodore Arthur Podesta of Valleta, belong within the inner circle of the original Order of St. John aka the Knights of Malta (as opposed to the ceremonial VIP front group based at the Vatican). The Society of Jesus (SJ, or Jesuits) and the Illuminati are the oddest of odd couples, because the Jesuits were the cutting-edge of persecution against the hidden Jews during the Inquisition. From 1773 to 1814, however, the Society of Jesus was banned by Pope Clement XIV for political intrigue and amassing of wealth. During that period of excommunication, a Jesuit novice named Adam Weishaupt founded the Illuminati order, which would be centered in Frankfurt, Germany.

 Soon thereafter, the Rothschilds were recruited as princes of the Illuminati in exchange for funds to revive the Society of Jesus. Since this unholy union, the families of leading Jesuit laymen and the Jewish-predominant Illuminati have intermarried. Though not part of the Rothschild circle, the Podesta brothers were Jesuit-educated and lobbyist Tony was married to Heather Miller, meaning they were approachable cousins for the Anglo-Jewish elite.

 Why does any of this matter to one who is not in the service of anti-Semitism, Judaism or Satanism? Because the Rothschilds, suddenly vulnerable due to the Libor revelations and Brexit nationalism, are transferring their assets to the United States. It is well known that Arthur Sulzberger has been desperately seeking a capital injection for the money-losing New York Times, and hiring Thompson was a means to woo the Rothschild fortune. That investment is disguised as mutual funds to avoid a paper trail that might prove an inordinate and illegal foreign influence over the American news media.

 This relocation of Rothschild interests represents a recurrent threat to American sovereignty from Anglo-Jewish power, which provoked the War of 1812, the Bank War or subversive attempt by Nicholas Biddle of the Second Bank of the United States to block the populist Jacksonian Revolution, the Civil War, and the U.S. entry into two world wars under Woodrow Wilson and FDR. The Hillary Clinton campaign was the most sustained Illuminati-backed drive to capture the White House since Hans Morgenthau and Francis Biddle rode the coattails of Franklin Delano Roosevelt into the White House.

 The Demise of Doctor Frankenstein

 “Frankenstein, or the Modern Prometheus” by Mary Godwin Wollstonecraft Shelley is a tale that continues to fascinate readers and movie-goers. The authoress was the daughter of the leading Reform-minded philosopher of his era and wife of the greatest poet of the Romantic generation. Literary critics over the decades have regarded her novel as a merger of the ideals of these two men.

In her much-anticipated biography of Mary Shelley (University of Iowa Press, 1993), Jane Blumberg showed that, to the contrary, the tale of Dr. Frankenstein and his creation was a critique of both the anarchist socialism of philosopher William Godwin and the neo-Platonist quest for hedonistic artistic freedom of her husband Percy Bysshe Shelley. In previews published by literary journals, Blumberg’s analysis resonated with the collapse of the Berlin Wall and the fall of Soviet communism in the late 1980s, which struck a devastating blow to Marxism and its offshoot schools, including the libertine Frankfurt School of Critical Studies, many of whose followers advocated sex with children, from Rudy the Red to Green Party leaders.

 Today, this critical outlook once again informs the educated observer about the current crisis of the British “New Labour” movement, the fracturing of the European Union consensus, and the fall of the left-leaning Obama-Clinton regime. It also represents a fundamental challenge to the liberal Anglo-Jewish interests of the Rothschilds, the Soroses, Oppenheimers and Goldsmiths, who had eagerly or reluctantly supported over many decades radical liberalism, democratic socialism, liberation theology, the post-industrial New Left, the Greens, self-realization psychology, avant-garde arts movements, and trans-humanism, along with notions of extreme personal freedom than condone adult sex with children. Modern pedophilia is completely unnatural, being ideologically rooted in anti-family theories of social communalism and unrestrained individual expression, in the footsteps of Lucifer, the postmodern Prometheus who delivers man from slavery to morality.

Like a trembling creature, with an immense ability to harm yet paralyzed by fear, the sponsored NGOs and PACS of libertine liberalism are facing the precipice of a world without ideology, increasingly challenged by the populist crowd that is hunting down the noble but abominable creation, the Frankenstein’s monster pieced together out of the diabolical ambition for control over humanity.

The infantile wailing and cursing after Hillary Clinton’s defeat signals not only a political shock but a deeper psychological crisis verging into madness. Now that the much-hated demonic idol is a twitching corpse, the faithful peasants will return with their pitchforks to their villages and life will go on, with little diversion except for an occasional witch torching. Meanwhile the brightest and best have nowhere to go and face the prospect of being left absolutely alone in darkness without Luciferian light.

The New York Times, the beacon of reform and radical hopes, is already being prostituted by an Englishman with less dignity or ceremony than a JC Penney’s catalog and will soon surely disappear from the newsstands, overwhelmed by a billion inchoate voices cursing and laughing on reddit, 4chan and VOAT in a Dark Age for the mainstream press that often makes no sense and faces no foreseeable pressure to make any larger sense. But do not disparage it as fake news. Now cracks the globalist heart. Good night to thee, indiscreet Prince of the Illuminati.

Capriccio For A Sausage Fest
By Chef Alefantis - PizzaGate 8

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive to Rense
  Now for a breather before resuming our Kulturkamp against high-society pedophilia next week, let’s enjoy a divertissement of dissonant riffs and loose ends, a capriccio inspired by Pizzagate, which is not to be confused with carpaccio from the blade of celebrity chef Marina Abramovic. Listen closely to the “curiouser” notes in this random medley from suppressed reddit discussion threads. Mute the flugelhorns and bassoons, maestro, to focus our rapt attention on the Pan pipes of Orchestra Meinlust Boyes (OMB) led by guest conductor Jared Oestermiller and featuring alto tenor Jaime Les-Enfantes.

 Stop the clapping! Excuse us for this brief interruption before our program begins. As your MC, I’ve just sent an usher to complain about the loud thumping from the next-door hall. It seems there’s polka party running past their scheduled rental time. Ah, yes, it’s the Illuminatus Club celebrating the third anniversary of a secret affair between Joe Scarborough and Jesuit-Jewish-American Princess Mika Brzezinski, the co-hosts of the NBC morning show.

 For the sake of those in the audience who don’t know her, pardon my frankness while we await an apology, Mika is the granddaughter of Edvard Benes, head of prewar Czechoslovakia’s Rothschild-controlled Jewish government and postwar “Liquidator” of ethnic Germans. Mika’s father is none other than Zbigniew Brzezinski, the original sponsor of the Afghan jihadists and their boy dancers. Mr. Zbig is descended from one of those Polish noble families intermarried with cultist Jacob Frank’s well-oiled young maidens from Odessa. Mika’s employer NBC is owned by Brian L. Roberts who in Yiddish is a mensch. The usher returns with a note so let me read it. This is an outrage! The Order of Jesuit Illuminati demands that we cancel any and all “fake” melodies of Russian origin, including Oestermiller’s interpretation of “Swan Lake”. Our answer to the next-door party’s demand for artistic censorship is “Let them eat bacon-wrapped kielbasa”. Maestro, start up the band!

Eine Recliner Nachtmusik

 The child prodigy Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart himself could not have equaled the rhapsodic thrills delivered over a two-night gig at the White House by the chamber quartet of James Alefantis, Christopher Moukarbel, Chris Crocker aka Cunningham, and Chelsea Swanger at a two-night performance, September 26-27, 2012.

The star of the two overnights was Chris Crocker, who had morphed from his persona as an underage transvestite into a close-cropped gay porn actor. His notorious defense of Britney Spears, titled “Leave Britney Alone!” in which he “flashed crotch”, got the most hits of any online video in 2007, making him an instant celebrity.

Crocker has since admitted to Huffington Post about “sending people nude photos when I was 14” and that “I have always been comfortable doing everything on camera, so I figured why not porn as well?” Is it pedophilia if a boy voluntarily pimps himself out prior to the age of consent? It depends on the age of the sex partner and the type of sexual activity that ensued. The non-penetration rule was defined by Bill Clinton’s defense in the Monica Lewinsky case: “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.” Since Clinton was never defrocked and sentenced for receiving extramarital oral sex, the U.S. courts have not challenged his legal opinion that sex is not sex so long as traditional intercourse does not transpire. Anything else goes, under the Clinton notion of jurisprudence. Young Crocker’s online exhibitionism would still constitute child porn, possibly subjecting his parents or guardian to a considerable penalty and possible imprisonment.

 The Tennessee-born gay porn idol recallls meeting the boyfriend of documentary filmmaker Mourkarbel, who then featured Crocker, under the pseudonym Cunningham, in “Me at the Zoo”, which premiered at the Sundance Festival in January 2012. At the time of the White House overnighter, the pornographer was preparing rushes for an HBO series called “Sex Now” planned for release the following year, which featured online voyeurism and sexual services (dirty talk, stripping and masturbation by part-time sex workers called “cam girls” and cam couples). The series of three episodes released by HBO in summer 2015 were renamed “Sex On”, as in online.

 The fourth person with Alefantis was Chelsea Swanger, a freelance photographer who posts photos of female athletes and published at the Harrisburg Magazine in the town where Hersheys is located. Whether she engages in pornographic work is undisclosed.

These aspiring young talents and Boy Scout leader Alefantis were shepherded supposedly for a West Wing tour by White House staffer Monica Lee, but the duration of their stay indicates an overnighter followed by a second sleep-over. The visitor departure log indicated 2359 hours (a minute before midnight), which is not about the bewitching hour when little Cinderellas turn back into ragamuffins or Uber rides revert to pumpkins. It means an overnight stay or at least slipping out in the wee hours into the darkness of Pennsylvania Avenue.

Did the Alefantis crew, which included a photographer and notorious trannie/gay porn star, shoot video inside the White House for a porno video? If so, let’s hope they mopped up the body-fluid stains from Dolly Madison’s carpet. Or were these young talents there to enlighten the President and select members of his team with video clips on the latest trends in online pornography? However discomforting the scenario of a pedophile coven might be for American moms and dads who had sincerely believed in change and hope for the better, Alefantis made a swell impression in the president’s gleaming eyes.

On that first day, September 26, the President gave speeches at Kent State and Bowling Green University, and then rushed back to the White House, arriving at 8:30 p.m., ahead of the arrival of Alefantis’s pajama boys. On the following day, Obama flew to Virginia Beach for a campaign speech to the Farm Bureau, and then got back to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue at 2:30 p.m. for a cat nap before a second night’s pillow fight. If I’m allowed to make an editorial comment, the President should keep his gay porn viewing to a remote safe house instead of sullying the heritage of the White House. British invaders set fire to it in revenge yet the White House survived, but the national symbol cannot stand for long when termites are gnawing within.

There are three other Alefantis visits on the White House visitor register, which have caused some confusion in reddit discussions:

- December 16, 2010 6 p.m. to 11:59 p.m. Alefantis arrived at the invitation of POTUS with 497 other guests to attend an evening ceremony to appoint singer Jon Bon Jovi to the new White House Advisory Council on Community Solutions. The 1980s glam rocker from New Jersey was adored by fans for his androgynous pretty JonBenet face and tail wiggling that appealed to married women and young boys. Meanwhile the president and his guests ignored the military veterans in the cold outside protesting against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan without offering them even a cup of hot coffee, quite deplorable as far as hospitality goes.

- December 11, 2012 2 p.m to 9 p.m. Jimmy Comet was invited with 757 other guests to First Lady Michelle Obama’s Toys for Tots collection. Alefantis, who collected toys from customers at Comet Pizza and his Buck’s restaurant, was scheduled to arrive at 2 p.m. indicating that he may have attended an unlisted meeting before the evening reception. Undoubtedly, the regulars at Comet Pizza had closets full of toys for young boys and girls with enough to spare for orphans and poor youths in the ghetto, an investment in the future if there ever was. Merry XXXmas, kids. Want to sit on Santa’s lap?

- April 9, 2014 6:45 pm to 11:59, is an odd meeting, the nature of which has mystified Pizzagate online researchers.

Arias from “The Mandarin’s Son”

On April 9, 2014, from 6:45 pm to 11:59 (past midnight), Jared Oestermiller with the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) met with 19 gay activists, including James Alefantis aka Jimmy Comet.

The guest list included real estate agents, a official in the trucking industry, journalists, attorneys, lobbyists and one pizzeria owner. If one excludes personal partners in attendance, there were 17 key players presence. Besides being gay, what was the common denominator among this motley crew?

To understand the role of the magnificent seventeen, one must peruse the organizational chart of the U.S. intelligence community, which is subdivided into a pyramid topped by an upside-down pyramid, joined in the middle by a small square, like a dumbell (a bad analogy for national intelligence even though it fits, as in the DNI James Clapper’s spurious claim of “fake news” being perpetrated by Russian agents).

Inside the lower pyramid are the 16-plus-one intelligence-gathering agencies, CIA, NSA, ONI, ATF, and so on. A super-secret 17th intel group is not shown on the official list. These agencies report to the office of the Director of National Intelligence (DNI), led by James Clapper, positioned in the small square between the tips of the two triangles.

The filtered intel findings and analyses from DNI then are moved upward into the inverted presidential triangle, through four layers of review before a neatly bound report lands on the desk in the Oval Office. These filters are the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), which reviews the financial data and sifts through economic intelligence; the Intelligence Oversight Board (IOB), which double-checks and assesses the quality of analysis and sources; then the President’s Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board (PFIAB), where academic experts and veteran intel officials summarize position papers and proposals into executive briefs; and then on to the National Security Council (NSC), which sets policy and action plans for presidential approval.

With all the career spooks caged inside the bottom triangle, which is watched over by DNI Clapper, the OMB inside the presidential triangle is free of intelligence oversight and ethics standards. Its autonomy from scrutiny means that the clandestine spy team under Oestermiller reports only to President Obama. Not bound by conventional rules, this secret corps of gay operatives can transport children across borders through networks of safehouses and arrange child-rape parties, sometimes with ritual murders, for the very same reason that the Caesars held orgies, which is to politically blackmail of senators and tycoons. Moral degradation is the glue that binds together a despotic regime.

The Watergate plumbers were rank amateurs when compared with Obama’s gay praetorian guard. Why is the Oestermiller meeting conspicuously on the White House record? Answer: To justify the generous budgetary line item for the gathered participants as discretionary spending by the Office of the President. Oestermiller’s previous job was at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) with a project on HIV-AIDS prevention. The CDC connection provides official cover for funding the president’s gay Stasi spy operation, funded with automatic approval from the OMB, the federal accounting office. The sneaky black budget explains how James Alefantis gets his nearly unlimited funds for restaurant investments, sponsorship of non-profit groups, avant-garde art events, travel to Berlin and Hawaii, and ownership of a string of properties in Washington DC and Virginia.

Excuse us for this heavy orchestration since Part 8 of Pizzagate is supposed to be light entertainment. Policy wonks with perverse sexual habits can sure ruin an intermission, so let’s indulge in a pause for refreshment. You ask whether Stolichnaya vodka is served at our mezzanine bar because good ole boys at CIA drink whiskey and rye? Nyet! The Moscow mule is a perfect cocktail for the Clinton crowd clinking glasses with Russian tycoons. So raise a glass of U-1 (UraniumOne) vodka: Pa-ye kha-lee! (“Let’s get started”).

Now, about the arias from the Mandarin’s Son, to comprehend these palace intrigues, one needs to recall the competing centers of imperial authority under the Chinese emperors. The Forbidden City was divided by the rivalry between the Mandarins of the civil bureaucracy and the Eunuchs of the royal harem. Since a despotic ruler cannot trust an independent bureaucracy that will outlive his reign, he will instead rely on a corps of tame, obedient castrati to staff his personal spy service and pen his edicts.

Obama’s gay Stasi constitute an independent hub of presidential power outside the intelligence nexus, insidiously collect ing sensitive personal information and compromising photos or video on senators, congressmen, bureaucrats, intel chiefs, governors, bankers, corporate executives, media moguls, celebrities and anybody who might threaten the president’s absolutist power. With its network of informers and pimps, and entrapment schemes, Obama’s inner circle can blackmail nearly anybody who counts, as demonstrated by the ruling class unanimity on the big lie of “fake news”.

The realtors with this secretive network provide safe houses, like the one Seth Rich stopped at for a last round with the contacts who had met him at a gay bar, before he headed home and met his death on a dark street. The murderous homosexual agents are part of the same crisis-management team deployed against Pizzagate. There is nothing novel about using gays for the state’s dirty work since the cross-dressing queer FBI director J. Edgar Hoover perfected these onerous methods of espionage and blackmail.

The existence of a clandestine gay spy network raises questions of whether the earlier Alefantis-Crocker-Mourkarbel visits to the White House were arranged to show President Obama samples of compromising online videos of his opponents for their blackmail potential. James Alefantis appears to be “first among equals” in the gay Stasi, probably assigned to vetting those in attendance at Oestermiller’s parlay. Does that explain why Alefantis, as the secret deputy of the gay Stasi, was rated by GQ magazine as the 50th most powerful individual in Washington DC.?

There is a precedent for a gay spy service known as the Sturmabteilung or storm troopers, the SA, who are also known as the Brown Shirts. Take note of “brown” in the handkerchief code. Jimmy Comet is the Ernst Rohm in our time. Beware of the Night of the Long Knives coming your way, Jimbo. Watch your back, bro’, cause you happen to know too much.

The others at the Oestermiller-Alefantis meeting, listed at VOAT, are:
Roberta P. Elias from World Wildlife Fund (WWF), which links to the British Royals
Alyssa A. Wilmoth, actor with the Capital Talent Agency (think: hiring of crisis actors for false flag ops)

Jeffrey B Hiott, American Public Transportation Association (moving contraband, human trafficking)
Llewellyn Hinkes-Jones, writer for the Atlantic, Toronto Star, Washington City Paper
Thomas R. Keegan, either a congressional staffer or journalist/actor
Robb A. Murray, apparently a realtor
Christoper D. Masters, roommate of Roger Cornell
Christopher B. Wood, Discovery Channel marketer in 2010 hostage crisis
Carlos Guitierrez, co-worker of Christopher B Wood
Daniel, R. Zak, reporter with Washington Post
Kenneth M. Wilkinson II, property appraiser
Roger A. Cornell, realtor
Jonathon W. Gartshore, lobbyist for World Wildlife Fund, another Brit agent
Fychan E Jones
John A. Coplen II, DC real estate agent
Joseph. M Kapp, business analyst
Patrick J. Tangney, settlement attorney
Thomas Mitchell III, arbitrator

Now that secret circle of Obama’s “eunuchs” is out, thanks to the sleuths of Pizzagate, it becomes clearer as to why all the lackeys jumped on the “fake news” bandwagon. The party’s over, boys. Now for our next selection, polyphony from Telemann’s opera buffa “Pimpinone”.

Pinging Doktor Pong

The Obama-Alefantis connection has deeper roots, as shown by the availability of a ham-and-pineapple pizza in East Berlin. Our passage to Hawaii starts below the Berlin Wall, or what’s left of it, into the Death Strip on the edge of uber-hip Green Party stronghold Prenzlauerberg. This section of the infamous wall was preserved as a stretch of open space to memorialize East Germans who attempted escape but were gunned by the GDR border guards.

Post-Cold War, the Death Strip is a graffiti-sprayed playground for teens, with its Sunday afternoon Bearpit amateur karaoke show in the amphitheater and outdoor basketball courts (take note, Barry, and be sure to tuck a hankie in your back pocket). Adjoining the Turkish ghetto of Kreutzberg, the Death Strip is a gay-cruising zone for those hankering after Arab, Kurdish, Kosovar, Bosnian or Albanian hot meat on a stick, a spicy kofta kebab slathered with tahini sauce.

In year 2000, James Alefantis and partner Oliver Miller discovered Prenzlauerberg, where Miller opened Dr. Pong, a ping pong bar. San Francisco architect Miller had arrived to Berlin earlier, in 1993, when he noticed that ping pong is the only low-cost sport for plebeian youths in every sad town from Muncheberg to Kosovska and Bucak, Turkey. Playing ping pong is an easy way to strike up a conversation with penniless and hungry young kids eager to please an older male who takes them under his wing. In the sexually segregated Muslim realm, sex between an older man and a young boy is taken casually as a misdemeanor that goes unnoticed as opposed to the felony of adultery by a woman, which is punished by the death penalty. The bored boys from nearby Kreuzberg are easy pickings drawn to the bait of ping pong and beer.

Just up the street from the Mauerpark market, the ping pong tables at Dr. Pong provided the model for Comet Ping Pong Pizza in Washington D.C. The Berlin pedo-center is described in a reddit post: “Dr. Pong is a rugged little dingy bar in the heart of Prenzlauerberg, reminiscent of a teenage clubhouse with its minimal decor.” Note “teenage”. Its limited beverage menu is mostly non-alcoholic for entry-level rough-trade Muslim boys circling around the game tables for the next volley in the group game of “Around the World”, a dress rehearsal for a daisy chain.

While the Doctor doesn’t do beer deliveries to embassy residences, there’s probably a lot of demand from diplomats for take-out meat sticks, judging from the great reviews on Trip Adviser’s English-language list of the top 10 bars in Berlin. The Top Ten list fails to include the plusher interior of the fetishist KitKat Club. Another telling indicator is that 666 bar-hopping tours stop at Dr. Pong, indicating a connection to the Satanic rites similar to those in DC. What’s intriguing about Dr. Pong is that its male-on-male games may have provided the concept for torture of Iraqi prisoners at Abu Graibh prison.

During the last years of the German Democratic Republic (GDR) or East Germany, Prenzlauerberg was the favored residential district for gays, hippies and avant-garde artists, a tradition that continued after national reunification in October 1990. Prenzlauerberg is also the location of Rykestrasse Synagogue, the largest Jewish center in Berlin, which was restored at great expense after reunification while Berlin was being restored to its former glory as a Jewish capital with coprophilia clubs and fetish bars to degrade the goyem.

Oliver Miller’s arrival in 1993 coincided with the massive expansion of human trafficking of children for the European pedophile sex trade out of the war-torn Balkans in the wake of the Clinton-Blair NATO interventions to break apart Yugoslavia. Berlin was a transit point for children transshipped between Belgrade and the UK by the Kosovar mafia and Western military contractors including DynCorp. London is the wholesale global market for child sex slaves through fraudulent NGOs that act as adoption agencies.

Sadly for Alefantis and Miller, the pair arrived a few years too late to join SchwuP, the Movement for Gay, Pederast and Transsexual Rights, which until 1987 was a wing of the Green Party, itself a product of the sexual liberation and drug experimentation theories of the CIA-allied Frankfurt School. Even after being busted for possession of methamphetamines, SchwuP leader Volker Berg survives as a parliamentarian in the Bundestag as the crusty old chief of the German-Israeli Parliamentary Friendship Group. Go chew on that, vice cops and DEA agents.

In 1986, Volker’s “Schwuppies” distributed this Green Party flyer to parliamentarians: “He is a boy, roughly 10 years old, with a pretty face, full lips, a straight nose and shoulder-length hair. The wings of an angel protrude from his narrow back, and a penis is drawn with thin lines on the front of his body.” In any country other than defeatist Germany beholden to the Israeli pedophiles, this sort of drivel is called illegal pornographic trash and justification for SWAT shoot-to-kill raids.

The politically ambitious Greens eventually had to repudiate their support for sex with kindergarteners by their founders including Danny “the Red” Cohen-Bendit, the CIA-promoted leader of the 1968 student riots in Paris. The pedophile campaign was carried forward until 2008 by Volker Berg’s partner Jacques Teyssier, a former member of the French intelligence service, who was on board of the Lesben und Schwulenverband in Deutschland (LSVD), the lesbian and gay association in Germany. The German gay movement is obviously a brainwashed arm of the CIA.

The darker side of the pedophilic underground has since been carried on by a provocative novelist with the pen name Klaus Wanninger, the Anonymous of the Karlsruhe-based Schwaben-sumpf (the Schwabian Swamp). Sadistic and Satanic imagery was developed in parallel by this deviant strain, which obviously has had a huge influence on the artists and customers at Comet Ping Pong Pizza.

In early 2012, Alefantis and Miller teamed up to start a restaurant called Nalu or “wave” in Hawaiian. The partnership in the Berlin restaurant inspired Alefantis to sponsor a “sausage festival” at his Buck’s Fishing and Camping restaurant in Washington DC to honor a visit by Oliver Miller. There is no indication that Nalu or Dr. Pong has ever celebrated Octoberfest in Berlin by adding traditional bockwurst mit sauerkraut und senf (mustard) to their menus.

Hotdog Stand in Hawaii

A reference to sausages did appear in an email that Obama’s chief climate-change negotiator Todd Stern sent to John Podesta.
Date: 2015-09-03 18:17
Subject: man, I miss you
The next three months are going to be rougher internally than in Beijing. Between 7th and 1600, no fun. Hope you’re doing ok. I’m dreaming about your hotdog stand in Hawaii. . .

The term 7th refers to the 7th floor of the State Department, with 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue being the address of the White House. After convincing the government China to support UN COP21, Stern was stressed-out by the preparations and diplomatic push for the make-or-break 2015 Paris climate-change conference. That much is clear, but the strange communication about a hotdog stand in Hawaii has been a matter of conjecture among reddit and Voat sleuths. One post suggested it referred to a fast-food joint on Molokai island, owned by a man with the surname of Podesta, but the suspicion was in error since one of the two given names does not match that of Hillary’s campaign manager.

A more reliable lead emerged when online researchers tracked down the business history of the Arab-owned Besta pizzeria, located two doors down from Comet Ping Pong in DC. That search disclosed local ownership of a Besta Pizza by the Filipino-American Batin family in Koloa, Kauia in the State of Hawaii, under a franchise based in Las Vegas. The since-bankrupted pizzeria on Kauai island is the probable place that James Alefantis learned the art of wood-fired pizza-making, specializing of course in ham-and-pineapple and seafood toppings. After the closure of the Las Vegas office, the franchise operator FCD Property LLC reappeared on the East Coast in Baltimore and, under Arab ownership, near Comet Ping Pong.

Kauai, the “Garden Island” renowned for its tropical ecology, is a favored destination for ultra-wealthy global jet-setters, who are too snooty to set foot in tourist-packed Waikiki, the likes of whom include Pierce Brosnan, Ben Stiller and Michael Crichton. Barack Obama has frequently vacationed there, most recently on for a ceremony in September 2016 to declare the world’s largest marine reserve stretching from Kauai to the Midway islands.

What besides plumeria blossoms and papaya trees brought Barry O’Bomber Soetaro and James Achilles Alefantis to this haven for the rich and famous? One of the major attractions of Hawaiian resorts is, of course, prostitution and, given slack law enforcement, the “beach boy” trade for tourists, female or male. Did Alefantis moonlight as a male escort, and then work his way up the job ladder as a procurer of teenagers for wealthy gay visitors? Kauai was the probable starting point for businessman Alefantis’s daily special combo of pizza and underage sex workers.

Along with teen boys, another attraction prior to the legalization of cannabis dispensaries was the illegal marijuana and methamphetamine trade, boosted by the state’s Maui Wowie image, always a plus factor for laidback Kauai gay pride fests. With this context in mind, a second look at the Stern-Podesta email indicates that the White House climate-change official had probably stopped over in Hawaii on the way from Washington DC to Beijing. There, on Koloa Landing, Poipu beach, is the “hotdog stand”, a codeword for underage male prostitutes. (Intimacy with adult beach boys is legal whenever payment for a sex session is included in the surfing lesson, and so the hotdog code is intended for beach boys under 18 years of age.)

The use of past tense indicates Stern had earlier been introduced to the Kauai boy-sex scene by John Podesta, a frequent visitor to Hawaii in the entourage going to President Obama’s home state and possibly earlier. Todd D. Stern was a member of Vice President Al Gore’s delegation to the 1997 Kyoto Summit on Climate Change. The main sponsors of that event in Japan were the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO), the utility that would gain notoriety for its cover-ups of the Fukushima nuclear disaster, and Toyota Motor Exports, which was planning a future of electric cars recharged by nuclear power plants, thus the anti-coal strategy. Al Gore is a nuclear proponent whose political base is in the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), a leading nuclear investment zone. High-percentile THC joints on a Kauai beach probably accounts for the lunacy of signing aboard the Kyoto Protocol of the Elders of TEPCO.

The blowback from nuclear collusion onto the Hawaiian Islands happened within days of the Fukushima meltdowns of mid-March 2011, with huge spikes in radioactivity levels wafting across the Pacific, which soon led to mutations of vegetation across the islands. The information on the biological effects of nuclear contamination was totally suppressed by Obama’s Department of Energy. The federal cover-up prevented public-health responses to combat the steady rise in the local rates of heart-failure and cancer, which rose after a long period of decline prior to 2011, and were therefore likely due to radioactivity exposure. Since Fukushima, Hawaii is no longer a green paradise and is instead a death trap for residents and visitors who loiter near the nuclear-contaminated seawater along the beach. By failing to warn and protect the Hawaiian population from radioactivity, Barry Obama has doomed his reputed birthplace, which he does not treat as a genuine motherland.

There’s only one question left to answer, how do you want your hotdog? Mustard, relish, kraut or relish, or simply undressed?

Trivia from the Magic Flute

Our program concludes with alto tenor Jaime Les-Enfantes presenting a sample of melodies from Mozart’s menagerie of wild beasts and Frankist warlocks.

- Greek connection: The Alefantis family are descendants of Greek immigrants. John and Tony Podesta’s mother Mary Kokoris is Greek. Alex Tsipras, prime minister of Greece, is of course the fellow Greek who aided and abetted Bill Clinton and George Soros in organizing the European migrant crisis of 2015 that sent thousands of unaccompanied refugee children to human trafficking networks in the Balkans and Western Europe. Everything’s connected.

- Georgetown link: John Podesta received his law degree from the law school of Georgetown University to become the great protector of the national pedophile network. James Alefantis graduated with honors from elite Georgetown Day School before migrating to Indiana and Hawaii, then on to pedo Berlin and back to DC.

- Tony Podesta’s ex-wife Heather Miller has not publicly disclosed her origins, but a search of the historical record shows her hometown to be Nicolaus, California, population 211 in the 2010 census, an agrarian village located on the outskirts of Yuba City and on the bank of the Feather River, near Sutter’s Mill, a site famous for the ‘49er gold rush. She’s a small-town yokel who struck it rich as a corporate lobbyist and art collector. What’s she got that the rest of us don’t?

With that, our program of light entertainment has drawn to an ed. Next week we resume our grand symphony series with the big guns of Wagner horsn and timpani kettles. We hope you’ll join us for another evening of classical delights. Miss Cunningham, Christine, if you’d be so nice as to escort these gentlemen to their car. Charming girl, isn’t he?

A Cloud Over Amazon-WaPo
(& Trumped-Up In Moscow) - PizzaGate 9

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive to Rense

Update: The initial contract by a yet-unreported client(s) for the Russia-Trump report was made with Fusion GSP, a Washington-based investigative reporting firm founded in 2009 by former Wall Street Journal reporters, whose principal partners are Glenn Simpson; Peter Fritsch, an associate with the  Congress-funded Wilson Center; and Thomas Catan, a former reporter for The Times of London and the Financial Times and a graduate of the London School of Economics. Catan has background in investigating Russian connections to U.S. politics, for example, his year 2000 report on Russian emigre criminals who made political donations New York Senator Charles Schumer, see “Russian Mafia Link to U.S. Campaign Funds”, The Social Contract, v10 no2.

The project was then subcontracted to Orbis Business Intelligence in London, run by former MI-6 agents Christopher Steele and Christopher Burrows.

This network of private investigators seconded from the MI-6 spy service was tellingly slipped by Thomas Catan in his revelation on the 2006 helicopter crash that killed Yukos Oil chief Mikhail Khordokovsky’s British lawyer Stephen Curtis: “Curtis told a close relative that if he were killed it would not be an accident.” The Khorokovsky-Rothschild element is the key to the puzzle of the Trump-Moscow pissoir fiction.

So who is the mystery man who ordered the Pissoir Report and gave it to John McCain? Let me don the turban of Carnac the Magnificent and hold up the 35 pages to my temple and close my eyes.

"Oh, Great Swami Johnny, wherever thou might be . . . pray tell, who is the mensch behind the Ritz Piss Job?"

"Huh? Wise One, if I may ask a second question: Who in the heck is Randy Scheuneman?"
Before digging into the main course at our 9-course formal dinner, let’s raise a toast to the Pissoir Report against Trump concocted by ex-British spy Christopher Steele with Orbis Business Intelligence, headquartered in Grovenor’s Garden, London.

The Orbis private agency was hired by unnamed opponents of Trump, with John McCain at the top of the list of possible clients who commissioned the report, along with his major funders at JPMorgan-Citibank, the Koch brothers, PriceWaterhouse and Ernst & Young. The role of Buzzfeed in the initial published disclosure puts its parent company NBC, owned by Brian Roberts and mind-controlled by agent Mika Brzezinski, on the suspect list as well.

Former CIA director Michael Hayden, Trump opponent and a vociferous foe of whistle-blower Edward Snowden, has vouched for this dubious mouthpiece of the pedophilic opposition. Steele, 52, was posted as the British embassy in Moscow in 1990 as second chancery, a position reserved for station chiefs. Steele is a retired MI-6 agent for Commonwealth affairs.

Subsequent to his public exposure on Wednesday, January 11, Steele went into hiding, leaving his cat with a neighbor, while the British government issued a D-order, under the Official Secrets Act, to force The Telegraph to delete its scoop. No lobbyist group, political action committee or campaign funder has yet stepped forward to admit responsibility for sponsoring the contract with Orbis, which would well lead to a libel and slander lawsuit. The invocation of the UK secrets act, if anything, indicates that the flawed report is not a prank from a post at 4chan, as claimed by a Never Trump operative named Rick Wilson, in a clever ploy to get NBC-Buzzfeed off the hook for a potential libel and slander lawsuit.

On second read after a quick scan, the trumped-up “golden shower” report has been erroneously interpreted by all those involved in the scandalous accusations from Buzzfeed and CNN. Contrary to the false allegations of Donald Trump being involved in perverted “golden showers” at the Ritz Carlton in Moscow, a close reading of this error-ridden and poorly written report shows quite the opposite, a quite surprising revelation of Trump’s disdain for Russian espionage methods against foreign VIPs.

Quoted in that section is Source A, a senior Russian Foreign Ministry official who alleged that Trump had played a prank against Michelle Obama, due to his hatred of her, by hiring several prostitutes (their sex not indicated) to pee on the king-size bed in the presidential suite where the first couple had stayed in the Moscow, while all along Trump knew fully well that the suite was bugged and being videotaped by the FSB.

Therefore the purported incident does not implicate Trump as a participant in perversion, and therefore the stunt cannot be called a golden shower act and instead a bizarre act of revenge. Now let’s check some facts. A king-size bed was drenched in urine because Trump was supposedly pissed off at Michelle? The trigger for their feud was Michelle Obama’s speech blasting Trump in New Hampshire on October 13, 2016. Did Source A then take a telepathic time-machine back to November 2013, to inform Trump while he was in Moscow for the Miss Universe Contest? Imagine the future shock for Trump back then. Me? You gotta be kidding. Did Michelle, what’s her last name, really diss me? What’s she doing in New Hampshire?

The previous time the Obamas were in Moscow was in 2009 for the SALT re-up signing. That's seven years before the First Lady raked Trump. OK, back to the future.

The improbable Code Yellow urinary event becomes more dubious due to the lack of witnesses or participants. The story was "verified" by two hotel employees, only one of whom vaguely recalled the year of the Trump visit as 2013. Neither had been personally involved in the clean-up of a urine-drenched bed.

Source A did not indicate he had ever seen an actual video of the supposed pissoir session but apparently only heard of such an incident. The story must therefore be based on hearsay, one of those vodka-quaffing jokes that circulated in Russia in the autumn of 2016. The president’s wife slams the opposition candidate who hires prostitutes to pee on her bed. Sophomoric humor, possible only after drinking a fifth of Stoly, that being possible only in Russia. So here we have probable grounds to suspect that Agent 008, as in behind the eight ball, Steele, interviewed his local sources in a late-night dive like Kamchatka Bar by Metro station Kuznetsky Most. The one with the sign that demands: Vomit before Entering.

If one is dumb enough to believe this confused and dodgy tale, it would show:

- First, Trump was sending a strong message to Russian intelligence officials to witness that he was well aware that VIP hotel rooms are bugged and videoed. As a hotelier himself, he would consider such privacy violations as unacceptable toward customers. Trump Vegas is not the Bates Motel, nor should the Ritz have two-way mirrors.

- Second, Trump suspected that Russian intel had provided prostitutes (probably boys, and therefore the pissing as an insult) for Obama who toyed with them on that very bed. The unnamed Foreign Ministry official is trying to cover up that sordid episode by concocting a simmering grudge between Trump and Michelle Obama, which in fact did not erupt until the 2016 campaign season, in order to protect Obama’s reputation. The Russians therefore really supported Obama.

- Third, since all Russian sources admitted that Trump never accepted financial emoluments from the Kremlin or purchased real estate in Russia, this suite story reveals Donald Trump's surprising level of distrust of Putin's team (in contrast to his public posture and foreign policy stance of advocating friendship with Russia). Trump can keep his personal opinions separate from policy issues, and that is exactly what a new president should do unlike his emotional predecessor.

- Fourth, the report was deliberately skewed and misrepresented by Buzzfeed and CNN with a false charge of implicating Trump in a sexually perversion (in the wake of the Pizzagate findings against the Democrats, Podesta and Obama). Both of these media fakers should be expelled by the National Press Club and censured by the Poynter Institute for ethical violations.

- Everybody on all sides need to call a truce so that every one of us can toss back a double-shot of vodka.

The poorly written document “Company Intelligence Report 2016/080,” (Orbis being reluctant to claim authorship of such garbage) is titled “US Presidential Election: Republican candidate Donald Trump’s activities in Russia and Compromising Relationship with the Kremlin".

Just from that doozy of a title, that’s another indicator that author Steele is by now an elderly James Bond, driven to ruin by gin, drugs and nightmares of scary vixens, school girls and young boys with beanies he once dared to shag for God and the Queen. Hip-hip-hooray!

- As proof of my verdict equal in acumen to any from, the term “Kremlin” indicates the report author is a leftover from the Cold War, one of Smiley’s destitute over-the-hill gang palming off miscellaneous droppings from British Foreign Office staffers and relying on rather dubious MI-6 contract agents in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

- Many pages were devoted to a paranoiac “conspiracy of cooperation” between Russian officials (many of them not directly employed by spy agencies) and Trump’s inner circle, as supposedly transpired at a secret meeting in Prague. Several unnamed sources recounted the discussions between Konstantin Kosachev, head of the parliamentary foreign relations committee, with one of Trump’s attorneys Michael Cohen. In reality, however, Cohen had not traveled Czech Republic in that period and could not have been present in Prague. His passport does not contain a visa stamp for that country.

- The accusations also smeared Carter Page, who is an energy expert and CFR member, about his contact with Igor Sechin, former head of the Rosneft oil company. Page’s role is in fact to liaise with Russian officials over issues affecting oil-and-gas, which are openly conducted and in the American interest, even when confidential.

The fingering of respected energy expert Carter Page indicates that this blundering operation is linked to British oil interests, that is, the Rothschild group and BP, which are still angry at Vladimir Putin for Mikhael Khordokovsky’s loss of Yukos Oil. George Soros is, of course, their agent whose paid stooges in the Czech Republic and Russia are fully capable of concocting such imaginative nonsense in support of the Rothschild-allied Clintons, who are worried about investigation into their family foundation and need leverage against Trump.

With this draft for a spy novel, Michael Steele is destined not to unseat John LeCarre, Arthur Conan Doyle or Agatha Christie, who are safe from competition. Some tips to the fiction writer: A credible thriller demands a monstrously devious adversary like Karla the Stasi spymaster, Professor Moriarty or Poirot’s mustache. Putin, in the evil category, simply does not match his given name. Vladimir the Impaler, now that’s a bad guy worthy of his own library of mayhem.

Madness in the Blood

Now back to Pizzagate 9 on the role of the Washington Post: Great families often suffer a recurrent distemper that triggers crimes whose enormity overshadow the noble ideals of their distinguished founders. A recurrent disorder can arise out of a hereditary flaw or stem from a morbid obsession that grips the bloodline. An accursed inheritance can be received by a family member in either of two ways: Struggle against the madness as did the heroic Bobby Kennedy, or succumb to the dark side as, for example, the Dupont heirs, one who murdered a wrestling coach in 1996 and another convicted of raping his 3-year-old daughter and later allegedly a second child.

Even among lesser lineages, the sins of the patriarch are sometimes passed down to the progeny, as seen in the Bezos-Gise family, whose personal biographies are overshadowed by the overblown repetitive publicity about the astonishing amazing Amazon. The inherited curse running its destructive course is now evident in the pitiful and dishonorable decline of The Washington Post following its takeover by Jeff Bezos. For all their prominence, the background of this strange family is sketchy at best. Does anyone really know the Bezos-Gise clan?

This question looms large because of the role of the Gise-Bezos family members in founding the military-research juggernaut known as DARPA and their current participation in the Obama Brain Initiative, which is the successor to the MK-ULTRA mind-control program. Their cyber-neurology research is now developing a seamless interface between artificial intelligence programs and brain implants, aimed at transforming humans, with all their compulsive thoughts and irrational feelings edited out, so as to become obedient computer-guided robots with the semblance of animation.

DARPA set its goal for brain research as early as 2008: “The vision for the DARPA SyNAPSE program is the enabling of electronic neuromorphic machine technology that is scalable to biological levels. Programmable machines are limited not only by their computational capacity, but also by an architecture requiring human-derived algorithms to both describe and process information from their environment.” Programmable minds merged with operating system, this is even worse than the Matrix, which at least allows us pleasurable fantasies before the battery’s run down.

Mastermind of the Military-Industrial Complex

The Pentagon’s drive toward cybernetic control systems began with the 1957 “Sputnik Shock”, which triggered a national drive to overtake the Soviet lead in satellite-launch technology and other fields of technology rivalry. In the following year, the Eisenhower administration established the independent Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA), headquartered in Virginia Square, Arlington, Virginia, since moved to Fairfax Avenue in Ballston.

Roy Johnson from General Electric was recruited to be its first director, and Lawrence Prescott Gise (grandfather of Jeff Bezos) was appointed as chief administrator in charge of project development. Gise earned a reputation for meticulous planning, logistics, cost control, and follow-through in the outsourcing of contracts to private-sector defense corporations. His tireless effort at coordination and inspection, and the setting of guidelines and standards for supply chain in defense R&D, expanded to become known as “the military-industrial complex” that President Eisenhower warned against in his farewell speech.

Wars are won with logistics, and therefore the United States won the Cold War. Sputnik is today remembered as a cute little prototype of R2D2. The logistical and production systems that Gise built would later be tech-transferred to the civilian economy, as for example, the Amazon supply chain and delivery network. There is nothing fundamentally innovative about Jeff Bezos’s operation, not even its Internet piloting code, the prototype of which was launched with ARPA Net in 1959.

Gise was himself a designer of guided missiles during the catch-up phase against Soviet leadership in booster rockets and soon thereafter in multi-stage rocketry, with which sections fall away after liftoff to jettison redundant weight on the path toward orbit.

For that generation, during my impressionable youth, even the comic books promoted ARPA’s brilliant and ponderous work of rocket science, and Werner Von Braun was seen as an all-American hero. Even the German V-bombs that destroyed London were considered then to be the founding fathers of what was to come on the frontier of space. Civilians huddled in the Tube, their homes blasted by screaming rockets were the cost of the technological progress. Thor, the intermediate-range missile, and his namesake were idolized in the comics, much later inspiring the superhero of the Marvel movies. Gise’s quiet role in building America’s missile arsenal has since been buried under reams of classification, along with our generation’s naive excitement over the wonders of science.

Prescott Gise surfaces on the public record in Albuquerque, New Mexico, as the young Jeffrey’s doting grandfather, who happened to work at the regional office of the Atomic Energy Agency (AEA). His primary task by then was to develop anti-missile missiles, short-range interceptors to protect nuclear-warhead launch sites. One of his technical assistants at Stanford was Fred Kavli, a Norwegian emigre, who designed control systems and servo motors for guided missiles. His legacy, the Kavli Foundation (not be confused with the Norway rye-crisp company’s charity), is a major funder of brain research, which applies electronic control systems theory to cerebral functions in humans.

Prescott, as he was casually known, spent his summers at the Gise clan spread in Cotilla, Texas, which at 49-square-miles was one of the largest ranches in Texas. Besides doing chores, the patriarch nurtured the young lad with the basics of technology theory and practical design. By the time Jeff was 2-years-old, the ARPA Net was up and running. That was in 1966. Whether legal or not, Prescott was transferring classified technology to his youngest-ever contractor. Thus arose the myth of the boy genius, who had the unfair advantage of a head start over his classmates.

The Bezos clan’s obsession with control mechanisms, including mind control, extends into a Washington Post, which is now a remote-controlled prototype of machine commands, a propaganda mouthpiece instead of a disputatious area of public discourse in a human-centered society.

Spotlight in One Direction

Marty Baron, executive editor of the Bezos-owned Washington Post, gets rave reviews as the nation’s greatest-ever editor, which is absurd hype that crumbles under closer examination of his career path. One of the hallmarks of a great crusading editor is ethical impartiality, the ability to be as critical of criminal behavior among one’s own side, meaning family, friends and political allies, as toward foes in an opposing faction or interest group. Partisan coverage is, in essence, propaganda, a hit job prompted by biased self-interest, usually in the service of the powers that be.

Baron’s worst offense against press freedom was to publish “The List”of state-targeted online news sites during the White House crackdown on Pizzagate coverage. This violation of press freedom is best addressed by Norman Solomon, founder of the Institute for Public Accuracy (IPA), a Bernie Sanders supporter, and who, I am very proud to say, is a fellow journalist who got his start at the feisty Pacific News Service in San Francisco:

“We still don’t have any sort of apology or retraction from the Washington Post for promoting The List, the highly dangerous blacklist that got a huge boost from the newspaper’s fawning coverage on November 24. The project of smearing 200 websites with one broad brush wouldn’t have gotten far without the avid complicity of high-profile media outlets, starting with the Post.
“A week after the Post published its front-page news article hyping the blacklist that was put out by a group of unidentified people called PropOrNot, I sent a petition statement to the newspaper’s executive editor Martin Baron.
“’Smearing is not reporting,’ the RootsAction petition says. ‘The Washington Post‘s recent descent into McCarthyism, promoting anonymous and shoddy claims that a vast range of some 200 websites are all accomplices or tools of the Russian government, violates basic journalistic standards and does real harm to democratic discourse in our country. We urge the Washington Post to prominently retract the article and apologize for publishing it.’”

Let me raise a toast of IPA, an India pale ale, to you, brave colleague Norman Solomon and the 6,000 individuals who signed the petition in defense of Constitutional rights against despicable media-endorsed censorship.

The publication of The List followed on Wikileaks emails that showed the Washington Post had given pre-publication “sneak previews” to John Podesta and the Clinton Foundation.

- Post reporter Tom Hamburger sought approval from the Clinton Foundation for clearance for an article concerning a subpoena for Huma Abedin, stating “We want to be careful of this and get it right.” Is that fact-checking or groveling before the power of censorship?

- Editor Juliet Eilperin consulted White House assistant press secretary for “permission” to report on John Podesta’s role as then-head of Center for American Progress (CAP) in accepting “major donations from environmentally minded billionaires Tom Steyer and Hansjorg Wyss before he joined Obama’s staff.” What she did not include in the article was the existing financial ties between Podesta and Wyss, reported by other publications.

Double Standard on Pedophilia

Besides an inclination toward censorship, there was a gross disparity between Baron’s eagerness at the Boston Globe to pursue pedophilia charges against Catholic priests, as depicted in the movie “Spotlight”, and the shameless denial under his editorship at The Washington Post of allegations of elite child-sex trafficking in the nation’s capital during the Pizzagate revelations.

Baron was famously quoted in “Spotlight” as saying: "We (investigative journaists) need to focus on the institution, not the individual priests.” When the institution in question is the Democratic Party with its wealthy Jewish funders and White House officials rather than Catholic clerics, editor Baron showed zero crusading zeal and, to the contrary, rallied to their defense against allegations from citizen researchers.

Ultra-religious sentiment cannot be denied as a factor in Baron’s editorial judgment.. His Orthodox Jewish father, Heinz “Howard” Naftali Baron, a Berlin-born Polish Jew, and mother, Rebecca Zimmerman, left Germany in 1936 to immigrate to Israel in an era of Zionist scorn for the Vatican’s cooperation with Nazi-led Germany. Pizzagate, in contrast, was an equal-opportunity scandal, with allegations against Jews as well Christians and Hindus.

Beside religious affiliation, there also appear to have been factors of political fealty to intelligence agencies. Heinz Baron and his wife immigrated in 1954 to Davis Island in Tampa, which hosted the airstrip for Coastal Patrol Base 13 of the Civil Air Patrol (since renamed the Peter O. Knight Airport). The backwater airfield was also a jumping-off point for gangsters and shills for Meyer Lanksky’s casinos in Havana. Here it should be noted that the Baron family in Ulanow, Poland, were innkeepers and bartenders aka mobsters. Located where he was, Israeli dual citizen Heinz Baron could not have avoided connections with the Lanksy organization and, later, the CIA plans to topple the Cuban revolution.

Close to Tampa and Fort Meyers on the Gulf Coast, Useppa Island was the first CIA paramilitary training ground for anti-Castro Cuban exiles for the upcoming Bay of Pigs invasion. Another confluence of Cuban Jewry in the casino and spookdom is The Miami Herald, where Martin Baron received his apprenticeship. Here is a revealing quote from the History News Network:

“The tale of the Miami Herald’s Bay of Pigs scoop and its subsequent capitulation to the CIA has mostly been shrouded in mystery for the past five decades. It was explored briefly in ‘Anything but the Truth’, a book by Washington reporters William McGaffin and Erwin Knoll that was published in 1968 and quickly disappeared.” Herald reporter David Kraslow, who had stumbled on Cuban exiles practicing marksmanship near Miami seven months before the invasion, was forced by CEO Lee Hills to have his article vetted by the State Department and CIA in October 1960. CIA director Allen Dulles killed the Herald story with a phone call to Miami.

Martin Baron was apparently a good student of Miami Herald-style “capitulation to the CIA.” The newspaper’s close cooperation with the CIA has gone so far as to provide its espionage agents with cover as reporters, according to Agency officials interviewed by Carl Bernstein. The spy assignments are done with the knowledge of top editors, which later I discovered with the Miami Herald’s role in a CIA-funded terrorist operation planned against American students abroad. The agent-reporter had carried bundled cash from a U.S. embassy to an Islamic terror outfit in at two locations. can, too, be traced back to Las Vegas kingpin Lansky, an architect of the both Bay of Pigs and the JFK assassination, and his Cuban mafia of hidden Jews, which will be explored further on in the arrival of Cuban adolescent Miguel “Mike” Bezos under the auspices of the CIA and the Catholic Salesian Order, a legacy group of the Opus Dei surveillance arm of the hidden Jewish generalissimo Francisco Franco in the Spanish Civil War.

There are other parallels between the Bay of Pigs and the Swamp of Swine known as Pizzzagate in the
running of safe-houses, secret passages, drug-smuggling, voodoo, child-rape, homosexuality, money-laundering and media complicity with CIA sponsorship of terrorism and false flag attacks against Americans. It has little to do with Cuba libre and instead everything about organized crime.

Peter Pan and Panspermia

Michael Jackson named his retreat “Neverland” after the perverse children’s story by J.M. Barrie called “Peter Pan”. In thin guise, the tale is a smorgasbord of sexual references to pedophilia, which has increasingly under fire from alarmed parents and librarians. It there exists such an undercurrent as the collective subconscious, Peter Pan and Pizzagate are apparitions of the same species in the fog of lust and transgression.

For example, Comet Pizza’s James Alefantis, who is of Greek ancestry, considers Pan to be his avatar.  The dancing horned god with goatee, a goat’s peter and hairy hind legs blows on the multiple tubes of his pan pipes. Alefantis’s fan devotion to this hedonist demonic figure extended to being a producer of the short film “Chapel Perilous”, in which the protagonist named Levi grows goat horns as a sign of his self-discovery. The film’s title is taken after the Round Table knight Percival’s encounter with the “black hand” of Satan in a mysterious chapel during his Grail quest, that being the moral specter of masturbation.

The film, which premiered and received good reviews at the Sundance Festival, was inspired by the anthropological theory of Jeremy Narby, who suggests a relationship between shamanic hallucinations and DNA biology. The theory also suggests that life is transmitted across the Universe by a space-traveling “cosmic dragon”, which recklessly casts its seed everywhere in a procreative flurry of “panspermia”. Narby’s attempt to link intelligence to reproduction overlooks the biological fact that it is the lower forms of life that breed prolifically and non-selectively, whereas sentient beings chose their mates very carefully. The lone mollusk broadcasts its milt into the sea without regard for or contact with the potential mother, whereas ducks are love birds loyal to each other and their ducklings for a lifetime. It seems Jimmy the Pan is actually more of a creepy-crawly slug than a high-flying migratory bird.

The madness known as Pan worship does not end in the pandemonium of a galactic circle jerk. The Comet Pizza crowd has promoted “pansexuality”, which is defined in the LGBT online dictionary as “sometimes referred to as omnisexuality or being ‘gender blind’, pansexuality is inclusive of bisexuality (attraction to both males and females) but additionally includes attraction to other genders and sexes such as those identifying as transgender, genderqueer, bigender,  intersex and . . .” That List goes on into four-letter expletives with whom sexual intercourse is unthinkable and better done with the lights turned off and a condom held on with superglue.

The collective subconscious that floated Captain Hook’s pirate ship of kidnapped kids reached apotheosis in Operation Peter Pan, or Pedro Pan, 1960-62,of 1,400 Cuban children to the US, in a joint pedo-pan airlift by the CIA and the Catholic diocese of Miami. Writers Nelson Valdes and Saul Landau exposed the CIA scam behind this human-trafficking operation:

“The Agency forged a law to make affluent Cubans believe the revolutionary government planned to usurp parental control. CIA operative Maurice Bishop’s agents in Cuba spread this rumor, backed by a forged simulation of the supposed law, to members of the professional and propertied classes. The forgery “declared that parents would lose control of their kids to the state. This false document ‘created tremendous panic.’”

Instead of freedom and salvation, many of the children were introduced to pedophilia. As recalled by survivor Alex Lopez:

“My parents were terrified (by the false story of impending parental separation) and put me on a plane headed for the United States to save me from communism and the panic that had been sown. There I lived among mistreated, abused and abandoned children.” After children protested over sexual abuse by the priests in a refugee camp, a social worker promised to send him to a boarding house in Ohio. Instead, he was relocated to an orphanage to silence him.

Filmmaker Roberto Rodriguez said in an interview with Repeating Islands website: “Now, more people are beginning to tell their stories, which, in many cases, were even worse than mine. The worst of all is to think that there was no need to go to orphanages, reformatories, or to fall into homes of people who abused us in many ways. People should be aware that there was mental, sexual, and physical abuse; and the same priests told us that if we spoke out, we would be sent back to Cuba and that we would bring shame on our families. I understand that this was the biggest problem of Operation Pedro Pan, and while it is true that not all priests behaved this way, most of them did.”

Operation Pedo Pan, indeed it was. This is why it’s called Never Never Land, boys and girls, because a smart kid never goes to Never Land. Peter Pan was coordinated with simultaneous planning for Operation Pluto, the training program for the Bay of Pigs invasion. Here again, an odd name from the deep subconscious for a government project, Pluto being the god of underground wealth traditionally associated by Christians, including John Milton in “Paradise Lost”, with Satan. Let’s pray that the sins of our fathers do not pass on to their grandsons.

One of those “lucky” kids was Miguel Bezos, 15, vetted to join a select group of 15 boys sent to the House of Sales boarding school in Wilmington, in the Dupont state of Delaware. The Salesianum School is run by the Oblates of St. Francis de Sales, better known as the Salesians. Casa de Sales was something of a House of the Rising Sun, judging from this “healing” letter from Father James Greenfield:

“In August 2012 the Wilmington/Philadelphia Province of the Oblates of St. Francis de Sales published a letter stating, ‘Since 2004, the Wilmington/Philadelphia Province of the Oblates of St. Francis de Sales has been named in lawsuits in the Superior Court of Delaware filed by 40 plaintiffs, each of which contained allegations of sexual abuse of a minor.’ The letter named 12 oblates who had been involved and expressed regrets, stating, ‘The abuse of children by priests and other clergy is shocking, reprehensible, and devastating to all whose trust has been shattered by their selfish deeds.’" Ah-hum.

The Salesian order, which focuses on education, is closely associated with the Prelature of the Holy Cross, or Opus Dei, which was founded by Josemaria Balaguer Escriva, a spymaster for Generalissimo Franco in the Spanish Civil War, who turned over lists of parishioners involved with the Republic side to fascist firing squads. The association between the militarist dictator and the clergyman is rooted deep in the history of the hidden Jews of Spain and Portugal, known as the Marranos.

Under the Inquisition, launched in the late-15th Century, one of the darker survival strategies of crypto-Jewish communities was to become inquisitors themselves, denouncing potential informers in their secret ranks for tortured and to be burned alive. Cruel acts of persecution against their own co-believers ensured safety from denunciation of the wealthier members of hidden Jewish community. During the Spanish Civil War, 1936-39, Franco and Escriva resurrected this surefire tactic against leftist and liberal Jews who were tortured and massacre to protect the reputations of senors Franco and Escriva in the Army and Church.

The Spanish surname Bezos is, in itself, rather odd, translating as “pursed lips” or a kiss, or colloquially as “fat lips”, which has a derogatory connotation as in the kiss of Judas or from a common whore. Twenty pieces of silver or deuce, whatever you can afford from As the story goes, rather unreliably, Mike Bezos was accepted by the University of Albuquerque, met single-mother Jacklyn Gise at a bank where they both worked, married her and fathered a child named Mark Bezos, who now works with a charity in New York City.

As the legend goes, Mike Bezos worked as a petroleum engineer for Exxon in Houston, hub for the Gulf of Mexico oil-extraction operations, but then was transferred to Florida. Exxon does not engage in oil-drilling in Florida but does have a chemicals-production center in Pensacola. Jeff Bezos claims to have lived in Pensacola “briefly,” but attended high school in Miami, at the opposite end of Florida far from Pensacola, which is on the panhandle near the Louisiana state line. This raises the question of whether step-dad was assigned to the Cuba watch with the exile guns for hire, with official cover provided by Exxon.

How did this Cuban “refugee” manage to marry into a family whose patriarch was a founder and top administrator of the Pentagon’s Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA, since renamed DARPA) and owner of one of the biggest land holdings in Texas? Well, daddy and daughter needed an alibi.

The Steady Balance of a Unicycle

Despite the best investigative efforts by Wired and Esquire, the Jeff Bezos story remains murky and full of blind spots. His biological father is reportedly the biological son of Theodore “Ted” Jorgensen, then an itinerant unicycle performer at fairs and circuses, supposedly or perhaps imaginatively and maybe not at all.

Here’s how Wired reported the autumn 2013 encounter between its reporter and Jorgensen at his bicycle shop in Arizona: “Here's how Jorgensen reacted when Stone introduced himself: ‘He had no idea what I was talking about. Jorgensen said he didn’t know who Jeff Bezos was and was baffled by my suggestion that he was the father of this famous CEO. . . . Bezos' biological father had disconnected so thoroughly from Bezos’ life that not only did he not remember his name, and not only did he not realize his son was one of the richest men in the world, but he wasn't even sure if his son was still alive. ” Son, what son? You say I have a son who is one of the richest people in America? Oh yeah, that son!

If Jorgensen’s initial memory of not having a son is indeed true, then he may not be the father, and we are looking at a scenario something like the Faye Dunaway-John Huston relationship in “Chinatown”. Adding fuel to the smoldering fire of suspicion is the absence of a record on her mother Mattie Gise nee Strait, who died in San Antonio in 1977, all but wiped away. Nor was Lawrence Prescott Gise especially seen as a local hero in Texas, as shown in the Dallas Morning Herald coverage of him, despite the fact of his high-ranking job in the U.S. weapons-development industry and his family’s ranch reminiscent of the tragic movie Giant, with its memorable hero Rock Hudson and loser in life James Dean. There is background to this type of coolness, which the likes of and The Washington Post might write off as “folklore” or “fake news”. All we know is that on a vast Texas spread, father figure Prescott raised toddler Jeffrey on his knee.

Perhaps the best evidence for inbreeding is “cone-head” Jeff Bezos’s infantile fascination with pranks and toys, the latter disturbingly noticed by reporter Rand Duran with The Dallas Morning Herald:

“How many CEOs do you know who work in an office the size of a small closet, and have on their desk a Nerf gun with Nerf bullets, a toy tank driven by remote control and a Super Soaker to wet down employees as they walk to their cars on the ground below? . . . It's business as usual at, where Jeff Bezos is playing with toys. That's right, toys.”

Clearly a sick puppy. Each item taken by itself may seen innocuous, but when put together these indicate a possibly disturbing pattern:
- from the Seattle Times: “His competitior Quidsi, responsible for, was acquired after Bezos made relentless attacks with heavy discounts and offers to match” That’s right, diapers.
- from ArtDaily: “When one of his employees, Jennifer Cast asked for donation of about $100,000 for a same-sex marriage cause in Washington, Jeff and his wife donated $2.5 million instead.” Are we starting to close in?

No wonder the Bezos elders are heavily committed to childhood cognitive development, with apps distributed from the family foundation website, in alliance with the Obama Brain Initiative, since they’ve had a growing problem on their hands with the craziness at and the Washington Post. The witch’s brew of memory lapses, mind control and pedophilic porn are the more probable reasons for the CIA to select Amazon Web Services (AWS) for a $600 million grant for cloud storage technology. All those photos have to go somewhere than to the Dallas Morning Herald.

Fanfare for Foodies

As someone who is fond of old book shops and classic cocktail bars, as opposed to halls of nouveau gluttony, my comments about the cuisine at Cosmic Ping Pong Pizza and Buck’s Fishing and Camping restaurant are kept brief and left to the end, with the flush lever near at hand.

Tom Sietsema, restaurant reviewer for the Washington Post, has heaped praise on the pair of DC eateries, Buck’s and Comet Pizza, operated by James Alefantis, the latter being where chef Marina Abramovic did a spirited performance of steak tartar a la Jeffrey Dahmer.

“Restaurants are a bit like theater,” the WaPo food critic says. “Every day is like a new show. The interior is like a set. So it fulfills a lot of my desires.” Does that sounds like the Sins of Pizzagate to you, Father Confessor Moriarty? What about fixing it with that traditional Spanish recipe. Toss him on the rack like a standing rib roast. Buen apetito!

The Clinton Imbroglio In Haiti-Balkan
Black Magic - PizzaGate 10

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive to Rense
In these last hours of a momentous political transition in the United States, the time’s come to wrap up the Pizzagate series with Part 10. In the nine parts of this series so far, the major questions and findings from the reddit and VOAT discussion groups were vetted for errors, the facts verified and the findings amplified with additional research from press reports, government documents, domain registry information, business data and Wikileaks releases into comprehensive reports disclosing the larger context of the online allegations. This editorial process proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that Pizzagate is not “fake news” as irresponsibly claimed by a partisan and benighted mainstream media.

Here, in Part 10, we examine the remaining Pizzagate topics that have until recently been curtailed by a lack of information and/or censorship of key facts. The issues include the alleged suicide of human-trafficking researcher Monica Petersen in Haiti; serious flaws in the anti-child-trafficking networks; the Haiti link of the Alefantis family missed by the online sleuths; background regarding the Serbian artists Marina Alefantis and Biljana Djurdjevic who were patronized by Tony Podesta and James Alefantis; and various items of trivia related to this affair. The list of topics required a detour into the Mexican research of psychoanalyst Michael Maccoby and social theorist Eric Fromm. This essay concludes with a section on the lessons for journalism from Pizzagate denial. That’s a lot of text, so read at your leisure, a section at a time.

That said, to all the those involved in the online investigation and discussions at reddit and VOAT, who dug up all the facts and leads essential for this series, I raise a toast: “Well done, friends and colleagues, thank you and please resume kicking butt.”
Major Media Under the Whip

That rottweiler of the intelligence agencies known as the Washington Post led the attack on the Pizzagate inquiry into the death of human-trafficking researcher Monica Petersen in Haiti:

“The website run by Alex Jones, a big booster of President-elect Donald Trump, posted a YouTube video titled ‘Haiti PIZZAGATE: Death of Child Trafficking Investigator.’ It falsely claimed ‘she had just begun investigating the correlation regarding the Clinton Foundation’s Caracol Industrial Park Complex and its connection to a human trafficking network when her life was cut short.’

The WaPo “Fact-checker” column went on: “’Monica spent her life challenging false narratives,’ said Domina Elle, a Denver-based dominatrix who was a close friend. ‘To have her death be the subject of a false narrative is very sad.””

As in the obsession of the sick puppies at, why does the WaPo staff have a Oedipal dependency on dominatrices? “Domina Elle” sounds like a transvestite, too boot, that is if one is into licking boots. Instead of further flagellating a mainstream press on its knees, let’s get our grown-up jollies by charging back into the thorny thickets of reddit and VOAT to seek real-world answers instead of escapism into obscure corners of fantasy.

Alphabet Soup: The CIA Liar with DEA, DIA and DHS

Human trafficking in Haiti , in connection with Laura Silsby and the recently reported “suicide” of Monica Petersen, was one of the most difficult issues for online sleuths to grapple with, due in large part to the Clinton clan’s stranglehold on foreign aid for that crisis-ravaged and impoverished nation. While spurred by the charges laid at reddit and VOAT, this report relied heavily on blogs including Steemit and Mining Awareness for facts and analysis. A salient point that emerged is that inter-agency rivalry between different U.S. government bureaus has paralyzed effective enforcement of anti-trafficking laws and immeasurably worsened the terrible situation for the Haitian people.

On February 1, 2010, The Fox News “On the Record Show” featured an interview “Alleged Haitian Orphans Case: Attempted Child Trafficking or a Big Misunderstanding?” Host Greta van Susteren conducted a telephone interview with Jorge Puello, the lawyer for a group of Baptists from Idaho, who were arrested at the Haiti-Dominican Republic border for child-trafficking on a bus with 33 orphans leaving earthquake-damaged Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti. The following is an exchange from the transcript.

VAN SUSTEREN: Do you know what your clients intended to do with those children? Was it just to bring them to the Dominican Republic or to the United States?

PUELLO: There was no intention to bring them to the United States. They were only trying to take them to a temporary facility so they can be taken care of. A lot of these kids don't even know that their parents have died. They need psychological help. And it doesn't make any sense when at the border they are not asking for any papers. But Haitians cross over to the Dominican Republic and the Dominican government is not asking for passports or any ID to cross over.

VAN SUSTEREN: Where did they find these 33 children? How did they get these children?

PUELLO: There was an orphanage that collapsed in Haiti. It was called Friends of the Orphans of Haiti. And there was somebody over there that told them that the orphans had no place, no room to place them. And these people that came to Haiti to help these kids were trying to do a job that nobody is doing right now. There's too many kids in the streets. There's a lot of people starving to death in Haiti. And they were just trying to help them. There was no intention to do anything illegal.

VAN SUSTEREN: Jorge, thank you, and keep us informed. Thank you.

At the subsequent trial of project organizers Laura Silsby (Gayler) and her church-based supporters, the Haitian prosecution showed that Jorge Puello (aka Torres-Orellana) was not a lawyer as claimed but instead a wanted criminal in El Salvador and Costa Rica on charges of international trafficking of women and underage girls for prostitution. Born in Yonkers, New York, to a Dominican mother and Puerto Rican father, he was previously arrested for people-smuggling into Canada. He had also been arrested the U.S. for handling money for drug smugglers.

Puello-Torres asserted that he was the head of the 400-strong Sephardic Jewish community in the Dominican Republic, based on lineage from his mother, who was also implicated but not charged in the family business of human trafficking, but appears to be the matriarch of a larger crime family.

Notably, Puello-Torres said that he had worked with U.S. Army military intelligence, the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and the Department of Homeland Security. Why was this undercover agent involved in an attempt to transfer “orphans”, many of them children still with parents, transferred from Friends of the Orphans facilities to Laura Silsby’s operation across the border? Why did he serve only half of his prison sentence? Was the leniency toward this fraudster and pimp due to powerful patrons in the American political establishment?

Before probing their links to the death of Monica Petersen, this report must make a detour by circling into the foggy bottom of the Washington D.C. elite, who were overflowing out of Comet Ping Pong Pizza on to the sidewalk of Connecticut Avenue NW.

Mired in Gooey Cheese

In took a full six years before these troubling questions were seriously broached at the online posts that linked Silsby to the Pizzagate child-sex scandal, as suggested by FBIanon, who is believed to be a whistle-blower. Soon thereafter, a post at reddit and VOAT that showed a connection between Silby’s Haitian child-abduction with Max Maccoby, an attorney for James Alefantis of Comet Pizza and his former lover David Brock, who heads the “fact-checking” groups Correct the Record (CTR) and Media Matters for America (MMA). The finger-pointing fact-checkers are a scurrilous crew with much to hide themselves.

Civil claims Max Maccoby, with the D.C. law office of Butzel Long, represented the notorious gay couple against “blackmail” by Brock’s former male lover William Grey in a December 2011 lawsuit that charged misappropriation of funds from his non-profit groups and threatened to disclose more serious crimes (the mystery of the demolished Rehoboth Beach house in Delaware is examined in an earlier episode of this Pizzagate series).

One of the commentators at VOAT pointed out: “I was having a look at Butzel Long, and the first thing I noticed was its logo ‘BL’. The company's name doesn't seem to be based on the founders, but instead two employees who joined later on, so it strikes me as odd because ‘BL’ stands for ‘boy lover.’” It’s something to watch for.

Max Maccoby is a board member of Friends of the Orphans. The charity was founded by the late Catholic priest William B. Wasson in 1954. As stated by his group: “Born on December 21, 1923, in Phoenix, Arizona, Fr. William Wasson was always concerned with the needs of the poor. He received his MA in law and social sciences at San Luis Rey University, Santa Barbara, California. He then traveled to Mexico, where he was ordained a priest in 1953 by the VII Bishop of Cuernavaca. Fr. Wasson was assigned to the chapel in the Tepetates market district of Cuernavaca, and almost immediately instituted a daycare center for poor children.

A year later he rescued a boy from a harsh prison sentence for stealing from the church poor box ‘because he was hungry.’ Father won custody of the boy and eight others in the cell with him. Thus began Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos (NPH), which means Our Little Brothers and Sisters.” Correction: The Franciscan Brothers’ San Luis Rey College was relocated from Mission Santa Barbara in 1929 to Oceanside, San Diego, and has since 1968 been based at Berkeley under the Graduate Theological Union (GTU).

Today, the orphan -support group’s main region of operation is Central America and the Caribbean. In French-speaking islands of the Caribbean, the group is called Nos Petits Freres et Soeurs (NPFS). NPFS sponsored 8 orphanages and daycare centers in Haiti at the time of the 2010 earthquake, in addition to a central logistics center. As testimony in the Silsby case showed, the orphanage “donated” children to the visiting Baptists from the U.S. without any assurance of a registration permit and related licenses in either Haiti or the Dominican Republic.

Attorney Max inherited his board seat at Friends of the Orphans from his father Dr. Michael Maccoby, a psychoanalyst who recently accused Donald Trump of being a “narcissist”. Dr. Maccoby conducted a research project on NPH orphans group with Erich Fromm, and at Harvard worked with the determinist psychiatrist B.F. Skinner and policymaker McGeorge Bundy. The early-age psychological conditioning theories of Skinner and Fromm were a part of the Tavistock mind-control program, the blueprint for MK-ULTRA. Conditioning exercises were the lesser-known practical techniques used in the CIA brainwashing project, which was founded on Freudian trauma theory.

Escape from Freedom

Eric Fromm was an odd figure, who notably is not mentioned in the same breath as CIA psychological warfare programs, at least a far as the available declassified records indicate. Yet his career path runs through the Frankfurt School and the New School for Social Research, those seedbeds of MK-ULTRA. The timing of his long sojourn in Mexico, coincides perfectly with the State Department and CIA effort to wean Mexican’s educated elite off the siren songs of Soviet communism. Fromm’s most famous quote is: “If you want a Big Brother, you get all that comes with it.” But “all” could also mean a tenured professorship, secret stipends, medical bills paid discreetly, grants for travel, and other perks that come with official cover.

Fromm left the New School in New York City to emigrate to Mexico in 1949. In his research on the NPH in 1970, he found a social experiment that confirmed his latter-day perspective that the conformism in medieval society provided limits on freedom, which reduced individual anxiety and reinforced a sense of belonging to an immediate encompassing community. This anti-modernist perspective, which contrasted with his earlier viewpoints in “Escape from Freedom”, developed during a long residence in Mexico City, where he taught psychoanalysis at the National Autonomous University (NAM) and then at the Mexican Society of Psychoanalysis (MSP) from 1949 to 1974.

Like many of his fellows with the Frankfurt School, including known CIA collaborators Herbert Marcus, Max Horkheimer and Theodor Adorno, Fromm was opposed to the totalitarian aspects of both Soviet communism and a dehumanized American corporate capitalism. In spite of any whiff of collaboration with the CIA, Fromm’s tenure in Mexico stretched over a long period of State Department and Rockefeller Foundation interest in altering the leftward pro-communist direction of populist firebrands toward the Frankfurt School’s alternative of “socialist humanism”, which was later modified in the Latin American church as “liberation theology.”

Fromm’s appointment at the NAM coincided with the triumphant homecoming in 1950 of communist artist David Siqueiros, who had fled to the Soviet Union following his involvement in the 1940 ice-pick assassination of Leon Trotsky in the Coyoacan district of Mexico City. While Fromm delivered his first lectures in Mexico City, Siqueiros was painting a mural at the same National Autonomous University.

Eric Fromm owned a villa in Cuernavaca in the same period when Siqueiros established his famous studio there. What is known is that CIA and the Rockefellers, tantalized by the prospect of modern art becoming an effective counter to the collectivist principles of Stalinist realism, made every effort to host Siqueros, who became a mentor of both the New York School and California movement in abstract painting, drawn from Mexican artist’s experiments in Surrealist “automatic writing” during his European exile. Key organizers of the clandestine cultural Cold War included Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) chairman John Hay Whitney, critic Clement Greenberg and mega-patron David Rockefeller.

Why does any of this dark side of art history have to do with Pizzagate? Because the CIA focus on psychoanalytic uses of the arts is key to Yugoslav communist princess Marina Abramovic’s journeys to the USA and, as this Pizzagate series has shown, to James Alefantis’s arts patronage at Comet and his galleries in Washington D.C., along with the collection of Tony Podesta.

Blowout on the Ping Pong Pavement

Fromm’s disciple Michael Maccoby, in contrast, is a Washington insider focused on commercial psychological testing for leadership potential and strategic intelligence using Rorschach ink-blot tests to determine character types (which he defined with themes like “company man”, “jungle fighter” and “gamesman”. Similar to CIA consultant Herbert Marcuse before him, Maccoby is aligned with “liberation” supporters among intelligence circles, as exemplified by the Clinton-Obama crazed “Arab Spring”, as opposed to the “repressive” conservative forces behind Trump.

His profile discloses that he’s a consultant and coach to leaders in corporations, unions, universities, the World Bank, and the State and Commerce departments of the U.S. government and the U.S. Army. He was director of the Program on Technology, Public Policy and Human Development at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard. Dr. Maccoby is a fellow of the Said Business School at Oxford, founded by Saudi-Syrian arms dealer Walid Said, and a member of the Brookings Institution and the Washington School of Psychiatry. He studied philosophy at New College, Oxford, as a Woodrow Wilson Fellow and studied psychoanalysis with Erich Fromm and graduated from the Mexican Institute (Wilson Center) where was a training analyst. With Fromm he wrote Social Character in a Mexican Village (1970, reissued in 1996). Sound like CIA?

The NPH model, researched by Fromm and Maccoby in 1970, can be seen as a improved model of balance between individual freedom and social bonding, which has since been the preferred model for the CIA project of nation-building that led to the disasters in Vietnam, Lebanon, Haiti, Afghanistan and Iraq. This same community-based focus, from a psychoanalytic perspective, can apply to Comet Ping Pong Pizza as a cozy clubby social scene where anything goes during avant-garde performances and libidinal (mis)conduct. The cult of personal freedom in a community context, taken far enough, verges into tolerance for pedophilia with friends’ children, as witnessed in the pedophile wing of the Green Party in Germany, under the influence of the Frankfurt School, as we’ve examined in Alefantis’s sojourn in Berlin in this Pizzagate series.

Dr. Maccoby flexed his psychoanalytic muscles outside Comet Ping Pong Pizza in a notorious incident when customers shouted down neighborhood commissioner Frank Winstead. At a late-night gathering around a ping pong table outside the Alefantis establishment in June 2008, Winstead loudly stated that an after-midnight license for outdoor dining in front of Comet Ping Pong Pizza would make it a magnet for “rape and murder”. As put by Washington City Paper, Winstead is “folk hero to some, YouTube vigilante to others”. In November elections, Winstead was ousted from his position, here again showing the passive aggression of James Alefantis, who was probably shaken by the charges of rape and murder by his elite patrons.

Here’s another reddit post: “(Michael Maccoby) is the father of Izette Folger (very close friends with Alefantis, also on the board for (Alfantis-run art gallery) Transformer DC. He lives very close to Comet Ping Pong so it is a wonder why this man was so vehement about Comet Ping Pong operating after midnight. Apart from being a member of the elite Cosmos Club, there was one thing that struck me as weird in his biography: He coaches leaders at Nuestros Pequenos Hermanos, homes for orphaned and abandoned children.”

The surname Maccoby, likely derived from “Maccabee”, is linked with Orthodox Hassidic Jewish clan  in England involved in the early Zionist movement and formation of kibbutzes in British Palestine/Israel. The most prominent of the extended family is Hyam Maccoby, a historian who developed the modern critique of anti-Semitism in the what he interprets as based on slanders by the apostles against Judas Iscariot in the New Testament. Furthermore, the historian characterized Christianity as a heresy from the Judaism of Jesus, concocted by the gentile Paul (Saul of Tarsus) under the influence of Gnosticism and pagan mystery religions. In short, bring Jesus of Nazareth back into the rabbinical fold and Christianity be damned as a illegitimate religion. Cloaked in historical scholarship, these are spurious attacks on interfaith tolerance, something of a reverse Inquisition.
Death in Haiti

Triggered by the source called FBIanon, Pizzagate-Haiti discussions at reddit and VOAT focused on human trafficking issues involving :

- Laura Silsby (Gayler), who was jailed in Haiti for cross-border transfer of Haitian children after the 2010 Port-au-Prince earthquake. Bill Clinton, as the UN representative in the Haiti quake response, actively lobbied for the release of Silby’s 10-member American team.

- Monica Petersen, a researcher with the Human Trafficking Network at the Korbel International Studies Center in the University of Denver, who reportedly committed suicide in Haiti on November 13, 2016. She spent 2 years of field research while serving as a teacher at the English-curriculum school in Port-au-Prince, and apparently wrote a 110-page yet-unpublished report on the Haiti human trafficking issue, according the director of the HTN in Denver.

Researchers at reddit were stunned at the discovery that Laura Gayler and Monica Petersen as of late November 2016 were both on the executive committee of Idaho-based AlertSense, which issues mobile phone warnings (DHS Amber notices for terrorism, local police reports on major accidents, bad weather forecasts) to emergency services, state agencies, police departments and community centers in the Pacific Northwest. Their presence was soon scrubbed from the private-company website, probably on orders from the Obama administration, which has something to hide about both women.

A crusading reformer with independent opinions, Monica Petersen obviously had an unreported relationship with either law enforcement or a federal agency. Her exact role was not disclosed by here associates, who were scared off by the “fake news” campaign launched by the Washington Post soon after reports of her death. Here, this probe can move forward with the assumption of only a minimal or temporary level of involvement with law enforcement on her part and that her career objective as a field researcher was to establish herself as an activist academic. If that’s not the case, there is no need to blow her cover postmortem.

Teaching in Haiti, Petersen must have been well aware that the Clintons are widely despised by Haitians for the disappearance of millions in quake donations into their Foundation coffers and private bank accounts, along with mismanagement of foreign aid programs. Bill Clinton’s role as overlord of Haiti was rooted in his presidential order for the U.S. military invasion and occupation of that island nation in 1994. The Haiti intervention was ordered by Clinton’s National Security Adviser Tony Lake, who is current executive director of UNICEF, the UN Children’s Fund, which has played a major role in dubious vaccination campaigns and nutrition programs in that Caribbean nation. Since Bill Clinton’s appointment as UN representative to Haiti in response to the 2010 earthquake, the Clinton Foundation became a clearinghouse for foreign aid, much of it diverted, and with much of that aid arranged by the State Department and USAID during Hillary Clinton’s tenure.

The chronic failures Petersen witnessed in Haiti only confirmed her earlier observations along the Mexico-U.S. border: “Economic development policies between countries of the global North and South have favored Northern profits and the United States for decades. This has resulted in massive inequality of worldwide wealth and acute global poverty. . . . Where ‘free-trade’ policies have collapsed the legal and formal markets of local economies, illicit and informal markets will fill the economic void as a necessity of human survival.

Weapons, narcotics, endangered plants and wildlife, humans, and other illicitly traded commodities are advantageous to developing economies because regulated, domestic exports (such as auto parts, factory garments or agricultural crops) have been devalued to the point they are no longer competitive on the global market. Illicit markets are the natural comparative advantage for sustaining local livelihoods, and this is apparent in the homelands of border youth and children.”

The collapse of “formal markets” producing low-margin products is a perfect description of the Clinton-sponsored Caracol Industrial Park on the coast of northeast Haiti, near Cap Hatien. A message from Petersen to a colleague, as disclosed at the memorial ceremony, indicates that Petersen died in the vicinity of what she termed the “Clinton complex” at the new Caracol Industrial Part on the northeast coast of Haiti, the nearest city being Cap Hatian. The financing included nearly $130 million in USAID grants for a port and power plant and more than $100 million in grants from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) on top of a $300 million loan. The real-world results so far are a total of two tenants, a small paint distributorship and a Korean-run garment factory. Caracol was a boondoggle, initially promoted by the Clinton Foundation, and micro-managed by Hillary Clinton’s State Department.

Petersen wrote: “The real significance of this scandal for me . . . is the link to contemporary slavery and trafficking. I can’t say to what extent, but there is human trafficking happening through the Clinton’s Caracol Complex.” She obviously was informed by the ground reports from Haitian sources.

To comprehend what Petersen is implying, one needs understand that Caracol is located on two borders: with the Dominican Republic, the Caribbean region’s main center for drug shipments and human trafficking of sex slaves and migrant workers, and sea routes to the United States and Europe. At a time when international anti-drug agencies had been stepping up surveillance over the northern Dominican Republic, the half-finished port at Caracol provided alternative docks for boarding human cargo. Shanty towns sprouting up around Caracol for day laborers and families of garment workers provide temp shelter for the chattel.

Digging for Fool’s Gold

Meanwhile, a gold rush in the northeast was prompted by pressure from U.S. and Canadian diplomats who saw mining as the solution to Haiti’s post-quake economic malaise. The Haitian government (since ousted on charges of corruption in elections held one week after Petersen’s death) had issued exploration licenses to three foreign mining companies: Newmont, VCS, and Majescor.

“Mining has always been historically linked to trafficking, slavery, and labor exploitation. I’d like to go see for myself who’s laboring at Morne Bossa, but I would hypothesize that the Dominicans are doing the contractual oversight of the mining, while marginalized Haitians are being exploited for low or no cost labor in dangerous mining conditions. . . . That’s two huge human trafficking scandals, an environmental degradation scandal, a social displacement scandal, a Presidential election scandal, a scandal with billions in unaccounted for earthquake aid, all leading directly back to the Clintons’ racist cronyism in Haiti.”

Morne Bossa is site of the mining stake owned by a penny-stock firm closely involved with the Clinton-Rodham clan. In October 2012, Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton did the ribbon-cutting at Caracol industrial park. Two months later, Las Vegas-based VCS Mining was awarded the first permit for a foreign gold-mining company in 50 years. VCS then appointed Hillary Clinton’s brother Anthony “Tony” Rodham as an investment adviser and remunerated him with a share holding. CEO Angelo Viard later stated that Rodham was added to the VCS board after a chance meeting at a Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) conference. In April 2016, while the Bernie Sanders campaign gained momentum against a floundering Hillary organization, Rodham tendered his resignation.

VCS was a double scam to flip (sell off) the mineral exploration claim to a large mining company with access to enough capital to take on the task. The second aspect of the fraud is that Morne Bossa is tapped out, informally mined and stripped of its higher-grade lode for decades, with only unprofitable ore and low-quality copper deposits.

CIA-armed Militia Run by Guy Philippe

With Tony Rodham out of the picture and Hillary Clinton already defeated by Trump, the threat to Monica Petersen arose from the fact that northeast Haiti is the base area of the heavily armed CIA-backed mafia, comprised of Haitian army veterans involved in the 2004 coup against President Jean-Bertrand Aristide (who was earlier re-installed by Bill Clinton’s invasion). The coup leader of that revolt, Guy Phillipe, was a favorite of President George Bush and the then-chief of the International Republican Institute (IRI) John McCain.

By “coincidence” Guy Philippe who had just won a Senate seat in elections was nabbed by the Drug Enforcement Agency on Haiti’s southern cape and extradited to the United States for alleged cocaine trafficking. Presumably, a topic of interrogation of the militia commander will be the untimely death of Monica Petersen.

The Western mining operations were being challenged by informal illegal gold pits run by ex-rebel militias, which was turning northern Haiti into something like the blood metals trade in Eastern Congo. In economic reality, Caracol is a white elephant stranded inside jungle on fire. Adding fuel to that blaze was the return of Sephardic Jewish Dominican-American human-trafficker Jorge Puello aka Torres-Orellana, the child-trafficking accomplice of Laura Silsby (Gayler), released from federal prison in early 2012, and looking for revenge against his fellow Americanos.

Condaleeza and Madeleine’s Alma Mater

Before looking at Puello-Torres and Silsby-Gayler, who was described as a key figure in the Pizzagate online posts, some mention must be made of the Human Trafficking Network in Denver, which helped enable Monica Petersen to venture into this insanely dangerous zone. Surveillance on any kind of trafficking in that tropical hellhole would be tough enough for a black Haitian-American Special Forces veteran, but for a young white female teacher it was a suicide mission. Her research supervisors should never have been that naive or careless.

The Human Trafficking Network is a program of the Korbel School of International Studies at the University of Denver. The school is named after its second dean Josef Korbel, a diplomat in prewar Czechoslovakia who fled the German invasion to join the exile government of Edvard Benes in London. After converting to Catholicism, Korbel worked as war propagandist for BBC. Following Germany’s defeat, the Rockefeller Foundation provided support to install him at the University of Denver, where his star pupil was Condaleeza Rice. His daughter is Madeleine Albright. This all smacks of MI-6 and CIA sponsorship of establishment liberalism in the Cold War and War on Terrorism.

That latent and often blatant intelligence mission continues at the Korbel School, which is a finishing school for the State Department and intelligence offices of various federal bureaus. The executive director of the network-sponsor Human Trafficking Center, Claude d'Estrée appears to be a typical liberal trying to balance his personal ethical principles with his duty for the amoral state, which is the root cause of the social evils that he professes to oppose.

In other words, he’s probably is not as bad as the task he’s been given. At the Pizzagate posts, suspicion fell on him as Peterson’s boss due his past work during Bill Clinton’s wars to break apart the Balkans. Judging fom his one-line job description, d’Estree was a legal-ethics consultant to the U.S. Attorney General during the Bosnia conflict during the investigation of military contractor DynCorp, involved in sex-trafficking of underage girls from Eastern Europe. The fact that DynCorp evaded prosecution and disbandment casts a dark shadow over d’Estree’s role in the investigation, which was alleged penetrated by DynCorp, a funder of the Clintons.

One of the reddit discussion group posted this critique: "As many know, Claude D'Estree, who is murdered researcher Monica Petersen's colleague and is the most outspoken about her not investigating the Clinton Foundation, previously worked for DynCorp. However, D'Estree didn't just work for DynCorp, he was their direct link to the US Attorney's Office during DynCorp's biggest child trafficking scandal, which took place in Bosnia in 1999. The US Attorney's Office that should have been prosecuting DynCorp, but never did. That whole incident was so big it literally got turned into a Hollywood movie called the “Whistleblower” with Rachel Weisz."

By pure coincidence, the Balkans interventions, when DynCorp ran wild and made millions from military equipment maintenance, happened to coincide with the 1997-2001 term of Madeleine Korbel Albright as Secretary of State. (The term as National Security Adviser of that other star of the Korbel School, Condaleeza Rice, was a key policy maker behind the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq and other futile operations in the War on Terror.) D’Estee’s career rise at the Korbel School may well have been part of the package for killing the charges against DynCorp. Ethics is a core issue when it comes to the human trafficking, making this scandal all the worse.

While care should be given not to judge guilt by association, the Korbel School’s role in human trafficking, an underlying issue in the 2016 presidential elections, cannot be called impartial or non-partisan. One strong recommendation for curriculum reform is a reappraisal of migration at least in part as a political destabilization strategy, as happened to Europe in the orchestrated “refugee” crisis, orchestrated by the Clinton Foundation, the Soros Open Society and a corrupted CIA., which in truth are one and the same monstrosity as can be seen in Angela Merkel’s Germany. For analysis of engineered coercive migration, see Kelly M. Greenhill’s “Weapons of Mass Migration”.

Whether deliberate or neglectful, the lack of interest in the role of intelligence operations in the trafficking of people, drugs and weapons has led to the basic missteps that resulted in the silencing of Monica Petersen. Her adversaries were not only the local traffickers and corrupt cops, at root is a dysfunctional intelligence community.

Background on the Silsby Case

Here is a summary of background on the Haiti affair. Laura Silsby (Gayler) is the founder of the New Life Children’s Refuge (NLCR, registered in 2009) with support from Baptist churches in Idaho Falls and Meridian, Idaho. Following the Port-au-Prince earthquake in 2010, Silsby-Bayler established an orphanage in the neighboring Dominican Republic at a rented hotel. Silsby and nine supporters, transporting 33 Haitian children, were arrested by Haitian authorities at the border, and legal prosecution toughened when it was discovered several children were not orphans as claimed. A Haitian judge sentenced her to 6 months in prison. She was later on the executive board of AlertSense, which issues amber warnings for the Department of Homeland Security.

The two most troubling points in the Silsby story are:

First, a bundle of Wikileaks emails, most of them between Huma Abedin and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton tracking the Silsby affair in Haiti. According to Shani M. King, “One of Bill Clinton’s first task (as UN special representative following the January 2010 earthquake) was to put out the fires of a child abduction scandal involving American citizens.” (Harvard Human Rights Journal v.25) Bill Clinton got the release of all but two Americans involved.

Second, the role of Jorge Puello, a New York-born Dominican dual citizen, who took on the role of legal adviser (without a license to practice law) for Silsby. At the time Puello (aka Torres Orellana), claimed to be the head of the Sephardic Jewish community in the Dominican Republic. He was under investigation for sex trafficking of underage girls in El Salvador. He was also wanted in the United States for smuggling people across the Canada­U.S. border. On August 18, 2010, the Supreme Court in Santo Domingo authorized Puello's extradition to the United States where he was sentenced to 37 months of prison in June 2011, but after serving a total 17 months including pretrial jail time, he was released in early 2012.

With that note following our exhaustive review of the Haiti controversy, the Pizzagate exposes of the Haiti affair are confirmed as fact-based and certainly not “fake news”

Pizzagate Trivia 1: Missing Kids and Amber Alert connections

Reddit posts discovered that James Alefantis posted an online image of artist Jeff Koons having sex with his former wife, Italian porn star Cicciolina Ilona Staller, who divorced him and took their son to Europe, where a court refused to give him custody. (Photo since removed)

In June 2016 during the Hillary Clinton campaign, Koons donated $50,000 to David Brock’s Correct The Record, raising the question of whether Alefantis’s post of Koons and his porn-star first wife was a blackmail threat to reveal more compromising images in tandem with Brock.

Koons’s second wife is Justine Wheeler, and together they created the Koons Family Institute, which in charge of online research of kiddie porn for the International Center for Missing and Exploited Children (ICMEC/ National US branch NCMEC). Koons and Wheeler have six children.

The NCMEC is responsible for issuing Amber Alerts carried by the Silsby-linked AlertSense.
ICMEC was launched in 1998 by then First Ladies Hillary Clinton and Cherie Blair.
Fit the pieces together and it’s not a pretty picture.
Pizzagate Trivia 2: Jimmy Comet’s Father is linked with Haiti orphans

The Pizzagate hunters did an impressive roundup of factual details but sometimes missed a few points or interest. One of these nuggets is the relationship of Comet Pizza owner’s father Achilles Lee Alefantis to Haiti orphans. Achilles, now a septuagenarian, worked as a construction supervisor for Boston-based Shawmut Design and Construction, a firm that specialized in building casinos and later spread out to malls, boutiques and restaurants. The firm’s founder Jim Ansara, sold off the company after 20 years to his employees, using the revenue to start the Ansara Family Fund, which heavily focused on child welfare, health and education following the 2010 Haitian earthquake. No adoption scams, so it all looks innocent enough, although one can never be absolutely certain.

Cultural Roots of Marina Abramovic’s Blood Baths

Surprisingly, there are more occult associations with Comet Pizza than with voodoo-centric Haiti!

There is no need for invective against the offensive artistes, given the online outrage agains the performances of Marina Abramovic, child-porn evoking paintings by fellow Serbian artist Biljana Djurdevic, and the demented Ghost Ship freak who draws decapitated heads who goes under the pseudonym Arrington De Dionyso.

An earlier episode in this Pizzagate series ran a report from Serbia that accused Abramovic’s grandfather Varnaa, an Orthodox bishop, of transvestism, pedophilia and murder. The point of this historical review of occult traditions in the Balkans and Danube region is to show that there’s nothing artistically innovative about Marina Abramovic’s performances since her grotesque acts are merely a rehashing of the creepy subcultures of her homeland.

Occult Europe B.C. (Before Crowley)

It is astounding how the ultra-liberal press and arts foundations can defend the grotesque blood rituals of “artist” Marina Abramovic. By no stretch of the imagination, except in the drug-addled brains of Hollywood celebrities like Colin “Feral” Farrell, can her horror show be misinterpreted as “art”. The cannibalistic “performance” involving the butchering of artificial bodies pasted over live models are literal renditions of unholy sacraments by His Satanic Majesty Aleister Crowley and the Tibetan Tantra as espoused by Madame Helen Blavatsky and her dope-fiend Theosophist circle. Cannibalism runs deeper within the cultural legacy of Abramovic’s homeland in the Balkans.

The occult traditions of the larger Danube region are not confirmed national cultures due to the long history of invasions by ethnically different tribal powers and interactions between them. The very term “Balkans” evoke a checkerboard of ethnicity and religious traditions, somehow pervaded by Gothic horror. Here, briefly, the overlays of sorcery are presented in an over-simplistic outline.

Abramovic’s homeland of Serbia is exceptional as an Orthodox Christian citadel surrounded by the cultures steeped in witchcraft, occultism and mystical cults. However, its northeast and eastern regions, on the east bank of the Danube River, are part of the Banat region, which also encompasses southern Hungary and that heartland of occultism, the slope between the Danube and the Carpathian Mountains, best-known as the Transylvania.

Prior to the Roman push-back of the warlike Dacians in the struggle to control the Danube boundary, Dacia was a Indo-European federation whose territory stretched from the Black Sea into the Hungarian plains. Greek and Roman accounts showed them to have a pantheon of gods similar to other Indo-European groups without extreme forms of sorcery in peace or battle. Their tribal totem was the wolf. The ancient Greek tale of Jason and the Argonauts, however, indicates that belief in dragons with supernatural powers in Colchis likely pervaded the entire Black Sea coast, which includes the Dacian realm and which would reemerge a millennium later in the figure of Lord Draco, or Dracula.

Judaic Black Spells on the Danube

The first hard evidence of black magic was recently turned up in the archaeological excavation at the site of Viminacium, the capital of the Roman province of Moesia Superior, now eastern Serbia. These artifacts are tiny scrolls of lead, silver and gold inscribed with ancient Greek letters. The language, however, is Aramaic, the spoken patois through the Hellenistic Syrian and Judean region at the time of the Roman assault on Masada, circa 70 CE. The texts contain invocations to several demons to lay binding curses on target individuals. These curses are a fascinating link to Rome’s Judean Wars, and to popular beliefs in unholy sorcery throughout the Holy Land.

The Roman campaigns to crush Judean rebels, following the crucifixion of Jesus, began the diaspora of the Jews, many of whom were taken captive and relocated by the Legio V Macedonia, the long-serving Macedonian Fifth Legion, which thrust back the Dacians and Alemanni from the Danube valley. The binding curses indicate the extent of sorcery among the Jewish population due to contact with the Canaanites, Phoenicians, Assyrians and Babylonians.

The Old Testament is turgid with struggles of the prophets against sorcerers, for example Elijah’s fire contest with the priests of Moloch, that being the official religion of Judean King Ahab and his queen Jezebel. Judea was not always Jewish. The apostles who wrote the New Testament, in the same era of Viminacium’s glory, railed against diviners, demon worshipers and magicians like Simon Magus. This deep occult tradition was over centuries sublimated, crafted and polished with Arab alchemy and Persian mysticism to emerge as Kabbalism.

The Hunnish Horde

In the late 5th century, Viminacium was overrun by the Huns, who introduced their cult of sun-god worship from the steppes, known as Tengri-ism, along with its shamanism dominated by powerful female seers. Before the start of major battles, it was customary for a chariot to roll out a senior sorceress who wailed out a blood-curdling curse against massed enemies trembling in fear. The Huns’ reputation for savagery made for powerful propaganda.

Following the collapse of the communist Warsaw Pact in the 1990s, the ancient rites of Ostmagyar Vallas, or the arch-Hunnish religion, has made a massive comeback in Hungary, along with Pan-Turanism, which is the ideology of imperial racial unity of Altaic-Turko steppes tribes from Manchuria to Finland. OK, doped-up nerds, have fun with that one. Bad times are here again.

The Roman-speaking survivors held out against the Hunnish hordes in the Carpathian Mountains, where they came to call themselves the “Wallachians” and later Romanians. Their ancient beliefs, including Latin paganism, Jewish-Syriac sorcery, and possibly remnants of the Dacian pantheon, merged into what’s now called pejoratively “Vlach” superstition.

Then came the Slavs and the Avars in a human wave against the Eastern Roman Empire. With these barbarians came witchcraft, in the scary legend of Baba Roga, known as Baba Yaga in Russia, the crone riding a stick across the sky to catch children to cook in her cauldron. The trio of Roga and her sisters is the archetype of witches, as depicted in Shakespeare’s “Macbeth” with their chant “bubble, bubble, toil and trouble.” The witches of Halloween and “The Wizard of Oz” all derive from Baba Roga and not your neighborhood Druids. Followers of wiccan ways probably have no idea what they’re getting into, even if Miss Abramovic is fully aware, her being the Baba Roga of Comet Ping Pong Pizza.

The Khazars and Dracula

The next bunch of immigrants were the Khazars, members of a Turkic tribe recently converted to Judaism after being driven out of Central Asia by the Chinese Empire. The once-powerful empire between the Caspian and Black seas was cursed by the Mongol invasion in the 14th century. Bands of survivors infiltrated the river valleys of the Balkans into Serb towns, but their most powerful group outside of the Ukraine-Polish region was in Cluj in Transylvania, claiming magical powers.

There are suggestions that Vlad III Dracul aka Vlad the Impaler, the inspiration for Count Dracula, was of Kharzar matrilineal descent via his father Vlad II Dracul, the illegitimate son of Mircea the Great, king of Wallachia.

Vlad III’s captivity as a hostage of Sultan Memet of the Ottoman Empire, during which time he learned the art of impaling. Returning to his Carpathian homeland, Vlad III would have need financing to build up his army in the desperate many-sided struggle for those borderland.

The confrontation with the encroaching Ottoman Turks was a most difficult situation for the Germanic Habsburgs, who were allied with the kings of Hungary. Turk-reinforced Muslim forces in Bosnia were a constant threat and the Wallachians remained stubbornly independent against the Saxon knights in the Danube Valley. To reinforce the strategic Danubian waterway, the Habsburgs sent for close-knit German colonists from Swabia and Saxony to establish garrison-towns of armed yeomen. It was Vlad III Dracul’s impaling of Saxon warriors that stunned Europeans. His title of Dracul, which means alternatively “dragon” and “devil”, is due to his membership in the Hungarian knightly Order of the Dragon.

Vlad the Impaler’s reputation was sealed by his expedition into Bulgaria, where his forces massacred tens of thousands of Turks and Bulgars. Sultan Memet retaliated by recognizing his brother Radu as king, which forced Vlad to seek an alliance with Hungarian King Matthias Corvinus, who betrayed and imprisoned him. The Corvinus surname is, of course, familiar to fans of Kate Beckinsale’s “Underworld” movies. Curiously, one of Vlad’s trusted allies was Stephen Bathory, a surname soon to be associated with bloodbaths. In a counterattack, vassals of the sultan trapped Vlad III Dracul, cut him to pieces and sent his head to Memet II. Human rights were not an issue back then.

Arminius Vambery and Turanism

Aside from the elongated face and nose in Vlad’s portrait, another lead pointing to Dracula’s Khazar Jewish heritage is that Bram Stoker first learned of unpublished details of Vlad’s life from Armin “Arminius” Vambery, the Hungarian Jewish linguist and explorer who penned the theory of Turan, the northern “realm of darkness” the homeland of the Turkish people as opposed to Arya, the southern “land of light” of the Indo-Aryans. The most famous fictional inhabitant of Turan is Conan the Barbarian. Vambery first cut his academic teeth on the forbidding soil of Transylvania, its languages and folklore, and was thus Bram Stoker’s best source on Dracula. Stoker honored him by modeling the vampire hunter Professor Van Helsing after Vambury.

Jumping ahead a century, the aristocrat Elizabeth Bathory of Cathtice, Slovakia, circa 1600, gained notoriety for knifing her virgin maidservants to death to bathe in their blood, according to legend. Never punished for her mad crimes, and just confined to her castle, Lady Bathory was the most notorious serial killer of Eastern Europe, well, at least before upstart Marina Abramovic came to America. The popular legends of her blood baths could well be a legacy of Vlad the Impaler’s “baptism of blood”, based on his habit of washing his hands in the crimson fountains spurting out of his victims and dipping bread into human blood for an iron-rich snack.

The treasury of gory folklore from the Banat obviously bedazzled Abramovic during the anti-Christian decades of Tito’s Yugoslavia. However, these sorts of bloody spectacles by those of Ashkenazi Jewish descent are extremely dangerous for the Jewish community, which has suffered due to such tales, true or fictive, of child sacrifice in the anti-Semitic folklore of Europe. As stated earlier, hers is not art, it is the suicidal inciting of another round of pogroms.

Lessons for Journalism

The primary reason for the Pizzagate series is that, in the absence of a credible press, online discussion groups have taken over the task once performed by investigative journalists who allowed themselves to become official watchdogs leashed and cared-for by government agencies and disreputable funders like George Soros, as shown in the example of the collaborationist International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ).

Another pervasive problem has been the major media’s double standard and self-censorship whenever criticism of the executive branch were raised, as shown in our analysis of The New York Times and Washington Post denial of Pizzagate. In contrast, online discussion groups and various blogs such as Steemit have been at the vanguard of press freedom and the public’s right to know, even if normal press rules such as bylines are mostly absence from posts (many journalists, in fact, have pen names, so the practice of using pseudonyms and anonymity is not unprecedented.)

Online citizen sleuthing will continue to be the most important force in tracking down elite pedophile networks, political corruption and inhumane occult practices, while continuing to challenge official cover-ups and disinformation. The citizen investigators with the online discussion groups has proven in Pizzagate that they are a credible part of the press arena by proving themselves to often be more accurate and honest than the news in print or television. Still needed, however, were methods of traditional journalism in organizing the many findings into comprehensive articles, which was done rigorously as possible and sometimes with acid humor in this Pizzagate series.

Here are other issues arising from Pizzagate that need discussion within the journalism professions:

- The offhand rejection of online posts by the mainstream media is censorship of citizen journalism, in violation of the spirit of free speech guaranteed by the Constitution, equivalent to rejecting opinions expressed at a protest or a public meeting, where not every speaker can be identified. Voices in a forum need to be aired and considered based on the logic of the argument, even at times when the identity of sources is not possible.

- The dismal failure of traditional “fact-checkers” disclosed an underlying bias that favor inaccuracies rather the mainstream press as against truth-telling by citizen online reporters. The exposure of, the “paragon” of fact-checking which rejected the Pizzagate findings, revealed the depths of corruption and moral depravity of those self-appointed censors, as tools of the intelligence agencies.

- Pizzagate challenged exposed the limitations of journalism standards based on an Anglo-American empiricism, which elevates data and statistics, a selectivity that amounts to damned lies. Mainstream journalism tends to ignore context, historical background and cultural factors in its reporting, which has become increasingly alienated from actual experience, as shown in the mainstream media’s absolute certainty that Hillary Clinton would win the presidential election. This series proves that slow-cooked journalism is the only method for discovering deeper, more complex truths.
Yoichi Shimatsu is a Hong Kong-based investigative reporter and former lecturer in the journalism programs of three major universities.

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