Thursday, November 17, 2016

UNBELIEVABLE STATISTIC DEMONSTRATING THE LEVEL OF HILLARY CLINTON'S POPULARITY THROUGHOUT AMERICA. Every Person Who Voted Should See How The Majority Of Americans Voted. This is phenomenally unbelievable, because people claim Hillary Clinton cheated to get this result.

There are 3141 counties in America's heartland and Hillary Clinton won just over 1% of the county vote.

Donald Trump won an overwhelming 7.5 million popular vote victory in 3,084 of the country’s 3,141 counties or county equivalents in America’s heartland.

Fifty-five point seven million out of the 109.3 million Americans who cast their ballots in those counties voted for Trump, while only 48.1 million voted for Hillary Clinton, according to the latest county by county election results reported at Politico. The remaining 5.4 million voted for other candidates.
Red area represents the counties that voted for Trump. Hillary's blue.

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