Sunday, November 6, 2016

THE TRUTH ABOUT OBAMA AS YOU REALLY WOULD NOT BELIEVE. Pictures Cannot Lie If They Have Not Be Doctored. The following photos are all available and reveal what people seem to be missing.

Women having the bodily characteristics of men is common. Men having the bodily characteristics of women is also not unusual. What is unusual is a man having breasts and a woman having a penis and testicles.

According to some researchers, Michael LaVaughn Robinson had a sex change and became Michelle Laverne Robinson. She married Barak Obama, with whom Larry Sinclair testified to having had homosexual experiences.  Larry Sinclair was killed.

Caster Semenya won gold in the women's 800 meters at the Rio Olympics. Caster has been subjected to much humiliation and testing to see whether she is a woman and not a man. Below is a photo of Caster. Her build is very much like that of a male except she is missing the obvious tell tale sign for a man, just as she is missing the telltale sign that is associated with a woman. Neither has Caster any sign of male genitals, even though she suffers from a condition known as hyperandrogenism.

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Michelle Obama looks very much like Caster Semenya when it comes to the shoulders and arms. Although her shoulders and arms are covered up in the pick below, what we notice is a significant difference when it comes to the pelvic region. You can make up your own decision whether Michelle has male genitals or whether that is just an illusion.

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We see Obama's shoulders in the pictures below.

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Michael LaVaughn Robinson has a birth certificate. 

Michael LaVaughn Robinson born , Chicago, Illinois, January 17th,

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Michael Lavaughn Robinson (No.18). Compare: Nose? Mouth? Smile? Lips? Teeth? Cheeks? cheek on the right more pronounced than on the left? Jaw?

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