Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The Number Of Shots That Missed J.F.K. Documented In The Warren Commission Report Scream That There Was More Than One Shooter On That Fatal Day

Even the Warren Commission Report has a lot more shots fired than the three in the "official" story. Just a few:
 (1) Hit person on sidewalk. Volume 20, page 410.
(2) Hit the inside of the windshield of the driver's compartment cracking the glass. Volume 16, page 945
(3) Hit the windshield chrome, as set forth In Volume 16, page 946
(4) Hit the sign. Volume 16, page 19-24.
(5) Hit the motorcycle officer on the far side of the motorcade. Volume 18, page 763, and Volume 19, page 535.
(6) Known as the Koolade bullet, Volume 6, page 212.
(7) Hit child at curb on the north side of Elm Street, Volume 11, Page 218.
(8) Hit man named John Wiseman, Volume 19, page 535
Official story is bunk.
Cited by:
Thomas H. Little, New Canaan, United States.

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