Friday, April 1, 2016

AMAZING EVIDENCE THAT PROVES MOON HOAX. Can This Evidence Be Debunked? Have a look at this incredible shot of the first step of man on the moon.

One small step for Man

When Neil Armstrong took the first step on the moon. What an amazing shot. Who was standing on the moon to take the shot if the camera that Buzz Aldrin had was attached to his suit, and he was in the LEM?

Aldrin egress

The only shot Aldrin could have taken would have been a head shot, not a horizontal shot. Who was the person that took this photo? Maybe that was the mythical "man in the moon" who people say has been residing there for centuries.  Buzz Aldrin followed 19 minutes later, as Neil Armstrong snapped this with the Hasselblad.

Love the color. Studio quality.

Unbelievable evidence that the men on the moon were actually men in the USA. See the stage sets and the obvious discrepancies that you probably missed but were there in plain view.

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