Tuesday, December 22, 2015

AMERICAN DEPARTMENT OF STATE IS CONTROLLED BY ZIONISTS. This Is The Claim Of Kay Griggs Who Married A Colonel In The Central Intelligence Agency Of The Military. More than this she claims that pedophilia, homosexuality, drug dealing, money laundering, mafia, dirty tricks and much more goes on among the elite as they groom ambitious youngsters to become their agents of evil. The interviews below are explosive.

Many of the people Kay Griggs names are not familiar names to everyone, although some are. This woman married a man and then after she was married, her husband began to confess to her many heinous activities in which he had been involved. You will hear about Nazis, the Nazi disease that infiltrated the ranks of the intelligence agency and how agents are broken and fingered for advancement. You will hear about gun smuggling and Clay Shaw and Jack Ruby's involvement in the Kennedy killing. In fact, you will hear incredible revelations, but you may wonder whether these are true or whether the taped interview conducted over two days is just the ramblings of a woman whose husband has disappeared and she is suffering from paranoia. You may wonder how it is that she is still alive. Listen to Kay Griggs in this tell-all interview about what she knows about her husband and other people, then make up your own mind.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

“Reflections And Warnings: An Interview With Aaron Russo” – Entire Film – Aaron explains how the elite created the women’s liberation movement to break up the family and tax working women

John DeCamp discusses the Franklin Cover-up: “The biggest monster I’ve ever encountered!”

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