Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Ten Commandments of Moses

The Ten Commandments of Moses are often spoken as being a quick set of rules that should not be broken. In fact, you could get the impression that the Ten Commandments are do not do something ten times or else you will go blind or something like that. The truth is I have not met anybody who can quote the Ten Commandments as written in the Bible.

One woman demonstrated to me that she knew the Ten Commandments because she had memorized an abbreviated form and could rattle them off just like saying her ten times tables. However, if you asked her what they meant, she would struggle at defining them. This is what happens when people learn things by rote. It is one thing to be able to be able to pronounce sounds and words; it is another matter when it comes to understanding what they might mean. If you do not believe me, ask a parrot that can supposedly speak to give you a definition of the words it garbles as you walk pass. Make sure you do not give the parrot a heart attack, though.

The woman who learnt the abbreviated form of the Ten Commandments by rote did not even understand what the first commandment meant. She said it was, “You shall not have any other gods before me.”

Personally, I thought that was a bit rich. I would not consider a diva worthy of any adoration, let alone this woman who said that I was not to have any other gods before her. When I challenged her, she said she did not mean herself, she meant God, the Creator. She claimed she was not god. If that was the case, I queried why she did not say so. She claimed she did, and I was splitting straws.  Evidently, she did not really mean what she said, because she does not know what she means clearly enough to be precise—please bear me out.

When you go into a shop and order a-what-you-may-call-it, that is exactly what you will get, whatever it is.

Words are important for communication. When we do not understand what we are communicating, then what hope do we have of the person we are communicating with understanding what we have said? This is why we have definitions and why we all need to have the same definition, otherwise we will not understand each other.

The woman should have said, “You shall not have any other gods before the Lord God Almighty, Creator of the Universe.” Instead, as shortcut, she referred to herself.

Actually, the first commandment refers to God and states who He is. This is ever so important if we are to understand the truth about the Ten Commandments. Too many people settle for half-truths or short-cut revelations, rather than seeking the truth that will not only set them free from ignorance, but also liberate them from the futility of being born only to die.

The first commandment of the Ten Commandments actually deals with much more than simply saying, “You shall have no other gods before me.”

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