Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Discover the Mystery of Faith Explained

Faith is a mystery. Mysteriously people who have faith are able to do more than those who have little faith. If you have faith, then according to your faith, said Jesus Christ, shall you receive what it is that you desire.

What is faith?

Faith is something most people think is not a substance but an intangible unknown. Yet the King James Bible says "Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen".

  • Because faith is a substance, this means faith is a fundamental element that underpins all things that exist and from which all things come into being.
  • Because faith is a substance, this means that it possesses a quality that can be known.
  • Because faith is a substance, it provides a form of evidence for something that is unseen.
What this means for you is that if you believe something to exist:

  • you need to have the faith to move towards verifying this; 
  • you need to move beyond mere wishful thinking;
  • you need to act upon your belief that a given thing is true;
  • you need to expect to have evidence that what you believe actually exists.

Too often people say they have faith when in reality they do not have faith, because they only possess wishful thinking. Wishful thinking is merely considering ideas and possibilities without any expectation that they might be actual realities that you can enjoy with your natural senses.

If something exists, you will be able to either see it or smell it or taste it or hear it or touch it. But how do you see, smell, taste, hear, or touch faith? Well, you might not taste or hear or smell faith. But you will feel faith. You can also see faith in action.
You feel faith when you believe that you will obtain what you are expecting to receive.
You see faith when it becomes active and somebody acts upon his or her belief that something is about to happen and that person positions himself or herself to benefit from a future event, or to achieve a goal that might seem impossible.
Faith comes through your natural senses.

  • When you smell something, according to the type of smell you will picture the smell to come from something, even if you do not see it.
  • When you taste something, you believe your taste buds will tell you what you are tasting.
  • When you hear something, you believe the sound tells you that someone or something is making or has made the sound, and you will develop a picture in your mind.
Supernatural faith requires you to accept the existence of the supernatural. If you only wish for the supernatural, that is have a wish to have a supernatural experience but do not expect a supernatural encounter, then you will not have one.

The mystery of faith is discovered when you act on a sound belief that what you desire will come to pass, because you do this with a right attitude toward all people and the Creator of life. Once you learn to activate faith, and it becomes commonplace in your experience the mystery disappears and the fun begins.

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