Friday, September 16, 2016


Where Did Hillary's Mole Go?
The Real Hillary Has A Mole Above The
Right Lip Near The Corner Of Her Mouth…

By Jeff Rense
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We Do Not See A Mole, Do You?

Once Again, Note…The Real Hillary Has A Clearly Visible MOLE....
also notice the difference in the nostrils at the tip of nose.


Hillary…Not The Picture Of Health As Seen With Her Handler At A Recent Event
- See more at:

Now go to the CNN site here and the woman speaking at Greensboro, North Carolina has no mole and is a different woman to the one above impersonating Hillary Clinton above. On the CNN page you can see a real Hillary and she is older than the one who is speaking in the video at Greensboro.

Or you can compare Hillary with Greensboro double at these two links:
Real Hillary

Hillary's stand in double. You will notice that she has modified ears and possibly a receiver inserted.

Is Hillary Clinton alive? When she collapsed, she was a dead weight and a close look at the video of her being dragged and thrown into the back of the van indicates this.

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