Sunday, July 17, 2016

BLACK LIVES MATTER NEEDS YOUR SUPPORT. They Need The Support Of Responsible Citizens Within The Black Community To Shut Them Down. How long is the Black Community going to put up with the racist movement that is being fueled to create unrest so the pretense for martial law can be introduced.

 MILWAUKEE SHERIFF DAVID CLARKE speaks the truth about the kill-a-cop rhetoric that is being fueled by Obama as he seeks an opportunity to introduce martial law. 

Obama is seeking to promote an agenda to enslave Blacks and those who are not part of the elite by permitting Black Lives Matter (funded by George Soros) space to protest and be vile scumbags who chant anti-racist slogans (akin to chanting "kill all JEWS"--because they are NOT black). 

If martial law is introduced, the first people to be killed will be all those on welfare. They are not doing anything productive so they will be executed, so WAKE UP. Once rights are taken away, how are dead people going to get them back.  Go and PROTEST against OBAMA. OBAMA has blood all over his hands.  OUT OBAMA, OBAMA for prison. 

Get behind the TRUTH. Back a man like Sheriff David Clarke. He is speaking sense. DO NOT be EVIL. Do not shoot cops. They are there to uphold the law. Kill them and there will be body to uphold the law so ISIS will have to be imported to introduce SHARIA LAW. 

If you want Sharia Law, then you will know what it means to step out of line. You will have your fingers cut off, your hands cut off, your feet cut off, and if you are lucky, your head cut off, otherwise you will be starving.

Sheriff Clarke is an outstanding individual who is speaking the TRUTH.

Obama, psychiatrist Steve Pieczenick says is a homosexual. Michelle (real name Michael) Obama is a transgender

Americans wake up. You are being railroaded and scammed by the mainstream media and all the crony capitalists. Capitalism is good. CRONY CAPITALISM IS EVIL.

HILLARY CLINTON SHOULD BE IN PRISON and so should Loretta Lynch for what she has done. Help Hillary, Hillary for prison. Loretta Lynch lied, Loretta for prison.

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