Wednesday, November 11, 2015

We Often Hear That There Are Differences Between Radical And Moderate IMuslims. However, years of investigation conducted by Bill Warner into Islam has unveiled the facts Mohammed wrote and what is expected of his followers. What you will be amazed to learn is that there are two versions of the Koran and these present two different faces of Islam.

Jihad vs Crusades


Bill Warner, PhD

You will be astounded at the number of crusades that were conducted by the Christians to liberate Jerusalem compared to the number of Jihads that were conducted by the Islamic Jihadists to subdue the people of other nations. Bill Warner in this short video gives you a clear picture of the who has done what and who has made slaves of men (there is no mention of women).

From the Koran

Mecca (early)
109:1 You have your own religion, and I have mine.

Medina (late) 
8:12  I shall cast terror into the hearts of the Kafir (non-Muslim). 
Strike off their heads, strike off the very tips of their fingers!

A Rational Study of Radical Islam 
by Dr. Bill Warner

Dr. Bill Warner talks about Islam, Muslims, Hadith, Sira and the Koran to (Islamic Doctrine), give a better understanding of such things as dualism, the law of Islamic saturation and how it effects us, the Kafirs. 

Why We Are Afraid, A 1400 Year Secret
by Dr Bill Warner

The history of Islam in Europe and how it effects us to this day. This is a history based on numbers and facts that you may not see anywhere else and explains why we may be afraid to see Islam for what it is based on its own doctrine and practice.

Unfortunately, Bill Warner believes the official story concerning  9/11 
because he has devoted his time since then investigating Islam.

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