Saturday, September 5, 2015

New 9/11 Footage Identifying The First Plane and Watch The Plane Hit The North Tower From A Helicopter

In June 2001 CNN goes to Afghanistan and interviews Osama Bin Laden while CIA agents are unable to locate him with all their resources. The CNN reporter informs that Osama Bin Laden is going to attack USA in three weeks. 

Ex naval intelligence officer Milton William (Bill) Cooper made a broadcast that an event is going to happen in the USA and Bin Laden is going to be blamed. Bill Cooper is reportedly shot dead in a gun fight.

North Tower

No sound of plane overhead or nearby reported.
No commercial airline markings on the plane.
Plane was black.
Lack of reflection of plane's surface.
The jet fuel melted the steel but it did nothing to a human being.
The second plane flew right through the trade center north tower.

JOHN LEAR(CIA)  Expert Pilot 
Proves How Planes Hit The Towers on 9/11

However, John Lear testimony is suspect. He is considered to be placing misinformation on the net to dissuade anyone investigating the truth of 9/11.

The evidence is clear that the attack on the World Trade Center was orchestrated with the help of individuals within the USA at the highest levels. Any authoritative whistle blower who gets a pang of conscience will disappear very quickly.

New 9/11 Footage 
Identifying The First Plane
Watch The Plane Hit The North Tower 
From A Helicopter

Note the plane at the 0.35s mark but does not hit building. Also notice the squibs shooting out from the south building when the second building is hit.

 then there is this looking at the sound of the overhead planes

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