Tuesday, February 17, 2015

We Need To Talk About Terrorism

An Atheist's view of the reason terrorism is associated with Islam.

There are times in the film when good intentions and practical thinking points seem to be more at play than a desire to attach terrorism with Islam, but those moments can easily feel difficult to reconcile with the rest of the film. We Need to Talk About Islamstates that non-extremist Muslims are irrelevant when compared to the Muslims who are extremist; a claim that raises eyebrows not because it may be offensive to Muslims, but because it is a logical fallacy in the form of a slippery slope and a way of thinking that is perhaps just as dangerous as the narrator and other notable atheist who are shown speaking throughout the film insist that any religious faith is. What is left to talk about after we decide that we believe in the points being made by the film's narrator? You decide.

Atheists do not believe God exists. Atheists believe that complexity came out of nothing. Atheists have no proof that this is so, but they will argue that this is true, even though they have no proof and it is only their belief.

True religion is the quest of for the truth. Science is supposed to be the quest for the truth. Therefore, we can say science is a religion.

What differentiates science from religion? Both are man-made belief systems because they are both based on a belief that either God does not exist or God exists.

True religion has to prove God if its adherents say the Creator of the Universe exists. Proving God is not the same as defending a belief system. If people feel the need to defend a belief system, then they are not being truthful but are demonstrating that what they believe is not the truth.

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