Monday, September 1, 2014


Many atheists claim that they were once Christians, but they were not. Even if they masqueraded as a Christian for some time in their lives, this does not mean they were ever a Christian. A Christian has to be genuine.

C.S. Lewis was an atheist, but then he genuinely thought he had buried God in the grave once and for all. Only because he was genuine and not just a bag of wind, C.S. Lewis had an encounter with the resurrected Jesus Christ.

An argument that often surfaces is that if God were real He would not ask Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac.

The reason Abraham was willing to sacrifice his son Isaac is because he believed God could raise the dead.

Isaac was born of a woman who was childless and had ceased menstruating for at least ten years.

Believing that God can raise the dead is one of the criteria of becoming a Christian.

Another claim of atheists is Science evaluates and makes judgments as to the worth of a thing, whether it is true or false. This gives the impression that Science is the name of a person who has the power to do this.

Death is a better judge than science if we are talking figuratively. This is because death reigns.

The truth is death is not a person, therefore it cannot judge. To make a judgment implies a sense of morality, which is the ability to discern right from wrong, good from evil, truth from deceit.

Nevertheless, as far as people are concerned, this is the truth: death reigns!!  And here is another truth: not one person asked to be born.

We all know the truth is not one person asks to be born just to die. This is futile. This spells out a meaningless existence for us all. We all expect more.

An atheist will babble on and make many comments and noises about what they imagine is meaningful about futility and even refuse to acknowledge futility exists in the fact that we are born just to die. This is because such people are not honest with themselves. Such people like to think that they are brilliant. Such people may as well stand in front of the mirror and blow kisses at the image of themselves. This way they can imagine how it must feel to be kissed.

Atheists are all mouth with little substance, like the wind. Blowhards without any answer that can be proven as far as God is concerned.

Whether an atheist ever becomes a Christian or not is not my responsibility, nor concern. Each person is responsible for his or her own decisions and actions and is held accountable at death by the One who judges all humankind as to whether they sought the truth or preferred to believe lies.

You have to admit, it is baffling why an atheist would feel it incumbent upon himself (or herself) to prove to other people the non-existence of the Infinite God who encompasses the finite universe in which we live.

Surely, since they believe we are nothing but animals, they  would be content to do what all the other animals do: eat, drink, sleep, age, procreate and die....unless there is some other internalized pang that gnaws the inner sanctum of  their ignorance, which says: GOD EXISTS and you need to get to know HIM before you die, otherwise your life will be judged as meaningless.

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