Thursday, August 22, 2013

President Obama Defends Black Racist Shooting Of White Australian

Why Doesn't President Obama claim these two black teenagers could be his son like Trayvon Martin

Remember how the media, celebrities, politicians and black activists falsely portrayed the shooting in self defence of Trayvon Martin by Latino George Zimmerman as a white-on-black hate crime?


Tim Blair – Thursday, August 22, 2013 (3:11am)

Gang signals from Chancey Luna and James Edwards, the two tough guys who are alleged to have killed Australian Christopher Lane by shooting him in the back while he was jogging: 


Luna, alleged to be the trigger man, is a black power enthusiast. Luna, Edwards and co-accused Michael Jones are shown here and here in various pathetic poses, including this Facebook image of Edwards: 


His future hopefully involves potassium chloride. Jim Treacher observes
It’s being treated as national news in Australia, but of course it’s being framed as a gun control issue. What are the odds that these, ahem, children used a legally obtained and licensed firearm? Any chance they’re members of the NRA? 

UPDATE. Iowahawk
I’m guessing the president won’t be commenting on their hypothetical resemblance to his hypothetical sons. 
UPDATE II. Jennifer Luna, mother of the accused killer, says that she ”wouldn’t be a good parent” if she didn’t worry about her son being executed or sent to jail for murder. Parenting is hard.

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