Monday, May 9, 2011

Are Aliens Real?

People claim they are abducted by aliens who have a fascination with their reproductive organs. For those who believe in aliens existing, this is called evidence.

Those who don't believe in aliens say such reportings are hoaxes or the people reporting the events are hallucinating.

There is a third view. The beings that are mistaken as aliens are actually satanic agents seeking to discover how human beings are able to procreate.

Evidently, some five thousand five hundred years ago, Lucifer decided he would create a race of beings who were half angels and half human to thwart God's plans, and lured angels who were captivated by the beauty of the women to copulate with them. The offspring of these unions between angels and women produced creatures known as Nephilim. The Nephilim were large human-like creatures that were unable to reproduce; they were sterile creatures, frustrated, stubborn and prone to violence.

The Bible records that there was much violence and wickedness on the Earth in the days of Noah and this appears to have been attributable to the Nephilim.

With Lucifer having failed to pull off his coup and create a super-race of humans, that were to be be the offspring of angels and humans, it is feasible that he and his agents have abducted people, every now and then over the centuries, to examine their reproductive organs.

This view might sound like science-fiction, but then so does any view that considers aliens. The difference is that this view has a plausibility based on the Bible, and there have been many reports of angels, both good and bad, not to mention the exorcisms that have been recorded, where people have had evil beings cast out of them.

Many people try to discredit the Bible, yet there are some remarkable prophecies in the Bible. For instance, scholars say that the book of Daniel had to be written centuries later than when it was actually written because the prophecies are so accurate and it is impossible for anyone to tell the future.

Of course, the scholars are right about how impossible it is for humans to tell the future, but for the Creator of the Universe, it is possible for him guide events so that the expected outcome will occur.

In the New Testament book of Ephesians, the apostle Paul says that their is a evil influence that is at work in those who disregard God. This view is supported throughout the Bible.

Moreover, the Bible indicates that their are different levels of authority and influence that are given to various beings who entice and lure people to follow their lustful passions that produce undesirable outcomes for those concerned.

What is astonishing is how people neglect to understand what is written in the Bible but are prepared to believe any unsubstantiated theory or philosophy of man as to why people exist, how the Earth came about, and that aliens from other galaxies visit earth.

Rather than dismissing the Bible as do so many experts (who talk in millions of years as if they are seconds), it is better to prayerfully examine what it written in its pages. And as for people supposedly becoming more intelligent, just to look at the greed, injustice, corruption and disregard for truth, justice and equity that exists in the world and you know that people are still living in intellectual and spiritual darkness.

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